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Comment Re:Copyright in game streams (Score 1) 94

That is one lawyers opinion, there is no legal precedent of this, and I would argue that the only legal precedent that exists is the one cited in the article, Allen v. Academic Games League of America. The playing of board games and video games are fundamentally similar that I believe that precedent would stand if a court case were filed.

Comment Re:It's a union thing (Score 1) 277

I always get concerned whenever a police captains/spokemen/union reps says something to the effect of "our first priority is going home safely at night". Police's first priority should always making sure members of the public go home safely at the end of the day.

Except police have no legal duty to protect the general public. The only time they must provide protection is if a person is in their custody, or they create the dangerous situation.

Comment Re:Security team (Score 1) 517

Seriously, if you have security policies that are interfering unreasonably with your staff's ability to do its job

Until some drone with mapped server drives gets cryptolocker and gets everyone's files encrypted, and causes everyone to lose a day of work, then IT gets blamed for lacking security. Can't have it both ways, can ya?

Comment I just went to BestBuy... (Score 1, Interesting) 198

Futureshop and BestBuy were literally on the same street, less than half a klick from eachother in my town. I never went to BestBuy because the one time I was there, the dumb blonde behind the counter berated me for buying the kind of keyboard I wanted.

Anyways, since Futureshop is closed now, I went to WorstBuy to see if I could get a 7200 rpm 2.5" HD, or an SSD of any kind. No SSD's anywhere, only 2 2.5" HD's, both 5400rpm. Crap... Then I passed by the cables because I needed a couple short ethernet cables. $25 for a 4' ethernet cable? Are you fucking shitting me? And these guys are complaining they're losing business.

Maybe if you fuckheads had shit people actually wanted to buy, at reasonable prices, they would buy it.

Comment Re:Was impressed until.. (Score 3, Interesting) 144

I live in Ontario. I have the choice of about 25 ISPs, multiple DSL, multiple Cable, a few wireless, some satellite...

The problem with DSL is the last mile belongs to Bell, the others just rent the lines at wholesale prices. Same with Cable, it's either Rogers or Cogeco, depending on location, for the last mile.

However, unlike Cogeco, I get to pay an "indie" ISP $50/mo for a 20mbps/10mbps uncapped package, where Cogeco wants to charge $100 for the same thing.

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