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Comment: Re:AOL already tried this. (Score 1) 75

Isn't this the same as the now dead AOL? Didn't it fail because there was not enough demand for white-listed Internet?

In as much as AOL was an overgrown BBS that put out its own client software and eventually offered "the web" (AOL's terminology at the time, back in '94; "the web" "coming to AOL" was a big thing) and IP connectivity, soaring to epic heights of revenue and heady exponential trends extrapolated to infinity through the 90s resulting in AOL purchasing Time Warner with overinflated stock just as broadband started eating away at AOL's dialup empire followed quickly by the .com explosion, an order of magnitude drop or two in AOL's customer base, and the death of newspapers... no?

I think the answer to your question is, no; AOL went away because they invested in a dinosaur of a media company rather than buying up and building out broadband. Any sensible engineer would have strongly advised going all-in on broadband if the MBAs had bothered asking, and AOL would own the planet right now. :( However, seeking good advice, strategizing, evaluating options, and competant grand scale decision making are MBA weak points, so it's understandable that an internet company went with newspapers right on the cusp of the broadband revolution. :)

PS: fuck AOL. (It just feels good to write that. Been a while!)

Comment: Re:Freedom of choice (Score 1) 1051

by hxnwix (#48589613) Attached to: Time To Remove 'Philosophical' Exemption From Vaccine Requirements?

A public health official in the United States may not require administration of any vaccination not approved by the FDA.

Therefore, the question this proposal raises is not "Should we mandate that people get injected with vaccines that are known to be safe and effective."

The question, "is a vaccine known to be safe and effective," is indeed answered before a vaccine may even be offered to the public. Do you live in a country where this is not true? If so, it's not the United States.

Comment: Re:This seems a missed opportunity (Score 1) 59

by hxnwix (#48349535) Attached to: Google "Evicted" the Berlin Wall From Property It Bought

Probably afraid it will remind their users of the Stasi. With Google's political connections growing strong and their spying becoming more and more like East Germany, they are becoming a danger to freedom in the US. While Google is still smaller (55k vs 91k employees) than the Stasi in 1989, they can be even more effective because of technology.

And that's why I use Bing!. Bing! is easy, fun, and Bing! respects your privacy. Bing! may not be able to find its ass with both hands, but that makes it kid safe!

Comment: Re:Hoax (Score 1) 986

The point is, even when someone is actively looking to figure out how a magic trick is performed they can still be fooled. In an experiment like the one referenced here, physicists and chemists would tend to be out of their element if someone is actively trying to dupe them because science relies on experimenters honestly and accurately documenting their procedures.

It's no mystery where the discrepancy in Rossi's experiment likely originates: independant reseachers were not given complete control of the apparatus and procedures. The proper response to promising and surprising results, replicating and studying the experiment in detail by duplicating the apparatus providing the conditions producing the results, is not possible because that apparatus is, conveniently for anyone wishing to avoid it being revealed as a fraud, a trade secret.

The point was that they WERE fooled because they did not know how the trick was performed

There remains a distinct difference that you are trying to dispose of as if it were an inconvenient corpse: understanding that extraordinary claims require extraordinary extraordinary evidence, CERN revealed every detail of every aspect of their experiment, methodology, and results, inviting others to replicate their experiment, whereas Rossi, understanding that extraordinary claims generate extraordinary hype, is soliticiting money and withholding information.

Even if both CERN and Rossi were, in fact, fooled by erroneous results, which assumes honest intentions on the part of Rossi, this difference in methology remains, and confers falsifiability upon CERN's claims, whereas those of Rossi do not include sufficient attendant information to be replicated or falsified.

The poster to whom you are replying tried to point out to you that the only ones "fooled" by CERN's claims became so as a result of their own error, but you just didn't get it. CERN did not angrily insist that there is money to be made breaking the speed of light and prevent others from testing the claim, accusing the rest of the world of jealous dishonesty. Was CERN "fooled" as you say? If they were, they were very careful to avoid fooling others, inviting investigation to confirm their data and identify any weaknesses in their methods. There is a world of difference: one party is open to avoid and correct foolishness, whereas the other is secretive and preserves the ability to fool others. Whether any party is truly fooled in their heart of hearts can never be known and does not matter if they follow the scientific method, which Rossi does not.

Comment: Re:Incompetent Administration (Thanks GWB) (Score 1) 425

by hxnwix (#48082079) Attached to: Former Department of Defense Chief Expects "30 Year War"

Give it couple years. Honestly, military or covert action, the result is the same. The military came right after the covert action, there are hundreds of US "advisors" operating there right now. As for "mad" part, he's started a civil war, killed 3500 people so far and started to enact laws to oppress minorities. I'd say it qualifies. Also he's set private mercenary bands uncontrolled by the government against civilian population in the process. Many of which left mass graves in their wakes, bodies are being exhumed that died execution style with bullet to head from short distance, this spells war crimes to me.

Uhhh, ok.... Been watching a lot of Russia Today, have we?

Comment: Re:Rent a Tesla for $1 (Score 1) 335

by hxnwix (#48028005) Attached to: State of Iowa Tells Tesla To Cancel Its Scheduled Test Drives

For the purposes of this discussion, they represent a democracy

If your baseline of a democracy is North Korea, the discussion you're having is imaginary.

Or, you are the supreme leader of North Korea.

They represent democracy, for the purposes of this discussion. Making them a representative democracy.

Also, for the purposes of this discussion, Cypress Hill will be representing the west coast, and a Mr. Pope Ratzo will be representing confused people who still don't get it.

"I prefer rogues to imbeciles, because they sometimes take a rest." -- Alexandre Dumas (fils)