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+ - Soylent: the Future of Food, the End of Family Time?->

Submitted by hypnobuddha
hypnobuddha (2743161) writes "Soylent, the so-called food replacement intended to supply all of a human body’s daily nutritional needs, is poised to disrupt the food industry and become a multi-billion dollar industry. But if society-at-large embraces this 'anti-food' and eschews food, what will become of family dinner time? Are the benefits of not eating Real Food be a fatal blow to families?"
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Comment: It just occurred to me... (Score 2) 120

by hypnobuddha (#44910855) Attached to: BlackBerry Confirms 4,500 Job Cuts, Warns of $950 Million Loss
is playing a brilliant strategy. This billion dollar writedown lowers the stocks so it can be taken private. Meanwhile, BlackBerry announces the flagship Z30 to get users excited. Z10 hasn't been out that long, and already they're writing off stock? And Z10 is such an awesome phone, anyone who actually uses one loves it. It could only be for one reason, to take the company private asap. Expect announcement of sale soon.

+ - Ask HN: Is Anyone Making Money From Garbage? 2

Submitted by hypnobuddha
hypnobuddha (2743161) writes "Could You Be The Next Banana King? is based on the real-life story of Samuel Zemurray, who started out penniless but built an empire on discarded bananas. It's given me the idea to look for money where other people see only waste.

My question is twofold: is there anyone on HN making money from refuse or have any ideas / know of any stories of people who are?"

Comment: Industrial Manufacturing is changing (Score 1, Offtopic) 194

by hypnobuddha (#41793563) Attached to: Industrial Control Software Easily Hackable
With the emergence of 3D Printers, rapid prototyping and the domestication/democratization of manufacturing, I don't think it's going to do so much harm. Manufacturing is undergoing a revolution. Many parts (and even burritos... Google that up to see what I mean) will be "printed out" at home. People won't give toys and dishes for Christmas, they'll gift the blueprints and some resins instead. Heavy Duty Industrial will remain somewhat the same, but not manufacturing as we think of it now.

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