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I know all that, here's the comment I was responding to:

If you're going to mutilate the genitals of your young girls, tell your women they can't drive, stone people to death for drawing cartoons, marry off children, beat homosexuals in the street until they're bloody and starve your citizens until near death then hell yeah I'm going to tell you how to live in your nation.

Now I don't know about you but to me that sounds an awful lot like the conditions in Saudi Arabia (except for the starving your people part, the Saudi regime seems to give just enough to the commoners to keep them from revolting, not that a revolt would do much good) hence my comment that Saudi Arabia is an ally of the US which was supposed to demonstrate to the OP that the US government does not care about civil liberties for the masses or stone-age-practices supported by a regime claiming to rule by divine right as long as the said regime serves America's corporate interests...

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Isn't Saudi Arabia an ally of the US?

Also, have a look at some of the things happening in your own country:
Passengers Cheer as Trans Woman is Stripped and Beaten on Atlanta Train (with video) (May 31, 2014)
Abortion Clinic Escort Opens Up About 'Disgusting, Degrading And Racist' Attacks On Patients (February 21, 2014)
Sikh (mistaken for a Muslim) attacked by racist mob, thanks Good Samaritans who got between him and his hate-filled attackers (after getting his jaw was surgically re-wired) (September 23, 2013) Transgender Woman Dies After Beating in Front of NYPD Precinct (August 26, 2013)
Police: Man damaged Bloomington Planned Parenthood building, cited religious beliefs (April 11 2013)

Please note that I don't support any repressive regimes or groups that enforce FGM or promote sexist behaviours, I am just pointing out that the US is not a shining example of tolerance and social would be best if the US focused on sorting out her own problems before pointing fingers at others. Also, thanks for liberating Afghanistan, freeing the Afghans of the nasty Soviet puppet government and delivering them into the hands of the Al-Quaeda and the Taliban is highly appreciated by the entire world!

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by i.kazmi (#47366047) Attached to: Eric Schmidt and Entourage Pay a Call On Cuba
So none of the occupy activists were pepper-sprayed and none of them spent a couple nights in prison and Cecily Mcmillan was not sentenced to 3 months in jail for 'assaulting a police officer' after he 'accidentally' grabbed her breast from behind? Or shall we just ignore all of that and join you in singing the The Star-Spangled Banner?

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Why the fuck is it America's prerogative to decide what mode of government a sovereign nation can have? America itself is not a shining example of democracy what with it being an oligarchy where the populace enjoys some benefits of what a real democracy should afford them, why aren't you more concerned with fixing your own problems?

Also, the last time the Americans replaced a Soviet propped regime (which in itself was exactly the same as the countless regimes propped by the Americans), the world ended up with the scourge that is the Al-Quaeda and the Taliban and a semi-modern Afghanistan started its slow and steady decline towards stone age.

More recently, replacing Saddam Hussain (not a fan of the guy in any way) has culminated in the creation of ISIS which is terrorizing the Syrians and has succeeded in spanking the American propped Iraqi military and where initially the Americans were yelling bloody murder over the 'humans rights violations by the Asad regime' on how they were treating the 'rebel political dissidents', that reaction has been replaced with confusion and horror so thanks a lot for bringing freedom to the Iraqis.

If the world doesn't trust America and her gift of freedom, most people learn from history and history does not paint America as a force of good like you so fervently believe, its a nation like any other and it is trying to protect the interests of the corporate overlords that fund the political campaigns, general public be damned!

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The same people who say that Aaron Swartz made a series of bad choices culminating in the worst possible choice also seem to claim that Edward Snowden should have chosen death (and martyrdom) over seeking asylum in Russia (completely ignoring the fact that the revocation of his passport made any travel plans he had tricky at best, leaving him with little choice but to maybe adopt the lifestyle the character portrayed by Tom Hanks had in 'The Terminal' if he chose not to seek asylum in Russia). Talk about double standards...

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In your opinion, how long is it reasonable for a software developer to provide patches for software?

I do agree that the updates situation in Android-land is/was pretty ugly (it seems to be improving) but expecting patches for a 4 and a half year old product that was obsolete around 2.5 to 3 years ago? If any software developer were to start doing that, they'd have to build the cost into the price of the product (no, it would not be negligible). I personally think upgrading products for 18 months post release (24 months for more recent devices since the hardware spec is not undergoing as many drastic changes) is reasonable and acceptable, you clearly have different expectations so I am curious as to what is reasonable/acceptable as far as you're concerned. Are you one of those people who think the software developer should provide upgrades/patches perpetually (because they have money) or is there any time frame after which the products can be obsoleted?

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