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Comment Everybody can... (Score 3, Interesting) 365

I know 20 years old guys who can learn nothing new, like lazy teenagers. The question is biased. Of course, there is a biological neural decay with age, but like any other muscle, the brain need exercise, and that don't depends on age but on attitude about life. If you like and enjoy to learn new things, you will enjoy that the whole life, that's a fact.

Comment Two words (Score 5, Interesting) 98

Gorilla Arm ... Well, more ... Why people still believe that desktop computers are good as a touch device? That makes no sense for me, specially because the ugly fingerprints hehe. I love to *work* on my dual head desktop because the speed of keyboard and big resolution. If I have to use a touch device, it's not for work and not on a desktop, really. Anyway, nice research, I have to say.

Comment Freedom... (Score 1) 815

What's the problem with that? Icaza is not a member of linux community since many years ago. He was an important fellow, but not anymore. Also, THIS IS A FREE WORLD, if he decided to change, he is completely free to do that. No problem, really. There always will be people, like me and *many* others, who enjoys the liberty of FOSS community. Everybody is free to use the OS of their choice.

Comment Not the best analysis (Score 3, Interesting) 399

It's just a personal point of view about coding style... some things like vertical spacing using the braces (at the section "Doom does not waste vertical space") are just the opposite of a readable source code (just in my opinion, of course, as someone that makes a lot of source code reviews of other people)

Comment Free of choice (Score 1) 933

I'm very happy and productive with linux on my desktop (and dozens of servers).

I don't care if other people uses windows, mac or any other OS ... It's free of choice and everybody should have that freedom. Period.

ps. Yes, I use mac and windows on my job (yes, newest versions) but I prefer, by far, my linux with KDE desktop... for many reasons I don't want to explain, because everybody have reasons for their preferences, and that's perfectly fine.