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+ - Red Hat Launching its own Community Distro of OpenStack->

Submitted by darthcamaro
darthcamaro writes: Red Hat still doesn't have a fully supported commercial version of OpenStack in the market yet (coming this summer) as it lags behind Ubuntu and SUSE. But Red Hat is doing something no other distro vendor has done, they are launching a brand new bleeding edge build of OpenStack that will update weekly (or faster). The best part? this isn't a fork it's all upstream work, meaning everyone in the OpenStack Community benefits:

"Our developers will continue to work in the upstream OpenStack, and "whenever we find we need to make changes to make RDO work, we get that work done upstream first," Red Hat CTO Brian Stevens said. "RDO won't change in any way our active involvement in the upstream OpenStack development."

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Comment: Re:Old Developers and Poor Upgrade path. (Score 1) 406

by houseofzeus (#40268221) Attached to: Why Visual Basic 6 Still Thrives

I would not be surprised that there are a lot of programmers today who aren't necessarily people who got a formal education in development but grew into the position.

This isn't actually that different from how a lot of people ended up in COBOL development, which also refuses to die. I did it for a few years straight out of university and had studied Software Eng., but I was definitely in the minority.

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