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Comment Totemo (Score 1) 155 155 - somewhat pricy, but very nice handling:

based upon a ruleset, it can send mails encrypted with PGP or S/MIME (if keys are known), as encrypted PDF (sender gets password for manual transmission) or store the message on a webserver and just give login/password to the recipient.
if no prior key exchange happened, the PDF-solution creates a PGP-key and a S/MIME cert and sends both public keys with the PDF, so the recipient can choose whatever they want.
when receiving mails with attached PGP/SMIME public keys/certs, totemo takes the certs and stores them for future communication in the opposite direction.

I've seen other solutions, but Totemo seems pretty mature and works very well for me with several companies.

  - Hubert

Open Source

Hackers In Space: Designing A Ground Station 95 95

An anonymous reader writes with some new information on the happenings of the Hacker Space Program. From the article: "At the Chaos Communication Camp 2011 Jens Ohlig, Lars Weiler, and Nick Farr proposed a daunting task: to land a hacker on the Moon by 2034. The plan calls for three separate phases: Establishing an open, free, and globally accessible satellite communication network, put a human into orbit, and land on the Moon. Interestingly enough, there is already considerable work being done on the second phase of this plan by the Copenhagen Suborbitals, and Google's own Lunar X Prize is trying to spur development of robotic missions to the Moon. But what about the first phase? Answering the call is the 'Shackspace,' a hackerspace from Stuttgart, Germany, who've begun work on an ambitious project they're calling the 'Hackerspace Global Grid.'"

Comment HMI in automotive is not new (Score 5, Informative) 215 215

I don't know for Ford, but German automotive manufacturers have dealt with human/machine interfacing for a very long time,
and in the process have not focussed on software/screen only, but also added many more interfacing methods like buttons, dials, cameras facing into the car and outside.
Names that come to mind are car manufacturers (Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz) and their suppliers (Continental, Hella, Vector Informatik).

The whole topic has been covered not by computer science or engineers, but very much by information science.
So maybe you want to have a look there if you are into this topic.
Keywords: driver assistance, hmi, navigation systems

  - Hubert

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