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Comment: Re:My heart is for humanity, not her resources (Score 1) 328

You manage your resources, I'll manage mine :)

And frankly, if both of us would allow thousands of species to go extinct so that our yummy steak animals had more room, we'd probably manage them the same way :)

For the record, I care about yummy animals. Cute animals can go fuck themselves - if they did, they might beat the selective pressures building around them :)

Comment: Re:My heart is for humanity, not her resources (Score 0) 328

Actually, that's the funny part - the stuff we want to eat, tends to thrive. We've got plenty of cows and chickens. Lots of deer too.

It's all the stuff nobody wants to eat that goes all threatened, like Pandas or Siberian Tigers or Snowy Owls :)

Surprisingly, being tasty to humans is a *survival* trait when it comes to selective pressures :)

Crop foods, and crop animals figured out an evolutionary trick - and I salute them for it!

Comment: Some survival cultures are better than others. (Score 1) 393

by hsthompson69 (#47569637) Attached to: Jesse Jackson: Tech Diversity Is Next Civil Rights Step

Poor asian kids, fresh off the boat, in crappy neighborhoods, focus on survival but still excel in academics and escape the poverty trap.

Certain cultures of poor american kids, born and raised in a victimhood culture, in crappy neighborhoods, focus not only on survival, but denigrate any of their peers who attempt to "act white" by speaking proper english or focusing on academics. These people don't escape the poverty trap.

We've long gotten past the point in time where whitey is actually doing any oppressing - the victimhood culture *oppresses itself*, by making it anathema to actually succeed.

Comment: There's a different echo... (Score 0, Insightful) 393

by hsthompson69 (#47569485) Attached to: Jesse Jackson: Tech Diversity Is Next Civil Rights Step

Problem is, racism is stereotyped. White males are assumed to be racist, women and blacks are assumed to be less racist. Ask 10 slashdotters if white male hiring managers would be racist in their ratings of resumes, or if women and black hiring managers would be racist in their ratings of resumes, and I'll bet they'll rate the white male highest in terms of racism :)

There is an echo chamber of social prejudice where the social prejudice of given groups is taken as natural and confirmed.

The fact of the matter? I've met more black racists than white ones. YMMV.

Comment: drug, gang, and *victimhood* culture (Score 1) 393

by hsthompson69 (#47569457) Attached to: Jesse Jackson: Tech Diversity Is Next Civil Rights Step

I'll assert that even more pernicious than drug and gang culture is the culture of *victimhood*. When you believe that your failings are not your personal responsibility, and instead insist that they are someone else's fault, and that you must wait and demand for reparation from that someone else before life can continue, you end up in a morass. Mr. Jackson lives in this morass full time.

Comment: My heart is for humanity, not the tit-mouse :) (Score 0) 328

My choice to exploit the natural resources I own for a more prosperous and well off humanity is my choice.

Your choice to avoid exploiting the natural resources you own, and having a less prosperous and less well off humanity is your choice.

If you want to lay claim to a resource, I'll certainly respect your private property rights, but don't expect me to save the long tailed tit-mouse on my property because you believe it to be worth more than the improvement to humanity, and evolution for that matter, that driving it extinct will accomplish. If you want to offer me some fair price to purchase my property, and preserve the tit-mouse yourself, you're welcome to, but that's *your* burden, not one that you should impose upon other citizens without their explicit consent through say, involuntary taxation and redistribution of wealth :)

Comment: The problem isn't color of one's skin... (Score 5, Insightful) 393

by hsthompson69 (#47568503) Attached to: Jesse Jackson: Tech Diversity Is Next Civil Rights Step's the content of one's culture.

If Jesse wants more people with his skin color in the tech industry, he needs to get more of them into the proper culture.

A thug mentality, and victimhood culture, does not succeed. A culture focused on academics, hard work, and personal responsibility does.

Comment: Re:Nature is a cold heartless bitch (Score -1) 328

I'll put it in a more freedom oriented way - given that we do not have the wisdom to decide between treading lightly, or treading heavily, we'll give individuals the choice.

You can choose to tread lightly - minimize your ecological impact, the number of children you have, and the types of animals you eat.

I will choose to tread heavily - maximize my standard of living and the standard of living of others, the number of children I have, and the types of animals I eat.

The beauty is that selective pressures will figure out which one of us is being wise, and which one of us isn't :)

Comment: Re:Nature is a cold heartless bitch (Score -1) 328

*You* do. Perhaps evangelical christians who believe that every species ever to exist was created 6000 years ago, and one lost, are never replaced, believe that as well. And of course, tween girls love cute animals.

Me, I'm on nature's side :) The cruel, hard facts of natural selection is what we can thank for the advanced life on our planet thus far, and I've got no reason to believe that any human has the wisdom to decide when such cruel, hard facts should stop.

Comment: Nature is a cold heartless bitch (Score -1) 328

Mod parent up - nature doesn't care if cute animals survive, or if large animals survive, or if *any* animals survive. Imagining that there is some non-anthropogenic aesthetic out there that is superior to anthropogenic demands and needs and desires muddies the issue.

Yes, killing the Dodo bird off may one day be the death of the human species as an alien plague comes through and destroys every other edible animal, and only the Dodo could have fed us. I suppose you could come up with fanciful scenarios for any given extinct species. But thus far, throughout the anthropocene, no matter how many species have gone endangered or extinct, humanity has *thrived*. Speculating on some hypothetical apocalyptic tipping point seems particularly faith based.

Comment: If selective pressures select against megafauna... (Score -1) 328

...isn't that just evolution?

Do we really think that it would be a *good* thing to make sure that no existing species today ever goes extinct?

Do we really have any evidence that a slower rate of extinction is a good thing? Just comparing the year 1500 to 2014, I'd argue that whatever the cost in species removal, humanity has improved it's lot by leaps and bounds, even considering the graphic amount of suffering still available the world over.

I'd like to see a more quantifiable definition of "troubling". Sounds like undue alarm without some specific harm that can be linked to 320 terrestrial vertebrates a decline in health, wealth, or population of humans.

Comment: Selective pressures (Score -1) 328

All of us rational folk here believe in evolution through selective pressures - you might have some disagreements on exact evolutionary paths, or whether in some cases lamarck was right (interuetero environmental effects, for example), but bottom line, the emergence of species depends on selective pressure.

So, when we talk about "mass extinction", which sounds really scary, let's realize that this kind of thing isn't only natural, it's *necessary* for evolution.

A more interesting measure might be this - what is the total biomass that existed before humanity, and what is the total biomass now? Changes in species distribution and existence might shuffle the deck a bit, but do we really believe that there is less life on the planet now than before humans? Maybe each large fauna was replaced by the equivalent mass in insects, or smaller animals, but does anyone actually think for a single moment that we have *less* life on the planet now?

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