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Comment Wallpaper or papercuts (Score 0, Flamebait) 294 294

This is a new thing that pseudo-scientists and fellow travelers are using, the meta-meta-study. It's either taking a bunch of studies and using them to paper over the problems with your own pet theory. Or it is death by a thousand paper cuts, with more and more 'me too' studies and rolling them together to support your own pet theory.

This is how we get memes like 97%, which is either some survey of some small group on an email list or a bunch of grad students picking, and more importantly excluding, papers that match a word search for global warming. Whether that is scary run away global warming or just noticing that we are coming out of an ice age doesn't seem to make a distinction for these people. Pointing that out gets a response that implies you are directly responsible for all of the carbon pollution in the world.

The upside is that they will probably block you if you dare mention that the greenhouse effect is logarithmically challenged.

Comment Invalidates the models (Score 1) 639 639

We've been told that the models matched the non-adjusted records that existed before this new paper was published. These new adjustments mean that all of the models no longer match the past global temps. It might move some model predictions for the present a little closer, but not enough for an exact fit. I think they are hoping for a really strong El Nino to make up the rest of the deficit and then push for a big splash in Paris.

Comment Re:Crookes Radiometer (Score 1) 265 265

Actually, if this is as described, why not build up a charge and use that to propel another craft. Now if that craft is really a self contained warpgate, then you could build it like a railroad. Ships go through each gate, picking up charge and draining the gate. Kind of like the trip Jodi Foster took in Contact.

If you were trying to get to another star, then you wouldn't want them to orbit the sun, so maintaining alignment might be a problem. Once you are half way to where ever, you could use the gates to decelerate.

I think we will be living in space before something like this could be built. The resources in our immediate area are magnitudes greater than what we have here on Earth. We probably already have all of the tech we need to begin harvesting. If we diverted all of the resources we expend on spying and fighting each other, we could make the leap in a generation.


Comment This is a problem (Score 0) 265 265

Who needs a positive charge when traveling through space. Maybe they could bring a bucket of negative charge, to soak the sponges in. When the bucket runs low they could scoop up some more negativity, rinse and repeat.

Another option is balloons. Rub them on the sponges and stick them to the walls.

Comment Yes (Score 1) 3 3

Science isn't owned by government or big business. They may have the biggest levers, but the truth will out.

Science is owned by anyone and everyone who is interested in the pursuit of Truth. That's what a scientist is, someone who is interested in the pursuit of Truth. There is a lot of bad science right now and it will take years and years for science to recover completely. The scientific method holds the key to that recovery.

- Open data
- Reproducibility
- Responding to critics
- Admitting error

Most bad science doesn't pass the smell test and usually lacks all or some of the above. In times past, peer review was up to the task. Unfortunately, we are also dealing with the return of Mob rule. The loudest and shrillest hold sway and like the Eye of Sauron, no one can survive once they have focused their gaze on you. Racist, sexist, denialist shout the mob and theirs is the voice of anti-science and anti-rationalism. Data and common sense be damned.

Comment Re:The thankless job of solving nonexisting proble (Score 1) 347 347

Okay, I'll bite. The model that you say matches reality only matches the low forecast for temperature and you may be right it does match that (minus the pause, which they admit they don't match). However, the low forecast is what was supposed to happen if CO2 emissions and concentrations were capped. They weren't. Therefore, I'm happy to say, the models do not match reality. You need both to match or you are just talking out your ass. Saying one of our 99 models matched part of reality is a really lame claim.

The effects of CO2 are logarithmic and most of the heating we should expect to see has already happened. Reality and science agree, yay!

Comment Siphon water to the Salton Sea (Score 1, Troll) 173 173

Drop a pipe in the Pacific, run it over the mountains, maybe parallel to the road that descends into Palm Springs and refill that nasty smelling swamp. On the way down the hill you can generate electricity, desalinate, extract minerals and make sushi. Win, win, win and wasabi.

Death Valley is next. I'm pretty sure turtles float.

Comment Re:"Exploding heads" (Score 1, Insightful) 297 297

I would change my mind, if the world was warming at an accelerated rate, if the arctic was ice free, if the models matched reality, if the people in charge of the temperature records would stop cooling the past, etc, etc, etc...

I'm against hyperbole and trollish behavior on either side.

Comment Null hypothesis (Score 1) 295 295

No extra heat needs to be found because the earth is not warming any more than usual during the latter stages of an inter-glacial. Seems to fit the observed phenomenon.

Alternate explanation is that not all feedbacks are positive and the plant food that has been modeled to cause AGW is just a bit player. That also seems to fit the observed behavior as CO2 continues to rise but global temps have plateaued.

We can leave the door open to the 'oh shit' possibilities, but really, that's starting to feel shrill and played out.

Comment Re:Sounds like a problem... (Score 1) 507 507

Yes, that's not a bad idea. I'd also like to see prosecutors not be allowed to make deals with defendants. My understanding is only the Governor of a state or the President can grant a pardon, so how can a lowly prosecutor make a deal with a defendant who has been charged by a grand jury? Grand juries should present charges and prosecutors should make cases.

Or maybe we should adopt the French system and just have courts whose job it is to arrive at the truth. The whole adversarial system of justice in the US is prone to abuse and usually produces results most people would consider to be unjust.

Comment Obamacare and Rights (Score 1) 507 507

Obamacare introduces all kinds of new governmental rights.

The government now has the right to tax doctors who do not use digital media. My daughter, who just turned 9, has a doctor who uses a paper filing system. They have computers for other things, but he likes having paper files. He's told us he probably will be retiring soon. Punishing him for using paper is just one of the reasons.

The government now has the right to tax individuals for not purchasing a product. I can hardly wait until the Democrats get a solid majority again to see what new and interesting products they will want us plebes to purchase. Subsidized for the poor, sick and crazy, of course. We might be bankrupt by then but why should that stop them.

The government now has the right to force insurance companies to cover whatever the government wants them to cover. I think the insurance companies are hoping to get a Military-Industrial type relationship with the government where most of the spending is cooked into the budget and the only way to trim it is by sequester type of actions. Lots of mergers and name changes in the near future.

That's just three off the top of my head.

I just think it is funny that Europeans, and the rest of the world, spend so much time boo-hooing over US health care and the US in general.

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