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Comment 8.1 randomly decides to not open or shut down here (Score 1) 482 482

sack 'o' pus updates often don't say whether they are working, don't shut down. I have had to pull the battery out of my laptop to be able to eat supper or go to bed so many times the gold is probably rubbed off the contacts. there is no excuse for hijacking the computer and not saying a damn thing about it, Softies....

Comment you can crack anything with about 5 mins thought (Score 1) 27 27

doesn't mean in most cases you will get to anything interesting. unless there are open computers glaring at you in cubes, all today's valuables are in servers in the cloud. and you might get snagged in the hallway and get a Karma thrashing... dragged to a conference room and put on The Recovery From Hell.

Comment Re:Right to Privacy in One's Backyard? (Score 2) 1173 1173

If he was shooting bird shot it certainly can't do much damage when it is falling down unless a person was looking up in the direction it landed and hit them in the eye. Buck shot is a little larger and would probably leave a bruise but I doubt it could penetrate the skin as it was falling down. That being said there are very good reasons why shooting firearms in residential areas is against the law.

Comment The nature of transparency (Score 2) 83 83

I'm surprised that it hasn't been done before this. In high school, (Many, many, many years ago...) we were taught that things were transparent because "light wave could pass through." In reality, we now know that in transparent materials, a photon striking the surface passes some of its energy to the next molecule, releasing another photon, which does the same, etc., etc., until finally the last photon is transmitted to an almost unobstructed medium (air, in our case). The key question has always been, "What is the difference in atomic structure between 'transparent' medium and 'opaque' medium?" The second question has been, "How can we change the atomic structure of supposedly 'opaque' materials to work like so-called 'transparent' materials without losing the characteristics that make the current 'opaque' materials useful to us?"

Ceramic research has been on the edge of this discovery for years.

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