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Comment: Technology Never Seen (Score 1) 118

by houseparty2 (#46232553) Attached to: Google Earth's New Satellites
The technologies that exist to create such high tech maps are incredible. I find it sad the the average human will mostly never see the extent of this technology. There are many technologies that already exist that we will never see or hear about. It is to bad that we can't even experience a high quality images of the world we live in. I would find it incredible interesting to view.

Comment: Re:More likely (Score 1) 625

by houseparty2 (#46232331) Attached to: Majority of Young American Adults Think Astrology Is a Science
Most likely these people did not know what astrology is or just got it mixed up with astronomy. If someone is quickly doing a survey they probably saw "astro" assuming astronomy and went on their way. However, if people actually don't know the different between the two, that is incredible sad. Especially since astronomy is a important field that needs new people entering it.

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