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Comment: Re:overqualified (Score 3, Informative) 317

by houstonbofh (#47976425) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Finding a Job After Completing Computer Science Ph.D?

I read a similar story in the Microsoft CompTIA Security+ guidebook. Tthe guy outsourced his five remote jobs to people in China. He got caught when a security specialist for one company conducted an audit and noticed that the VPN token was logging in from China. Opps... He kissed five paychecks goodbye.

What an idiot. He should have had the subs loging in from a system in his home office. :)

Comment: Re:Good response to the Systemd fight... (Score 1) 202

by houstonbofh (#47976261) Attached to: Outlining Thin Linux

And the new systemd friendly ways of doing this are the only possible ways to do it. The ways we have been doing it all along could not possibly work.

And this sums up the hysterical anti-systemd crowd in a nutshell.

"Baaaw, things have changed over the years, and it scares me!"

If I sock you in the jaw, that is change. Not all change is good.

Comment: Good response to the Systemd fight... (Score 3, Insightful) 202

by houstonbofh (#47969965) Attached to: Outlining Thin Linux
I see this as a response to the systemd war, and a viable one at that. A server does not need systemd... "It boots faster." Why bother when post takes 20 minutes? "It is tied into udev and network manager." Servers generally don't dhcp or hotplug... Since "the desktop" is going full tilt boogie in one direction and damn everyone who disagrees, it makes sense for the server folks to say "See ya!" And soon after someone posts about how to get lxde running on the server. :)

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I guess it would be nice if their selection were better, or if they had an option for $25 for every movie and every TV show in existence, but that option doesn't exist anywhere.

Yes it does. It ain't legal, but it exists all over the place. And if the industry would get it's collective heads out of it's collective asses (Or the ass in front of it) it would wake up and realize that people would pay a LOT of money for a legal Pirate Bay. And in actuality, a lot of them are. Secure VPNs and seedboxes ain't free.

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