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Ok, I might have jumped the gun there but calling someone out on views one does not agree with is part and parcel of freedom of speech. You can't have one person saying whatever they want while everyone else either agrees with them or shrugs their shoulders and moves on, that's not how humans tick.

In my defense, from personal experience bringing up freedom of speech is what conservatives normally do after one of them has made an intolerant/prejudicial statement (which can, at times, include threats of violence ranging from sending someone to the hospital to rape and murder) and someone has called them out on it, this behaviour irks me to no end.

Also, please note that the three types of conservatism I mentioned were not targeted at you in particular, I merely mentioned them as examples of conservatism while I went on an anti-conservatism-rant. (Sadly I missed one very important type of conservatism ie societal conservatism such as forcing gender roles on people or telling them what their orientation should be etc.).

For the record, I don't think voting Republican or Democrat proves anything, both parties are right-wing as far as political ideologies go (this is not a commentary on you voting for Obama, just an observation from an outsider).

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Conservatives, religious, racial or political, are a scourge on humanity. You people revel in your intolerance and when someone calls you out on said intolerance, you attack them for being intolerant of your intolerance. The world would be so much better off if intolerance in all its incarnations ceased to exist and conservatism was no longer a way of life.

Oh and read some history, back in late 18th century, the going conservative doctrine of feudalism and serfdom was gradually replaced (over the next 100 years or so) by universal suffrage, a liberal concept at the time. The conservatives of the time (mostly feudal families, people who'd found ways to use the class system to their advantage and sheeple who thought siding with the Lords and Ladies (tm) would bag them some points) fought tooth and nail to conserve feudalism but that particular breed of conservatives is now mostly extinct (going on how not a lot of people would defend/demand a feudal society in today's age). The same will happen to the current group of conservatives and the one that comes after them and so on and so forth. Before their inevitable demise, the conservative groups of each era will hold back human societal progress for decades before they finally adopt the next liberal societal concepts and then stick to them as being conservative ideals!

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Were? What were you trying to say?

How bloody hard is it to press the apostrophe?

Also, weren't the Republicans pissed at Obama for not openly supporting the predecessor of ISIS? Here's a pic McCain took with members of what is now known as ISIS back when their only objective seemed to topple Asad's regime in Syria.

Also read some history, the al-Quaida and the Taliban were created (trained and armed) by the CIA to fight a proxy battle against a certain Communist superpower

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When you decide to go to a website by either clicking on a link to said website or manually typing its url into your browser, you agree to purchase the content the producer is selling...the adverts are the price you pay, sure there are some altruistic folk out there who'd give stuff away for free but that's not generally how the world works...If you don't like the asking price, you are free to not visit a particular website, no one is holding a gun to your head

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Let's just gloss over Haredi Judaism, specifically the Edah HaChareidis and the Neturei Karta. Wasn't there this massive protest just recently in Jerusalem with the number of participants as reported by Israeli media between 250,000 and 400,000? I seem to recall placards which read something along the lines of 'You created the problem by creating a state, don't ask/expect us to fix it by joining the IDF'. There are several Heredi Jewish sects who believe that when the time comes, God will grant them a state without any mortal effort and without any need to take up arms, they also seem to blame the state of Israel for an exponential increase in anti-Semitism and finally and most importantly, they seem to have a massive problem with a state called Israel since they believe that the People of Israel are not allowed a state until the chosen time and the current state gained through force is a blasphemy against the Creator. What did I miss?

So basically what you're saying in the second paragraph of your post is that the Muslims should convert to Judaism and while doing so, they should embrace what the Zionist faction deems correct (ignoring the Orthodox teachings since those are useless) otherwise they deserve to be massacred to cleanse the Holy Promised Land? I think we ought to stop here, you are a religious fanatic, sometimes referred to as an extremist/terrorist...Once the extremist Muslims (who, by the way, also want everyone to convert to their interpretation of the religion they claim to be followers of) and people like you have wiped each other out, maybe the rest of us will enjoy some peace. Here's to hoping you don't end up dragging the rest of us into one of your holy crusades

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The Greek background of the Philistines is irrelevant as the Philistines had already settled the area before the first arrival of the Israelites under the leadership of Terah, the father of Abraham. Also, it would appear that you are going with scripture. While I agree that going by religious scriptures, the lands were granted to the Israelites by God in a covenant, in Christian and Islamic scriptures it is said that the Israelites broke the covenant and hence the lands were taken away from them (murdering Prophets, I believe, was against the terms of the covenant and while Islamic scripture states that Jesus was not murdered and was instead taken to heaven, there were other Prophets who were slain. References: From the Bible; Jeremiah 2: 29 - 30, Nehemiah 9: 26, Matthew 23: 31 - 36, Matthew 23: 37, Well known Prophets slain by the Israelites mentioned in the Bible include Zechariah, John the Baptist and Uriah. From the Quran: Al-Baqarah 2: 87). So yes, from the looks of it, God did take the promised land away, if you think this is just a Christian or Muslim tradition, ask some Orthodox Jewish scholars.

