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Comment Re:Scheduled programming is doomed. Maybe ads too. (Score 1) 232

That future would not be bleak. Yes, there would be a period of retrenchment as the economy reconfigures itself, but it would eventually end up being a better
environment to live in once the reconfiguration is complete.

Once the reconfiguration is complete, a lot more people would be financially independent as well as happier. Debt is slavery, and advertising is an enabler which sells people into debt slavery.

Once a person's basic needs are met, then a lot of problems in society go away. Advertising is all about convincing you to buy things you really don't need.

There's currently plenty of free programming to watch on the Internet, plus, there's PBS which is (mostly) ad free and offers much higher quality programming than the American Networks. BBC (UK) has been using a TV license model since the beginning and it has worked out quite well. They have some of the highest quality english language programming in the world. I haven't subscribed to Cable since 2008. I don't miss it as it was mostly substandard programming with 20+ minutes of ads sprinkled in making it mostly unwatchable.

Programming funded by advertisers is some of the worst programming out there. (Examples: Alien abduction, ghosts, etc.). It's sad that people fall for this.

Cable companies won't be selling TV if what I have stated comes to pass. They will only be selling internet access.

You are correct the UHF TV bands are not large enough for very high speed Internet. I suspect that most of UHF TV bands will be allocated to cell phones mobile radio services such as public safety. The microwave bands are the best candidate for high speed wireless Internet.

Comment Scheduled programming is doomed. Maybe ads too. (Score 3, Insightful) 232

The future of television is on-demand and not scheduled programming with the option to pay subscription fees to kill all advertising. This means no cable TV as we currently see it. All TV programming will be sent over IP networks. Over the air local TV stations will start offering TV streaming to smart TV's, and will retire their transmitters. The spectrum will be freed up for other uses.

My take on Advertising: Advertising is a scourge which causes weak minded people to go into debt wasting money purchasing things they don't need. Think of it as the 20th/21st century Jedi Mind Trick.

Comment Re: Leave no H1-B behind! (Score 1) 167

I'm calling B.S. on that. Some people out of work have completely marketable skills but are fed up with employers having too much power, and don't have to work W2 because they can live off passive income and investments. It's these people which start their own businesses, or decide to contribute in other ways such as writing open source software and creating open source hardware.

Comment Refuse to play the employer's game (Score 1) 167

Tech W2 employment in America is an awful game:

1. Employment-at-will is cruel. Most of the world does not have employment-at-will, it uses the "just-cause" model.
2. Exempt employees put in long hours because of #1. There are no laws limiting working time in the US.
3. Employers are almost impossible to take to court due to binding arbitration.
4. Employees in most states can be forced to sign non-compete agreements or be fired.
5. American employers offer some of the most paltry fringe benefits when compared to other industrialized nations.
6. Once you get into your 50's, you'll have a hard time getting hired regardless of how good you are

Comment Re:Teensy 3.1 (Score 1) 94

From what I have seen with the Teensy, is the designer is playing games to prevent clones from appearing by doing "genuine" detection in the tools. It is for this reason I have avoided the Teensy.

ARM processors are the future for the maker/hobbyist group.

The observations:

1. The AVR processors are getting a bit long in the tooth and don't compare with the power of an ARM processor.
2. The Arduino IDE is seriously lacking debug support, and its a pain to debug real time code with println statements.

Comment Re:Say what? (Score 1) 392

In a perfect world this would be the outcome. Unfortunately the structure of power and influence coupled with human nature gets in the way of this. The people at the top can talk to the right people behind the scenes and get a more favourable outcome.

The employer/employee balance of power is skewed highly in favour of the employer. The employee doesn't have kilobucks of F.U. money in the bank to give
him/her the power to handle the threat of being fired for insubordination.

Additionally if everyone had the the power to say "That's breaking the law. I'm not going to code that" and could handle being fired for insubordination, then maybe ethics would prevail in companies such as VW.

Comment Disconnecting the customer from pricing. (Score 1) 259

Press a button, pay top dollar.

Sounds similar to Priceline, a company which also obfuscates pricing information to extract the most from its customers.

I could build my own dash tabs with an ESP8266 wifi board, and some Python code running on my home server, but relying on my memory is way easier.

Comment American Employment and labor participation (Score 2) 396

There are some of us who have attained financial independence and refuse to play this game. What we are seeing with the labor participation rate is two components. Those which are truly unemployable, and those which refuse to play the game with the current rule set because they are financially independent and
chose to work on things which are personally rewarding such as open source software.

These are reasons the labor participation rate is so low. The only way to change it is to go back to the way employment was structured in the early to mid 20th century, implement a universal basic income, or cull the citizenry which cannot sustain themselves. Historically, the latter option was chosen (War Famine, Disease). Let's hope that the middle option occurs, as due to global competition, the first option may not be viable.

Comment Fork: Gunboat Diplomacy or Treaty of Versailles (Score 1) 485

A fork in the road is approaching. Either this will be viewed in a similar light to the Treaty of Versailles and the disaster which followed that and lead to Nazi Germany:

or Gunboat Diplomacy where the stick is used to beat Greece into Submission:

Bankers are powerful, yet they don't realize what happens when they go too far... They may end up getting more than they bargained for, or nothing at all.

Comment Educate them, then shackle them with noncompetes (Score 1) 161

Well, if they can't get the H-1B cap increased, then I guess growing their own talent locally, and flooding the market is the next best thing. The H-1B's would have been the optimum solution as that would have forced wages down more quickly.

Washington still has pretty onerous non-compete laws which Amazon and Microsoft pay their lobbyists to keep in place. Sorta sounds similar to H-1B indentured servitude...

No thanks. I'll stay in California.

Comment Re:As an informed citizen... (Score 1) 591

We are talking about a form slavery here folks (people only being able to get health coverage through employment, and employers calling the shots), only now it's called wage slavery. The last time there was a conflict like this it did result in a civil war.

It's highly likely there'd be second civil war before an article V convention is called. Congress ain't going to allow it. Not only that, regardless of the right thinking they could control an Article V convention, they better be careful what they wish for.

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