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Comment The problem is ... (Score 1) 285 285

That many nations are already working towards this. It is far far cheaper to build automated weapons than to turn humans into effective fighting machines. In addition, small nations will see this as opportunity to compete against west, china, or Russia. Heck, Syria used chem weapons on their citizens and then they and russia cut a deal with the west to remove all chem weapons. However, once ISIS took over several locations, Syria admitted that they and Russia were lying and ISIS now has chem weaps.

Comment Re: like typical left, she has it wrong. (Score 1) 554 554

Think about what I wrote. Currently, unsubsidized solar is expensive to put in. So, the builder has a choice of lowering HVAC energy demands and installing less solar, OR simply installing a lot more panels. Builders will find it cheaper to install more insulation, use aerogel windows for places like basement, bathrooms, maybe bedrooms, etc. Likewise, they will switch over to using geo-thermal HVAC, esp if house is well insulated. In time, aerogel windows and geo-thermal HVAC will become so cheap that older homes will switch.

Comment like typical left, she has it wrong. (Score 2) 554 554

We need to drop the subsidies and simply say that all buildings less than 6 stories are to have enough on-site AE to equal the energy used for the HVAC (and require AC as well). In addition, the local utility must buy any daily extra at the maximum price that it costs them to buy electricity from elsewhere.

If she gets that passed, then not only will it put a stop to energy growth, but it will pretty much encourage cheaper buildings, and storage mechanism.

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hard to tally it up, when the means keep being shifted.
For example, they were supposed to use up nearly all of the nuclear 'waste', but was then stopped from breeding.
Then the far left fights against burying the 'waste' over at Yucca Mntn.
The smart thing is for us to push Gen IV reactors to burn it up, but we need to make it so that once a site is approved, then the protests and BS stop.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 468 468

disposal of current nuke waste, would be a TRUE waste of money.
This waste can be re-processed and used in gen IV reactors for 100 years and leave only 5% of the volume and with only 200 years of it being unsafe.

Sadly, the far left and their fear of science and ignorance of economics continue to push for wasting our money.

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