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User Journal

Journal: Job wanted! 1

Journal by hyrdra


If you're looking for an IT professional in Columbus, Ohio or the Westerville area please contact me.

Life is really great. I always thought luck had nothing to do with success. Now I see it's not only luck, it's blind luck.

User Journal


Journal by hyrdra

Well this is just to all the damn trolls out there.

STOP moderating on something because you don't agree with it! Moderate based upon POST QUALITY! Y'all known I got skillz, so you better dish this l33t script kiddy some points!

How dare they break my Karma fetish of 50! 48, I've never!

User Journal

Journal: My virgin entry

Journal by hyrdra

Well, now I can say I've broken the quality seal on my virgin Journal. If I have time later I'll actually submit some interesting shit about my life, heck, maybe enthrall you with my journalistic and literary talent (that was a joke).

Anyway, if you feel like something to do e-mail me...I could use a good converstation!

Dynamically binding, you realize the magic. Statically binding, you see only the hierarchy.