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Comment Re:Where's the choice? (Score 0) 315

Unless you find a way to elevate yourselves by quite a lot, at least to the point where you won't lose two out of three intelligence contests to a retarded chimp, you won't have even a faint chance to start the process of getting to be as smart as a liberal.

Sorry. I know truth is a hard thing for conservatives to face.

Comment Re:Prediction: FF at 2% of the market by Dec 2016 (Score 2) 182

For me, the final straw was when Firefox started calling Google "untrusted", then refused to let me make an exception and go about my usually-seamless search business. I don't know why the behaviour started. I don't care. They were already on thin ice after switching off my Garmin GPS update and map extensions, disabling my Kaspersky special functions like virtual keyboard, and other stuff I won't bore you with.

I'm almost completely switched over to Pale Moon now. It's faster, and it actually works. Fuck Firefox.

Submission + - Donald Rumsfeld Made an iOS Game, and It's Actually Pretty Good (vice.com)

sarahnaomi writes: When you're going to play a card game designed by Winston Churchill, especially one that came to life with the help of former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, it helps to do it right. And so last night I chugged a generous helping of scotch and booted up Rummy's new free-to-play iOS game Churchill Solitaire on my iPad at my standing desk (that favored workspace of both men). I'll cut to the chase—it's made me reconsider Solitaire as a diversion worth my time in this age of blockbuster games and social media, and I don't think that's the scotch talking.

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