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Comment Reading is so 18th century (Score 1) 318

This one time, I was at a bank getting hooked up with a savings account. The friendly bankerperson doing the paperwork with me said "Wow. I've never seen anyone actually read the form before signing it."

You would think that the idea of handing hundreds or thousands of dollars to total strangers who promise to take good care of it would motivate people to cast their eyeballs over some turgid prose, but it doesn't. I don't think there's anything that can motivate anyone to read anything *especially* warnings that most of the time don't result in the machine halting and catching fire.

Comment Re:as they would say on FARK.. (Score 1) 572

Female. Feminist according to http://tomatonation.com/?p=677 which tends to encompass a *lot* of people (though not all) who say "I'm not a feminist but." I agree that trolling people with no sense of humor, which is a superset of what most folks seem to mean when they say "feminist", can be an entertaining pastime though.

Let's take back the word for "us" and let all the subsets of "trollable people" find new words to describe themselves.

Comment Re:The Fucking Crybabies (Score 1) 572

I think females decide pretty early on (like grade school) whether they want to enter math / science / technical fields. That part needs fixing if we are going to continue to change the gender proportion. However, having decided to enter CS, I sure as shooting would not work for, support, or attend companies/organizations/events where stuff like that happens. I'm sitting around thinking "how about equal pay for equal work" and they're thinking "how about free lap dances!" Not a match made in heaven when I could work for a company NOT run by (apparently) cavemen who are thinking with their stones.

Comment Original developer chose poorly (Score 1) 782

If he wanted to ensure that no one charged for a derivative work, he should have chosen a different license. (Like the Moria license maybe.)

But then probably no one would have ported it to the iPhone (unless they've got $99 to burn and are feeling benevolent) and there'd be *two* ways that we'd never be reading this article.

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