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Comment: 30 meters, bonded? yeah, that'll sell (Score 4, Funny) 146

by swschrad (#47416209) Attached to: Alcatel-Lucent's XG-FAST Pushes 10,000Mbps Over Copper Phone Lines

as soon as you get out of the shade of the equipment cabinet, it's dead, Jim. yeah, that'll work. dig up the shrubs to put a 2 cubic meter cabinet and power stand next to the house. oh, yeah, I'm going to pester the phone company for this now.

plus 106+ MHz impacts aviation radio with interference. if the cabinet blocking your dryer vent doesn't get you, the 737 in your living room will.

Comment: Realistic (Score 2) 170

by jdavidb (#47373443) Attached to: Privacy Oversight Board Gives NSA Surveillance a Pass

You don't have to be "cynical" to expect the government to act in the government's own best interest. The idea that one piece of government will keep another piece in check rather than colluding together to expand power is an unrealistic pipe dream. Honestly we've had over two hundred years of real world experimental evidence demonstrating that checks and balances DON'T WORK. They never did, and never will. The only realistic check on government power is secession.

Comment: I know that joke! (Score 4, Funny) 501

at the corner where Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin meet, three farmers were talking over the fence. they find a magic lamp, and the Iowa farmer rubs it. out comes the genie, and splits the three wishes between them. the Iowa farmer says, "I would like this place to be green and fertile forever, rich and promising." BANG! the corn is ten feet tall. the Wisconsin farmer says, "Our state is so beautiful, I would like a thousand-foot wall all around it, so we can enjoy these hills, this water, the land forever without interlopers." BANG, fence.

the Minnesota farmer looks at the wall, and says, "Genie, we love our lakes. Fill that fence with water." BANG!

Comment: Re:What's wrong with luxury? (Score 1) 276

by jdavidb (#47314115) Attached to: Federal Judge Rules US No-fly List Violates Constitution

Because one of the government's justifications in the past has been that it's not really that much of a hardship

True. And I used to buy that. :( I hardly ever fly, and I used to actually think I should have a say in what other people do in life.

judges tend to try to avoid flat out saying "my predecessors and colleagues were idiots and their rulings were bullshit."

Sounds like a job for a jury! :)

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