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Comment: Re:Developing (Score 2) 45

Look kids, racism!

No seriously, that's some racist-ass shit. Fuck you, and your imagined colonial past. Things are substantially better now in the vast majority of developing nations than they ever were under colonial control.

Birth rates are down, death rates are down, education rates are up, diseases are getting eradicated, and assholes like you just want to imagine you know what's best for everyone.

Comment: Re:wouldn't even be reported (Score 1) 217

by i kan reed (#48460187) Attached to: Top Counter-Strike Players Embroiled In Hacking Scandal

"No see, I joined after the misogyny, just like I joined the skinheads after the holocaust, and I really care about immigration".

The fact that being really outrageously offended over a metaphorical statement in an editorial is fucking petty is just icing on the stupid cake.

You joined a misogynistic movement. Accept that and learn from it, or see overly defensive users with mod points guarding you as a justification for how right you are. I don't care that much.

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