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Comment: Re:ok but how is dtmf detection? (Score 1) 166

by hufman (#35834934) Attached to: Next-Gen Low-Latency Open Codec Beats HE-AAC
Why does the codec care about dtmf detection? All the codec does is compress and decompress audio. It doesn't care what audio you give it, it does its job and compresses it, then later reproduces it as closely as possible. It's the responsibility of a different piece of software entirely to determine the meaning of some special sounds in the stream.

Comment: Re:400M ? (Score 1) 230

by hufman (#34039576) Attached to: Closing In On 1Gbps Using DSL
The problem with DMZ Plus is that connections through it still fill up the UVerse NAT table, which has a maximum size of 1024. Random people portscanning you will be passed through DMZ Plus, placed in the NAT table, and potentially boot off normal connections. This is why I take the effort to double-port-forward everything I use through my Netgear.
If anyone else offered more than half of the upload that UVerse provides, I'd switch. I'd pay several hundred dollars to replace my UVerse router with a UVerse modem. Verizon said they don't dare come to Milwaukee because AT&T has the entire county bought, so FIOS won't be available ever.
But yet, America's Internet Service market has lots of competition, somewhere. I wish I lived in that magical place.

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