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Comment Re: That was easy (Score 1) 867

Hi, any chance one of those laptops was a HP envy with an insyde firmware? I've already tried swsusp, uswsusp and tuxonice along with trying various quirks modes and changes to various config files to no avail. The system always reports that it hibernated successfully but randomly throws a kernel oops on resume. It happens often enough that hibernation is unusable. I have kubuntu 15.04 with the 4.0.4 kernel. Any help/pointers will be appreciated

Comment Re:Their work is being wasted. (Score 1) 142

Forget adding a server, try adding an NTFS mount line to fstab on a dual booting setup, hard reboot from windows (8.1 in my case) and watch systemd drop you to a shell with root privileges with no hints on what's gone wrong. Compare that to upstart which actually tells you exactly what's gone wrong and gives you an option to skip mounting the offending drive

Comment Re:basically how the UAE works (Score 1) 247

In order to do that, you need to be aware of your rights. The people who are effected by this practice the most are usually uneducated laborers from developing countries (such as Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc). Most of these people come from extreme poverty led on by dreams of a better future and are unaware of their rights. Add to this the fact that the staff at their respective embassies is more likely than not to treat them like dirt instead of being helpful and the abuse these people receive is not surprising. Also, all of this is made worse by the fact that many of these people have paid sizable (for them) amounts of money to agents/brokers to secure these 'jobs' and are reluctant to return home with nothing to show for the investment. The people doling out the abuse are aware of all these factors and take advantage of the situation as much as they can. It is very rare for citizens of developed nations to get mistreated because they are usually aware of their rights, their embassies look after them and any rights violations can spark an international incident.

Comment Re:Oomph. (Score 1, Insightful) 70

Since this device does not fit your use case, it does not imply it is useless for everyone out there...While I'm personally much more interested in desktop replacement laptops (which is what I'm currently typing this on), I know several people who are very interested in this class of machines.

The ~$2000 Clevo laptop would be great for gaming or as a desktop replacement system. It will, however, not be an ultra-portable. What with weighing roughly 4kg and a battery life of around 3 hours when surfing the net or around 1.5 hours when under load, I think most people would prefer not to lug it around with them, a better example would've been a Razer Blade but that seems like overkill if all you're going to do is surf the web or write reports on it.

As for a tablet, try compiling a report on a tablet, you can pick whichever OS you want. I don't have any experience with pulling my teeth with pliers but I imagine compiling a report on a tablet's touchscreen or on a flimsy keyboard would probably be more painful. It shouldn't be very hard to imagine a scenario where someone might need to compile a report while travelling or is the only use-case of why someone could possibly need an ultra-portable that you can think of is browsing the interwebs?

Comment Re:How soon? (Score 1) 153

And now on a serious note, what's all that about comparing stealing a car and shoplifting to piracy at the beginning of pretty much every movie you buy on DVD/Blu-Ray? Clearly they're not the same thing so why are copyright holders trying to obfuscate the issue and guilt the public into doing what they want?

Comment Re:Creators wishing to control their creations... (Score 1) 268

If the copyright terms enforced the copyrights for a reasonable period of time (for instance 5-10 years maximum) and it was a level playing field, a lot of the objections would go away. As it is, copyright terms are not granted for reasonable periods of time (for all intents and purposes, we have perpetual copyrights) and the behemoths making the most noise about copyright infringement don't care about smaller parties' copyrights (violating copyrights, issuing blanket DMCA takedowns). It is not surprising that most people don't care about what the behemoths have to say and what their position on copyright related issues happens to be.

Comment Re:Joyent unfit to lead them? (Score 1) 254

The use of 'them' and 'they' as ungendered singular pronouns goes back centuries and using gendered pronouns when you are addressing a cross-gender audience is just plain wrong. Also, instead of 'he', 'you' could've been used and to top it off, the sentence could've easily been structured to not contain any pronouns.

Try reading some books some time, English has many nuances that your kindergarten teacher never taught you and thinking of what you were taught as unbreakable rules is, imho, naive.

Comment Re:Joyent unfit to lead them? (Score 1) 254

their logic is that if you use any gender specific pronouns you are, by default, misogynistic?

It's one thing to accidentally use gendered pronouns in documentation but resisting when someone else tries to fix the documentation (Alex) and trying to roll back the change when someone else (Isaac) accepts it, makes the person throwing a tantrum (Ben) either a dumb prat or a sexist, take your pick. Either way, the person in question is not an asset I'd want on my project team.

Also, if you think this was an issue where Joyent were in the wrong and going against community wishes, have a look at the comments on the github merge request, the overwhelming majority of people want the merge request to be accepted, so who exactly wasn't listening to the community? Hint: it wasn't Joyent...

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