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Comment: Re:Of course! (Score 1) 126

by houstonbofh (#49743719) Attached to: US Proposes Tighter Export Rules For Computer Security Tools

The funny thing is that this will just obliterate what little economy they still had in that area and send the whole thing overseas. So the net result will be, if anything, even less control over that software than before. Good jawb guys!

And piss off people that might otherwise be on their side. "To fight our enemies, we need to make more enemies!"

Comment: Re:It's not illegal to steal bits. (Score 1) 39

It's not illegal to steal bits.

Tell that to the RIAA and MPAA, and those asshats in Germany. Oh, and the City of London Police...

I'm not sure now stealing crypto-currencies can be a crime. They're not money. They're hardly property. They don't have any real value.

Wrong, wrong, and wrong.

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