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Submission + - Torrents Time Lets Anyone Launch Their Own Web Version Of Popcorn Time

An anonymous reader writes: Popcorn Time, an app for streaming video torrents, just got its own web version: Popcorn Time Online. Unlike other attempts to bring Popcorn Time into the browser, this one is powered by a tool called Torrents Time, which delivers the movies and TV shows via an embedded torrent client. Oh, and the developers have released the code so that anyone can create their own version. If Popcorn Time is Hollywood’s worst nightmare, Torrents Time is trying to make sure Hollywood can’t wake up.

Submission + - Stick Dad Reacts To Fine Bros Scandal (

PapaJesus writes: If you didn't hear, the now infamous YouTube duo The Fine Bros Ent. is trying to claim total rights to all reaction videos.. yes, ALL reaction videos with their new project Reaction World. As dumb as the whole thing sounds, many YouTubers have had their completely original videos taken down because of these menaces. Enraged and ready to take a stand is our friend and local superstar, Stick Dad. Armed with the logic of 1000 genius', Stick Dad tries to understand what these Fine Bros are really about.

Comment Re:MS Wants to Own Your Machine for Good (Score 2) 581

If the current Windows 10 updates are this evil, imagine what they'll be like when users have no alternative.

You mean like the growing user base of Mac, Linux and *BSD? And Android... They are going to push a lot of people away. And even if it is only 15% that will change the landscape in ways they can not imagine.

Comment Re:monitors (Score 1) 406

However, I don't see the need to get a laptop from an inch thick to 1/4-inch thick either. That comes from the pursuit of the new shiny toy that looks cool, not from a functional reason.

Actually, small is good for some people. Essentially, all they need is a Windows tablet with a real keyboard, and they do not want to lug around a lot of weight.

Comment Re:DVI (Score 1) 406

No, they replaced that with Mini DisplayPort, HDMI, Thunderbolt and USB-C. All of which are very small.

Not on anything I own... Other then the tablet which I do not plan on hooking up to a large screen any time soon. (ever)

Comment Re:It was the first standard for video? (Score 2) 406



"and is by far the longest-lived port on the PC."

Serial port?

Who the fuck wrote this piece of shit revisionist ignorant blurb?

Not to mention a total BS premise. They have been saying the serial port is dead for DECADES! And I can't tell you how often my USB floppy drive has been a life saver at a client with critical data on floppy and no floppy drives to read it!

And does the moron know that the DVI ports that are now on most motherboards HAVE FUCKING VGA BUILT IN?!?

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