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Comment: Re:Please (Score 1) 105

With all of the articles about veterans seeking treatment for insomnia having a swat raid the next day to take there guns, you ask this? With Stop and Frisk in New York, you ask this? With ALL of the articles on "what to watch for" including things like "supports the constitution," you have to ask this? Now this is all in the USA, but I am sure people other places have the same stories...

So, to answer your question, Western Governments!

Comment: Technical solution to a people problem... (Score 5, Insightful) 89

by houstonbofh (#49418935) Attached to: The Problem With Using End-to-End Web Crypto as a Cure-All
The funny thing is that the technical security of snail mail (a paper envelope) is amazingly poor, but it is generally quite secure due to law and custom. However, law and custom is absolutely no security or privacy on the Internet. There is the problem.

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