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Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 3, Insightful) 109 109

Lots of people care, including myself. I develop using .NET and this is very useful information for me. This is the exact kind of information I would expect out of Slashdot: tech information that helps me in my tech-oriented job.

.NET is in no way "dead", despite your obvious hatred for it.

Comment Re:Think taxes, not taxis (Score 1) 242 242

That's the whole point of the article - they are paying taxes. Each uber driver is operated as a consultant, and therefore they must pay income taxes on monies earned from uber.

This is perfectly acceptable, and the exact same model used to say hire a contract IT worker for 6 months. The company doesn't pay tax for that worker if they're on contract, but the worker pays income tax when tax time comes in April. It's not that complicated.

Submission + - There Is No Honeybee Crisis-> 1 1

iONiUM writes: An article today claims that there is no longer any Honeybee crises, and that the deaths of the Honeybees previously was a one-off, or possibly non-cyclical occurance (caused by neonics or nature — the debate is still out). The data used is that from Stats Canada which claims "the number of honeybee colonies is at a record high [in Canada]." Globally, the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization says that "worldwide bee populations have rebounded to a record high." However, many corporations and pro-environment groups have much to gain by creating a panic about Honeybee deaths, and as such continue to publish stories claiming the situation is dire.
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Comment Not in Canada (Score 3, Insightful) 264 264

I hire a lot of developers for my company, and recent grads are slotted in our "junior" role (unless they somehow had a lot of experience during university) and the starting salary is between $55-70k depending on many factors that are personal to them. I have never hired anyone out of university for $100k, and I think that is nuts. Companies should pay for quality, not ambition.

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