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Comment: Re:Hungry in Italics, Fuck Kickstarter (Score 2) 75

by houstonbofh (#48172949) Attached to: Kickstarter Cancels Anonabox Funding Campaign

If you want to anonymize your traffic, then use someone else's connection, changing your MAC every time you do so. Try to use multiple different connections in different locations. Try to use locations away from your house. Do not travel to said locations in a way that can easily be tracked (your cell phone, your car, etc.).

You solution is difficult, and not always needed. Sometimes you do not need perfect security, just enough to stop casual eavesdropping. TOR does this. And does it better that the current baseline, the laughably insecure SSL.

Comment: Re:Real news (Score 2) 320

by houstonbofh (#48066535) Attached to: The Era of Saturday Morning Cartoons Is Dead

R.I.P., Saturday morning cartoons. I guess it's all real news for the kids of today...

You found real news on broadcast or cable television? When is it on, and what network or channel? I must view this beast, formally thought to be utterly extinct!

It is a reality show next season. They will take a CNN and a Fox newscaster and lock em in a cage until only one is left reporting.

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