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Comment: Re:In plain English, what's a FreedomBox? (Score 1) 53

by hubie (#46768473) Attached to: All Packages Needed For FreedomBox Now In Debian
While true one can google for almost anything, that doesn't excuse poorly written summaries. Far too often the article summary doesn't simply add a sentence or two to put the topic in context, especially when it comes to a particular software package or specialized hardware. In my opinion, a decent article summary shouldn't put the burden on the potential reader to click through link after link, or bring up a separate web search simply to determine whether the article is worth their time reading.

Comment: Re:Taxes are full of scams... (Score 1) 416

by hubie (#46761413) Attached to: Intuit, Maker of Turbotax, Lobbies Against Simplified Tax Filings
Apparently you need to go through one of the participating companies, but the filing is free if you meet that company's criteria. I suppose it is seen as a win-win: for the Government, free filing for low income people, and for the companies, a sales pitch complete with (I'm sure) plenty of opportunities for the person to be upsold on the "premium" versions.

Comment: Re:Another reason Intuit is awful (Score 1) 416

by hubie (#46761077) Attached to: Intuit, Maker of Turbotax, Lobbies Against Simplified Tax Filings
I remember this very well. They pushed that same argument that industry loves to throw around in cases like this: the Federal Government will not start or carry on any commercial activity to provide a service or product for its own use if such product or service can be procured from private enterprise through ordinary business channels. Basically, the IRS should not set up a system where people can file directly with them because that would hurt the private companies who file taxes. It is a completely asinine system because the IRS already has a great system of easily providing PDFs for all their forms and instructions, it would be the next logical step to allow one to fill the forms out and send them in directly. I haven't followed it closely lately, but clearly the law was changed to allow direct filing for 1040EZ forms. I hope they'll open it up beyond that soon.

Comment: Reply from the Nature Group (Score 4, Informative) 82

Kevin, I’m posting this as a comment here to provide clarity for all, given the interest this has generated. I’ve also written to you to suggest a conversation. I am sorry that we didn’t talk with you before we started requesting waivers from authors at Duke University, that would have been better all round. You raise two concerns: about our requesting that authors provide formal waivers of Duke University open access policy; and the ‘moral rights’ statement in our license to publish. I’ll start with the second. We take seriously our responsibility for the integrity of the scientific record. The “moral rights” language included in the license to publish is there to ensure that the journal and its publisher are free to publish formal corrections or retractions of articles where the integrity of the scientific record may be compromised by the disagreement of authors. This is not our preferred approach to dealing with corrections and retractions, and we work with authors and institutions to seek consensus first. We always attribute articles to authors, we have clear contribution policies. See: and We believe researchers should be credited for their work, and as a founding member of ORCID, we have implemented ORCID integration on to foster disambiguated accreditation. We are requesting waivers from Duke University authors, because of the wide grant of rights as per your open access policy. If we do not request a waiver, Duke University has the rights not only to archive in Dukespace, but to publish and distribute the final version of a subscription article freely to the world at large, in any medium, immediately on publication. We started requesting waivers recently, following an enquiry from a Duke University author. NPG is supportive of open access. We have no problem with you archiving accepted manuscripts in DukeSpace, for public access six months after publication. We encourage self-archiving, and have done so since we implemented our policy in 2005: This is in addition to open access publication options available on many journals we publish. We are happy to try to answer further questions, and would welcome a discussion with you. We have worked constructively with PubMed Central and institutional repositories for many years, and do not want our intentions and commitment to academic integrity and open access to be misunderstood. Grace Baynes Head of Communications, Nature Publishing Group

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by hubie (#46605505) Attached to: Back To the Moon — In Four Years
Space 1999 (I kid you not in how I described the plot. A lot of it is summarized in the title sequence). I watched all the episodes when they aired. It was very cheesy, but entertaining for me as a pre-teen, and remarkably good special effects for TV at the time. I also used to watch Mission Impossible reruns in the early 70's, and I knew Martin Landau from that. Later, when Landau won an oscar and he was receiving all the accolades for his career, I couldn't help but remember him from that cheesy show. To be fair, Space 1999 was pretty much where his career really bottomed out.

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by hubie (#46597263) Attached to: Some Mozilla Employees Demand New CEO Step Down
Just like Jon Stewart said about entitlements (in context of the Megyn Kelly maternity leave comments):

Here's the thing about entitlements. They're really only entitlements when they're something other people want. When it's something you want, they're a hallmark of a civilized society, the foundation of a great people. I just had a baby and found out maternity leave strengthens society. But since I still have a job, unemployment benefits are clearly socialism.

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