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Comment Reassuring the public... (Score 2) 118

Speaking at a hastily-called press conference only a few hundred miles from the buildings in question, Tower-cleaning specialist and former Volkswagen Vice President Gesundheit Krappstadtz stated unequivocally that all cleaning and disinfection operations had been performed with full attention to the requirements of New Jersey's famously strict environmental regulations.

Comment Re:If I received a terminal diagnosis... (Score 1) 372

When you eventually get this guy's cock out of your ass, maybe you'll read what I wrote and understand I wasn't saying I'd do anything to him. As it happens, I live in a civilized country, and wouldn't have to worry about getting this drug at a reasonable cost that would have nothing to do with the little creep.

But thanks for your opinion. The next time I want more of your lip, I'll rattle my zipper.

Comment Re:When is it malicious? (Score 1) 165

I'm not sure you need to use "pernicious". As far as I'm concerned, somebody who attempts to use a position of power or specialized knowledge to trick me into behaving against my own interests is being malicious. In this case, they are doing me harm by appropriating something that's mine for their own use.

My computer doesn't own anything. So they aren't stealing my computer's resources. They are stealing my resources.

Comment I'm shocked! (Score 1) 124

Government, along with its corporate masters and its enforcement arm, stand to lose in a big way if they have to endure the same kind of "eye in the sky" scrutiny they subject the public to on a regular basis.

It only stands to reason that they'd contrive excuses to forbid average people from having access to the same kind of toys they use.

And they aren't about to make the same kind of mistake they made with cell phones. If police and their masters had known how effective cell phone cameras would be in exposing widespread physical abuse of civilians, they'd have made it illegal to point any kind of recording device at a cop years ago.

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