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Comment: Re:To Clarify (Score 1) 208

10Base-T and 100Base-TX can optionally have "Auto MDI/MDI-X" widely known as auto-crossover. Because GigE doesn't make the distinction between MDI and MDI-X, it is not applicable, although most if not all gigE hardware has mismatched pair detection just in case someone plugs in a crossover cable.


Finding a Tech Museum For Your Beloved Retired Computer(s) 78

Posted by timothy
from the do-you-need-a-receipt? dept.
First time accepted submitter Daniel Dern writes "There may be a better home than your basement or recycling for those beloved computers you once built and/or used — like one of the many tech-collecting/displaying museums. My ComputerWorld article, '9 museums that want your legacy tech,' looks at nine institutions that might — be sure to ask, don't just drop on their doorsteps after hours — want some of them. (Probably not everything you've got, alack.)" Look soon for a Slashdot video visit to the Goodwill Computer Museum, one of the collections mentioned.

Comment: A sign of the times (Score 3, Insightful) 245

by hpa (#45004185) Attached to: Swiss War Game Envisages Invasion By Bankrupt French

It is a good sign of the times how far things have advanced that a country in Western Europe cannot come up with any military exercise scenario which can be considered credible. This hasn't exactly been the norm, to put it mildly. At this point in time, the risk of a war in Europe is largely confined to the Balkans, and even there is looking increasingly unlikely that we'll have a full-scale return to fighting.

Comment: Re:Linus is just a mean old asshole... (Score 5, Informative) 1501

by hpa (#44292139) Attached to: Kernel Dev Tells Linus Torvalds To Stop Using Abusive Language

From one of the more recent things he engaged his primary flame-cannon over, the person he aimed it at did screw up pretty badly and for no apparent reason (I mean, seriously, submitting code that you don't know if it works and you admit is probably not necessary? Don't do that).

So no, I don't think he's a dick for the sake of being a dick - he's a dick because people shouldn't be submitting things that are broken and that kind of person deserves to be told off.

As the main target for said outburst, it was definitely an epic f*ckup on my part. When I got the email, I pretty much chuckled and then said I need to do some damage control. I was not in any way offended. Linus later said:

For example, my latest cursing explosion was for the x86 maintainers, and it comes from the fact that I *know* they know to do better. The x86 tip pulls have generally been through way more testing than most other pulls I get (not just compiling, but even booting randconfigs etc). So when an x86 pull request comes in that clearly missed that expected level of quality, I go to town.

That is part of why I don't get offended when Linus curses at me.

Comment: Travelling in the flesh... (Score 1) 629

by hpa (#43561921) Attached to: Why We'll Never Meet Aliens
I have seen a lot of bits about why interstellar travel may never be practical. All of them seem to assume not only travel in the flesh, but round-trip travel. Realistically, by the time we can build something that can travel to the stars, it seems quite likely that we also can download conciousness into a robot. Send a robotic (one-way) mission to build bodies and transmission equipment, then have the real travellers download themselves, or copies of themselves, via radio. No need for life support or suffer through the boredom of even relativistic travel.

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