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Comment: Re:Oh joy. (Score 1) 208

by houghi (#49157993) Attached to: As Big As Net Neutrality? FCC Kills State-Imposed Internet Monopolies

What I learned from school was the that capitalism was where you have several bakers in a city and if one has either better bread or better prices that one will flourish and the other one will have to either increase quality or price.

I am not even going on to what would happen if there is only one bakery, because that is obvious.

In school I also sold cigarettes. I was able to buy them cheaper, because I lived in a different country then from where I went to school. (One hour travel, so no worries). This is the basis we learn works.
I had a cheaper product, so I was able to sell and make a profit.
Asume a normal package would cost 5 in the country of my school, I bought for 4 and sold for 4,50. Thus making a profit of 0.50. All great till there (leaving out the part I was smuggling)

There were some brands that were not available in the school country, but were in the home country. I still bought them for 4, but sold them for 5, as that was the 'normal' price. This because I had found a niche market. I jacked up the price to 6.

Now people are paying MORE than standard and I made 2.00 insead of 0.50 for the same investment. Still nothing special, but that amount of profit will atract others. A friend of mine (we rode the train each day to and from country A to country B) started buying the 'high brand' cigarettes and seling them for 5.50 instead of my 6.00.

I could have easily gone into a bidding war for the customer and going as low as 4.01 and still make a pofit, but what I did was something else.

I went to those people buying from him and told them :"You want to smoke brand X, BEACAUSE they are special and everybody knows you pay extra. You smoke them to stand out and show you are willing to pay more. So paying less would counter that image. So if you want to keep your image of somebody who ays 6 for the cigarates, you can't buy them at 5.50. I am willing to sell them at 6 to you.

Long story short, I bough over his cigarets (at 4, he was still my friend)
and kept selling at 6.

That moment I learned the power of marketing. And sure, you would not have bought them. The majority of people did not buy them. They bought the ones for 4.50.

Capitalism works if people were smart. Persons are smart, people are stupid and that is why it doesn't work, unless you put a LOT of efford in it. With teh cigarettes, I was not legally allowed to sell them at those prices (or at all).

However what you need to keep all this in check is an overseeer who has the interest of the public in mind and that of the public as aa whole, not just those who voted for them (or who gave them money)

Comment: Some people like having software (Score 1) 205

by houghi (#49150815) Attached to: Lenovo Saying Goodbye To Bloatware

Some people like having software available. They want to buy a machine and go. That said, what they could do is have an interface for e.g. so people who are able can install what they want.

The issue is that the majority of people will have no idea what yo install or how to do it.

Comment: Re:NSA... (Score 1) 192

by houghi (#49093199) Attached to: How NSA Spies Stole the Keys To the Encryption Castle

OK, now we have established that. Now what? And none of this "It is illegal according to what some dead people wrote 200 years ago.", because we just established that.

What acctions must be done? Writing your representatives? Suing them en masse? Electing 'the other party' every 4 years?

It would be nice to know what actually will work.

Comment: Re:What about the online use of these cards? (Score 1) 448

by houghi (#49086805) Attached to: Credit Card Fraud Could Peak In 2015 As the US Moves To EMV

I have 3d secure. There are several ways to go about it. Sending an SMS with a code to a pre-destined number, login and password outside of the merchant, card reader that gives a number.

It is still not 100%. A card I never use or have ever used before has been hacked. Fortunatly the bank saw this happening, blocked the payment to verify and contacted me. Others I know have been payed back in full when abuse of external parties was obvious.In other cases it depends.

Comment: Re:US: Welcome to the present (Score 1) 448

by houghi (#49086667) Attached to: Credit Card Fraud Could Peak In 2015 As the US Moves To EMV

They still use paper checks to pay things. I have not seen a personal check in (I think) 20 years or so.

The only downside I see in Belgium is that when you transfer money to a business account it takes 2-3 working days. This due to the fact that the US wants the time to save the children and read everything first.

In Belgium from person toperson it happens on the same day. It is working days, because computers can't work on weekends. :-/

Comment: Re:someone explain for the ignorant (Score 1) 448

by houghi (#49086427) Attached to: Credit Card Fraud Could Peak In 2015 As the US Moves To EMV

Each case will be decided upon. One case will not be the same as another. If somebody puts a gun to your head asking yout PIN will be treated differently to somebody who writes the PIN with a sharpie on the card.
And then there is skimming. That will still happen (just as fraude from mearchands, customers and others.)

What you should NOT do is give your PIN to anybody. Not your kids, not your spouce, nobody, because that could mean that you will be held accountable. Just get them their own card with their own code. The kids who can't have a card could get a pre-paid card, if it is needed.

You should NOT even know the pin code of your kids, to teach them the PIN, just like any other password, is personal and should not be shared.

I just hope many would drop the 4 number PIN code and go to the 6 number one.

Comment: Re:Coerced false conffesion (Score 1) 102

by houghi (#49069717) Attached to: Kim Dotcom's Lawyer Plays Down Megaupload Worker's Guilty Plea

So my lawyer suggests we offer to plea in exchange for a suspended sentence.

And that is a problem. It turns people who are not judges into judges.
It takes out the juridical part out of the juridical system.
Punishmnet (or getting off free) should not be the result of how god each party is at bargaining. It should be blind to that.

And how that that fight start where you grabbed a bottle? Where I live it would not be anything you would go to prison for anyway. But questions that should be asked would be: what started the fight? How did the fight eveolve? What happend after the fight? Are there any other things that bight have an influence? Were y ou cooperative? Did you show shame and/or guilt during the trial.

That all will then make the decision into what sentense should be given if found guilty. Even if you admitted all the way, it must be still up to the judge on what sentence you get.

Comment: Don't add Internet to everything. (Score 4, Insightful) 267

by houghi (#49059091) Attached to: What Your Online Comments Say About You

Just talk to people and you will se the same thing. Be it in a meeting, in a pub or wherever. Countries are based on the priciple that they are lead by people who know what they are doing,. while in the end it is more about who said it best.

So it happens in the real world. It has happend since ages. Why would it surprise anybody that it happens on the Internet?

Comment: Banks were hit before Internet by fraude. (Score 1) 131

by houghi (#49058861) Attached to: Bank Hackers Steal Millions Via Malware

Before Internet, I know of one group who used fraude to take only a few million USD from different banks by leaning money from one bank, falsify the papers on that loan and use it as a warranty to get a bigger loan at another bank.

They were caught because they tried to kill one person who then talked to the police.

What amazed me was that this was possible. If I have a warrenty against a loan, they will check it 27 times and then decline the value. They added some zeroes and because it was from a bank, all was well. (Ok, simplified, but still).

Seems that banks have always been less cautious compared to what they let the public believe.

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