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Comment: Re:Nice (Score 3, Insightful) 50 50

A refund for what? It's not like he's paid for the copy of Windows that comes with it.

Then who did pay for it? I was under the impression that PC makers paid about $60 per copy for a lawful Windows install. Or are you claiming that publishers of Windows-only trialware completely subsidize the Windows license?

Comment: Ask for it? "We went with another candidate" (Score 1) 251 251

Why are people so quick to assume that they can't ask for something, and negotiate their compensation?

Because when I have asked for things, the result has ended up being "we went with another candidate for this position", and "how can I make myself a better fit for your company in the future?" has gone unanswered.

Comment: A driver's license can cost thousands (Score 2) 251 251

How is that feasible when it reportedly costs $6,000 for a driver's license? Some jurisdictions reportedly require 120 hours of logged supervised driving on a learner's permit before they will issue a license (source), and not everybody has parents who both drive and are willing to sit in the car that long. At $50 per hour for a professional instructor, it starts to add up.

Comment: The concept of generic kernels (Score 1) 108 108

Anything necessary to mount drives and any non-removable devices should be compiled into the kernel.

Which would make for a pretty big generic kernel if it has to handle every possible bus through which bootable storage can be accessed, and through which the decryption password can be entered, on every PC since the Pentium II.

For a smaller flash-based system

This kind of machine is more likely to be something purpose-built

I was sort of referring to tablets and tablet-laptops, which are likely to come with an internal SSD as small as 16 to 32 GB, or to bootable USB flash drives.

Just compile the drivers into the kernel, rather than producing any modules.

The drivers for which system? Or are you referring to abandoning the concept of a binary "generic kernel" in favor of recompiling the kernel for each machine on which it will be used, every time it is installed or updated?

Comment: Boot drive size (Score 1) 108 108

This is what modules do for e.g. PCI devices. You can compile them all, and only the ones that are detected will get actually loaded.

Yet the unused modules in a generic kernel are still occupying space on the boot drive. For a smaller flash-based system, this can become significant. Even on an HDD-based system, more modules loaded before the file system comes up means more time to load the initial RAM disk.

Comment: Fear of death and companionship of peers (Score 1) 50 50

It is going to be on a strange planet by itself. Do you want it to fear its own death?

Yes, in the sense that a robot should take duration of its useful mission as an optimization parameter.

To long for the companionship of its peers?

Not in a lone mission, but yes in a mission where multiple robots must cooperate, such as one rescuing another from a crater.

Comment: Re:Could MLB switch to cricket? (Score 1) 72 72

I think you have to admit that Blizzard's actions in that case were an exception even for blizzard and the rest of the industry doesn't do that.

Yet. A league for a given game needs a plan for its long-term existence should the game's publisher get bought by a holding company unfriendly to the league. Besides, if the exception were to stop being the exception and start being the rule among major video game publishers, how would leagues react? And the Ars Technica article I linked earlier states that Capcom also requires royalties for Street Fighter tournaments.

You possibly could set up your own league but no one will pay any attention to it.

"No one will pay attention to your league" is not the same thing as "you would be sued for even attempting to draw attention to your league."

Comment: Could MLB switch to cricket? (Score 1) 72 72

you can shift to other games in the same genre if you need to put leverage on a particular company that is being irritating.

For one thing, a lot of skills won't transfer, especially the need to re-learn how everything is balanced. It'd be like trying to switch from Tetrinet to Puyo Pop or from baseball to cricket or from soccer to Gaelic football. For another, once a league switches to a different game, how can the league be sure that the new game's copyright won't get sold, such as at acquisition or bankruptcy, to another "company that is being irritating"? I can't see any way other than making sure the game is free software or has some other sort of irrevocable guarantee of non-interference with public performance for profit.

the issue there is more about people making money off the league

Independent baseball leagues are free to make money without having to negotiate with any owner of exclusive rights to a sport, as were the African-American leagues before them.

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