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Comment: Re:Baah - Semantic Web is overrated (Score 1) 112

by i am kman (#19815927) Attached to: Tim Berners-Lee Discusses the Future of the Web
Google is spending a ton of money working on exactly that.

Yeah - but I was thinking of something beyond keyword or proximity search. Something, er, semantic. But actually semantic, not like the semantic web. Something that could spot correlations across complex documents or organize the information beyond a top 10 list of hits or actually answer questions. While useful, keyword search hardly provides the rich semantic environment needed to organize the world's information.

I'm sure Google is working on this as well as many dozens of other companies (like Endeca). (See http://www.usatoday.com/tech/products/cnet/2007-06 -29-endece-google_N.htm/)

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