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Comment: Re:Not sure about the recovery test (Score 1) 100

by WindBourne (#46794313) Attached to: SpaceX Launches Load to ISS, Successfully Tests Falcon 9 Over Water
considering that fuel is less than 1/4 of a million $, if they can land the first stage, either on land or an old oil rig, AND can get 10 launches from it, they will save 1/3 of their costs. And that is just for the first stage.

Knowing SpaceX, they will cut their price by at least 1/6, so that they pick up just about everything flying, and make increased profits to put into more R&D.

Comment: Re:Not sure about the recovery test (Score 4, Informative) 100

by WindBourne (#46793175) Attached to: SpaceX Launches Load to ISS, Successfully Tests Falcon 9 Over Water

Data upload from tracking plane shows first stage landing in Atlantic was good! Flight computers continued transmitting for 8 seconds after reaching the water. Stopped when booster went horizontal. Several boats enroute through heavy seas...

The issue is NOT whether they they recovered the stage, but whether it landed at slow controlled speeds. Apparently, SpaceX feels that it did 'land' on the water. As such, one or 2 more times with this, and they will be able to put it on land.

Personally, I think that bringing it all the way back to the cape is a mistake. Instead, they should use one of the old oil rigs that are out there. Clean it up, land it on the rig, and then offload with a crane to a barge and take it back for launc.

Comment: LOL. Lessons from target not learned (Score 2) 201

by WindBourne (#46792729) Attached to: California Utility May Replace IT Workers with H-1B Workers
First, one of Target's HVAC guy lost an ID. BUT, target has NOT found that the ID was used to get in there and that was the entry point.

Yet, the one thing that amazes me, is that they totally ignore the fact that not only did Target offshore a great deal, but esp. their production was offshored.
And this was the group that is paying their Indian software engineers, about $7-9K/year (India, like china, plays games with their money against the dollar). How easy is it to offer somebody say 70K to simply open a port, or to leave a back door, etc, and NOT have it be found? Keep in mind that $70K in India, with the current rupee money, is a 10 year salary. You can quietly leave target, get another job elsewhere and have your retirement fully taken care of.
Yes, one group said that something was going on, but the group in India that was dealing with Production IGNORED IT. More importantly, the idiots in target that offshored this, were the ones that ignored the warnings.

And now, utilities are being stupid and following suite. It is time for shareholders to SUE the day lights out of Target and companies like this that offshore.

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by WindBourne (#46785745) Attached to: Mercedes Pooh-Poohs Tesla, Says It Has "Limited Potential"
You should never have bought 4 MB's. They really do SUX. Highly overpriced for what you get and breaks down far too often (though it was more of the ones prior to 2000 that were horrible).

We are waiting for the Model X and then we will decide which way to go.
In light of how SpaceX has destroyed Airbus, I am amazed that MB, Audi, Porsche, etc have the attitude that they do. Yes, they will have the German gov. forcing everybody to buy their crap, but outside of Germany, it will not happen.

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by WindBourne (#46785427) Attached to: Mercedes Pooh-Poohs Tesla, Says It Has "Limited Potential"
lets see. Not a hybrid, but an electric car. Runs Linux, not IOS. And has the cheapest prices for batteries going. In fact, they charge 10K for 20 KWH batteries, while Nissan, toyota, GM, MB, etc. are paying $20K for inferior batteries that are not even properly conditioned.

And you are welcome to buy a highly overrated POS vehicle that will continue to cost you year after year after year for up to 15 years. Then you will junk yard it because it will be shot.

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