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Comment: Why not bigger news? (Score 1) 125

by hysonmb (#31008302) Attached to: New iPhone Attack Kills Apps, Reroutes Web Traffic
So now I guess everyone is going to talk about how secure Windows Mobile is because there aren't so many exploits targeting it? It's simply a matter of marketshare. In the PC space, Windows is #1 so there are more high profile attacks against it. In the mobile space, the iPhone is killing the competition so people are attacking it. The only thing surprising about these types of attacks to me is that they only seem to make headlines in the geek press. An issue like this targeting a desktop (no matter who makes it) would be all over the news since they seem to enjoy spreading FUD. If they broadcast this, they'll have people cancelling data plans and buying Tracphones by the end of the day. But, it's rare to ever hear about mobile vulnerabilities outside of the tech circles even though the mobile market is huge.

Comment: Offline Backups! (Score 1) 730

by hysonmb (#29064485) Attached to: Why Should I Trust My Network Administrator?
If you're concerned about your IP getting stolen, back it up offline. If anything ever happens and you need to go after that IT company, take your backed up data (back it up again somewhere else) to a lawyer and sue them for your losses, plus some. If you're realllllly paranoid, save the money on the outsourced IT and spend it on training someone you do trust to do the job, and still keep offline backups.

Comment: Offline Backups FTW (Score 1) 780

by hysonmb (#27963699) Attached to: Hacker Destroys, Along With Its Backups
Backup to something other than another online server. Tapes aren't all too expensive when you consider what's been lost. I feel sorry for them simply because some jerk with nothing better to do decided to destroy 13 years of someone's life. It sucks for the company to learn a lesson in this way. Maybe they can get some tools and try to do a drive recovery, if the hacker didn't do a true scrub with something like the Gutmann method.

Comment: Re:Nuclear batteries (Score 2, Insightful) 212

by hysonmb (#25553639) Attached to: Mars Lander Faces Slow Death
I agree that nuclear batteries would be a great idea in theory. I'm not a NASA employee, or scientist, but I would venture a guess that the risk is not worth the reward just yet. Imagine the first time one of those suckers breaks apart on liftoff.... "We're sorry ladies and gentlemen, Florida is now closed. We hope you enjoyed your stay and we look forward to seeing you when we reopen in 30 years. Thank you and goodbye."

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