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+ - BBC reports - researchers re-invent BitTorrent?

Submitted by tyroneking
tyroneking (258793) writes "BBC is reporting that "Researchers have found a way to enforce good manners on file-sharing networks by treating bandwidth as a currency" through a software package called Tribler that allows "selfless sharers" to see faster up/download speeds. It claims to be an all-in-one media viewer, BitTorrent client and social networking client — but is it really just a media friendly BitTorrent client? Worst of all, one of the researchers is quoted as claiming that Slashdot is "obscure" (in 1999 admittedly)!"
The Internet

+ - Teen Video Chat Web Site is Linked to Porn

Submitted by
Dekortage writes "Stickam, a video chat web site popular among teens, shares owners and offices with live pornography services. That's what a former vice president, Alex Becker, alleges in the New York Times, saying that although Stickam is owned by Advanced Video Communications, AVC is owned by DTI Services, a "vast network" of video porn. Stickam even shares offices with one of the porn companies. This is unwelcome news to some of Stickam's big-name partners, like Lionsgate, Warner Brothers Records and the Los Angeles Film Festival."
Media (Apple)

+ - JPMorgan Retracts Earlier Claim of iPhone Nano->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "JPMorgan Chase has retracted its research report from yesterday that discussed the possibility of Apple releasing iPhone Nano in the near-term. Now, the new research from JPMorgan, states that the claims were unsubstantiated and that consumers shouldn't expect the iPhone Nano anytime soon, CoolTechZone.com confirms. The story confirms, "The initial research comes from JPMorgan Chase, and it's interesting to note the contradicting nature of the source. While JPMorgan Chase's initial report came from its Taiwanese Analyst Kevin Chang, who cited anonymous sources in the retail channel and patent filings, later today, the research firm's New York Analysts Elizabeth Borbolla, Bill Shope and Vlad Rom issued another report that claimed that they don't expect Apple to launch the iPhone Nano anytime soon. So, now that the initial hoopla of research is out of the way, let's be a bit more practical and think through this."
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+ - Google Loses Desktop Search Market->

Submitted by
OSW writes "Google has been playing it pretty rough with Microsoft for the past few years now, and now that Microsoft is protecting its desktop from Google Desktop, Google is crying foul. However, the truth is that Google has lost this battle because of Microsoft's control on its Windows platform. The article states, "I like having choices, such as the choice that I have as to what default search engine I use in my Web browser, but it's different with an operating system. If Google wants to have their search fully integrated throughout a desktop operating system, then it's time for them to build their own from the ground up. Until then, they're just going to have to be treated as an additional option that requires action from the user if they want to use it. That's what it's like providing third-party software — deal with it."
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+ - Education for all - "A Global Obligation"->

Submitted by houseof666
houseof666 (454872) writes "It may sound far-reaching, but that's exactly what the guys at A Global Obligation have set as their goal: free education for the whole world. In fact it's one of the UN's Millenium Development Goals, and these guys have a novel approach to the whole thing: instead of asking the same old people who always donate to charity to squeeze another charity into their current donations, they're asking everybody to donate just $1 — less than the price of a can of coke. After all, it's everyone's obligation, not just for the rich. They're an IT startup, and to make donating easy everything happens online> You can even see how your money is being used, and help them use it, through something they call openEducation — think of it as open source development, but you're developing schools, not software."
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