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Comment: This can't end well (Score 1) 148

by hyades1 (#49772545) Attached to: Sex-Switched Mosquitoes May Help In Fight Against Diseases

Yeah, I can see some kind of Jurassic Park scenario playing out when they try this, and with our luck it will occur in Winnipeg, which is renowned for the size, voracity and general thuggishness of its female mosquito population.

I have little doubt we'll wind up with packs of mosquitoes sporting flannel shirts, Doc Martens and schnozz spikes the size of a rhino horn, along with the general demeanor of a Conservative whose wife just left him for an environmentalist.

Comment: Unintentional disclosure (Score 5, Insightful) 87

This little circus shows security-conscious potential customers something very important about Cyberlock: their first response to an issue affecting the customer's security is to attempt to punish the person who found it.

Seriously...who wants a company like that in charge of security? I'd like to see some lawsuits from existing clients over false advertising and failure to act as one would reasonably expect a security company to act.

Comment: Re:Lefty-totalitarian banning idiots should be ban (Score 1) 421

by hyades1 (#49457927) Attached to: Powdered Alcohol Banned In Six States


A lot of Democrats knew perfectly well refusing to support the Iraq Invasion, having been handed cherry-picked intelligence apparently proving what we now know was deceitful nonsense, would be an electoral death sentence. And you know perfectly well the CIA was screaming bloody murder about the phonied-up garbage coming from Bush and his neo-con chickenhawks.

Are you always this dishonest, or do you have to work at it?

Comment: Re:The Future of Top Gear: HBO or Film (Score 1) 662

by hyades1 (#49397387) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear

Sadly, you've completely forgotten one of the most important elements of the show: BBC is commercial free. This gave the hosts incredible range to slag any car they didn't happen to like.

Try that on a show where just about all of the advertising revenue is coming directly from the auto industry and see what happens.

Comment: This won't end well... (Score 1) 138

by hyades1 (#49281089) Attached to: Windows 10's Biometric Security Layer Introduced

"The software analyzes input from such hardware as fingerprint scanners and infrared sensors to make sure that you are you and not some impostor, and then signs you in without requiring you to enter a password.

Fabulous. So in the Brave New World of Windows Hello, a "hacker" is a guy with an axe and a microwave.

And I'm the one they call "Lefty".

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