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T-Mobile's Binge On Violates Net Neutrality, Says Stanford Report ( 218

An anonymous reader writes: The debate over whether or not Binge On violates Net Neutrality has been raging ever since the service was announced in November. The latest party to weigh in is Barbara van Schewick, law professor at Stanford University.

In a new report published today — and filed to the FCC, as well — van Schewick says that Binge on "violates key net neutrality principles" and "is likely to violate the FCC's general conduct rule." She goes on to make several arguments against Binge On, saying that services in Binge On distorts competition because they're zero-rated and because video creators are more likely to use those providers for their content, as the zero-rated content is more attractive to consumers.

Comment Re:Open to Questions (Score 1) 1310

How about proper SSL support? (Or in this day and age, TLS 1.2) The site's big enough where spoofing to steal credentials could be a problem. But you go to and get redirected to the non HTTPS site.

How about IPv6? It's kind of ironic how we get many articles about IPv4 space issues, and the nasty workarounds like carrier grade NAT, but Slashdot itself still doesn't support IPv6 (even sites like Facebook have good IPv6 support). As a tech "news for nerds" site, Slashdot should have had IPv6 support years ago. It'd be nice to have it now.

Comment Re:They got off easy (Score 1) 336

Sorry, but what?

Blacklivesmatter have shutdown multiple freeways over the past couple months, with little to no real punishment. And yes; They're "Black", not "African American". You very likely have never met a real "African American" ( duel citizenship ). If you had, you'd realize what a poor moniker it is for some of the whitest people you'll ever meet.

These hicks aren't getting any special treatment. We've just learned that if you wait long enough, the embarrassment begins to outweigh the self-righteousness.

Comment Re:Forbes (Score 1) 118

Slashdot shouldn't be linking to the mainstream media at all. The Slashdot audience is generally made up of people not afraid of technology - make the link to a more technical indepth article. Just the Wikipedia article would be ten times better in this particular case.

The editors should act like editors and start replacing MSM links with something more suited to the Slashdot audience. We'd rather read something deeper than the (necessarily) watered-down-for-the-layman articles.

Comment Re:BMI is a poor tool (Score 3, Insightful) 425

Well, a small swath of the population. People with lots of muscle and little body fat are a very small minority of the population. For nearly everyone else, BMI is a perfectly good rule of thumb. For instance, looking around the room now I can see about 20 people, all of which if you calculated their BMI would give a perfectly good rough idea of where they fit.

Comment Re:Fewer telecom restrictions are just a start (Score 1) 59

Ouch. Their ADSL for 128k down is three times more expensive than my 50Mbit/s connection at home (which also has additions like static IP) according to the currency conversion at Their 8 meg home ADSL costs more monthly than the median monthly household salary in my rich, Western nation - let alone Cuba.

Comment And... (Score 1) 249

Undoubtedly it's the content providers doing this, and then they wonder why so many people are still pirating their content.

I'd rather stream legally off Netflix but it's mighty frustrating when you're halfway through a series and it just vanishes from Netflix (but is still available on some other country's Netflix). If they successfully block VPNs, I'm probably going to cancel my subscription.

Comment Keyboards? (Score 1) 332

While keyboards CAN last a long time, Think about it; they are the recipient of your grimy fingers, day in/day out. They are more disgusting than *anything* else in your house, pillows and toilets included.

Keyboards should be replaced yearly given how disgusting they are.

Comment Re:Eh, its not that much (Score 1) 278

When looking for a new monitor 4 or 5 years ago, I compared the Apple Cinema display against the equivalent specification Dell display.

Once things like taxes and delivery were added (Dell advertised without tax or delivery, and Apple with the prices included), the Dell display was within £5 of the Apple display (I don't remember if the Dell was £5 less or £5 more). The Apple display also had a built in magsafe charger which the Dell didn't.

If you compare like with like, often you'll find that the "cheap" brands are not actually any cheaper than the "expensive" brands. It's just the cheap brands also sell lower end stuff for a lot less.

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