Also, saying that the state of Israel has a right to Canaan based on religious scripture (which presumably entails the right to create an aparthied state and kill civilians) is exactly the same as what extremist Islamic factions claim, that they are fulfilling a covenant placed upon them by God to bring Islam to all corners of the world (even if it entails creating aparthied states where the 'non-believers' are second class citizens and killing civilians). Just waving your hands to dismiss the similarities won't do, explain exactly how one group is classified as a bunch of lunatic terrorists (I have no qualms agreeing with this notion) while the other can claim the moral high ground, both groups are going by interpretations of scripture they believe in and committing the same atrocities against humanity.

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When one lacks arguments to support their point of view except rhetoric that talking heads on the likes of Fox News spew, they usually stoop to slinging abuse and insults at the people they're arguing with hoping to get an emotional reaction, that seems to be what you're trying to accomplish here.

Also, I think you just proved my point that Israel is using the suffering of the Jews, both past and present, as a shield to protect itself from criticism over unsavory policies that would have landed any other nation in a world of pain (through economic sanctions at the very least).

Oh and could you be kind enough as to explain to everyone how your extreme views are any different to the views extremist Muslims are renowned for? In case you are too thick to understand what I refer to, you seem to claim that Israel bombing and killing civilians from kids to the elderly is perfectly justified in order for Israel to achieve its objectives, that is exactly the view spewed by extremist factions claiming to adhere to Islam and since those factions are (justifiably) identified as terrorists, why should any sane person apply a different criteria to you or to the state of Israel?

I have read plenty of history, if you were referring to historical events and in your view the state of Israel has legitimacy based on the fact that the Israelites were in Canaan in the olden days, lets not forget that the Philistines were there before the Israelites migrated to Canaan from the Babylonian city of Ur during Hamurabi's reign before eventually migrating on to Egypt and then subsequently returning to the region and settling there permanently. Also, if we are going to draw national borders based on what the world was like back in 12th century BC, I think there would be quite a few problems. If, otoh, you meant the promised land as mentioned in religious scripture and the state of Israel has legitimacy based on that, I would like to ask once again, how is that different from the world view Islamic extremist factions espouse? If it was neither of these two possibilities, please educate everyone else.

Whatever connection you see fit regardless of its lack of any relationship to reality? That is a very eloquent way of saying that you'll be a prat and no one can do a thing about it, kudos (on finding an eloquent way to get that particular point across), whatever floats your boat...

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Pray tell, where did the story mention anything about Judaism, the religion or Jews, the people adhering to that religion? Stop implying that Israel and Jews are synonymous, they're not. By spreading this fud and shouting anti-Semitism (figuratively speaking) every time someone criticises the policies/actions of the state of Israel, all you accomplish is dilute the term 'anti-Semitism'. Anti-Semitism is a real problem and if one believes recent surveys, it seems to be on the rise in Europe...but of course, using the Jewish people and their past/present suffering as a shield against criticism is a policy that has served Israel well and if it means that it will cause more problems for the Jewish people, its just more amo for the propaganda machine...

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Friendly fire Jeremiah -.-

Rachel Aliene Corrie from Olympia, Washington, was an American peace activist and diarist. She was killed by an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) armored bulldozer in a combat zone in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. She had come to Gaza as part of her senior-year college assignment to connect her home town with Rafah in a sister cities project. While there, she had engaged with other ISM activists in efforts to prevent the Israeli army's demolition of the homes of Palestinian people (allegedly to eliminate tunnels used by terrorists to smuggle weapons from Egypt into Gaza).

Less than two months after her arrival, on March 16, 2003, Corrie was killed during an Israeli military operation after a three-hour confrontation between two bulldozers and eight ISM activists.

The exact nature of her death and the culpability of the bulldozer operator are disputed, with fellow ISM protestors saying that the Israeli soldier operating the bulldozer deliberately ran over Corrie, and Israeli government eyewitnesses saying that it was an accident since the bulldozer operator could not see her [sic].

No action was taken by the IDF against the soldier driving the armored bulldozer.

I an pretty certain that the only reason the world knows of this atrocity is because Rachel (may she rest in peace) was an American citizen. If it were a Palestinian family, they'd just have been just another group of numbers, terror sympathizers killed while Israel was trying to protect the peace.

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