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Submission + - Taking a foodporn picture is now a copyright violation in Germany

xPertCodert writes: According this article in Der Welt (Google translate from German), in Germany if you take a picture of a dish in a restaurant without prior permission, you are violating chef's copyright for his creation and can be liable to pay a hefty fine. If this approach to foodporn will become universal, what will we put in our Instagrams?

Comment Re:Retail Network Design (Score 2) 123

One way to reduce this threat is to implement ACLs, only allowing traffic back to the Home Office public IP addresses. But that only defends against basic DDOS attacks. The type of hardware/software that you would need to thoroughly protect the site is prohibitively expensive.

Starting at $250 and supports IPsec tunnels back to the home office with nothing accessible to the outside. Not expensive at all. But neither is change a password and they did not even do that.

Comment Re:Regular vs Premium (Score 2) 123

I would. My car would ping and knock until the sensor dialled down enough that my performance would suffer and my economy would go to crap. Seen it happen. And on my motorcycle, I would notice the other way as premium has less energy, and my low compression motorcycle runs poorly on it. Just because you wouldn't notice...

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