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Comment Re:Or for slightly less per month (Score 2) 80

Or for slightly less per month based on average monthly usage, you could buy, insure and fuel an I3 and when you got tired of it, you could sell it and get some money back.

Depends on Usage. I do car sharing and as always YMMV (pun intended)
I had a New Beetle that I bought 12 years ago. I cat 1.000EUR for it from the original price of 17.000. So that is say 750EUR per year devaluation.
My insurance was around 900EUR per year, parking was 50 and maintanance was 300 or so a year on avreage. That is 2.000EUR per year.

I now do car sharing. I get my public transport for free (company pays. Not uncommon in Belgium) and I use the car only to do shopping once a week. My bills are between 30 and 50EUR per month. So that would (looking at the top) 600EUR per year. And that includes fuel.

So I gain 1200EUR per year easy AND I have the car that I want.

This is not intended for all time use. This is intended for the occasional user. The website where I work with is and they have cars in Belgium, some German cities and Ireland. They say that it becomes interesting if you drive less than (I think) 15.000KM.

This is intended for those that do not drive a lot, so no home-work traffic. No holidays (I would then rent a car as I already did before). Short trips and occosial usage.Many will use it as a second car.

As I said, I only use it for shopping. I was before paying for a car (in insurance) for a car that was standing in front of my house.

Do the calculations and you will see if it is interesting for you or not. Look in your area if there are options like and you light be amazed how many there are. I know I was. (advertising it, because more users will give me more options)

Comment Re:Blindfold Anyone? (Score 1) 155

I would also assume that you start with &00% blackness, because if it fails, you know that darness is not a solution. If a mask fails, you have to still test the 100% darkness to see if that was the reason.

And even if the mask is 100% effective, it is also much easier that it will fail as a 100% mask. e.g. when you eat, you need to open the part at your mouth. When you sleep, it can not be removed and ths sleep light affected or it moves a bit unknown to anybody and THAT lets the test fail.

Way to hard to use a mask. Much easier to have a black room.

Comment Re:Special (Score 1) 468

This. They even think the question "why do tech worker ..." is a valid one. The first thing I thought was: compared to what? US Predidents? Politicians? Factory workers? Accountants? Call Agents?

Most I see think that the company would not run without them. And to be honest they are right, because otherwise they would not be there, just like everybody else. The janitor is needed, because if he wasn't, he would be fired. Yes, this goes for the managers as well. It might not be applicable to each and every person.

If you think that managers are not needed, start your own company without them. Do not give them different titles, just do not have them. Not even yourself and see how well this works out for you when there are more than 2 people in the company and a decision has to be taken.

There is a meeting for people who hate their job. It is every day in the bar and the group is called EVERYBODY.

Comment Re:Trading one set of problems for another (Score 1) 829

If there were children, I would have a life insurance for if they are young. If they are older, they would have to fend for themselves and I hope that they have the same attitude as Ãmy sister and myself have towards our parents:
We both hope there is nothing left when they die. If anything, there could be a lot of debt, so we can denounce the inheritance. That way we were sure that they lived their lives to the fullest.

And the muliple residences: I would rent short term. Think appart-hotel. That way you have hotel service without the worries of staffing and if you leave, it is not your problem anymore.

I would live e.g. 3 months in one city in a apprt-hotel and then leave for the next one if I want to or stay longer.

Sure, more expensive than buying a house, but if I have enough, why not?

Having a car in each place? Rent them. If you want a new one, rent a new one. If you look beyond Herz and Avis, prices can be very reasonable. Sure, don't rent a Rolls ...

The issue that you have is that you want to own things for whatever reason. I do not want to own anything. OK, the clothes that I wear, but that is about it. Some clothes that fit into a suitcase a wallet with some credit cards and I would be set.

No ownership, no long term rent, no binding with anything.

Comment Re:Trading one set of problems for another (Score 1) 829

If I would have a LOT of money and I am talking e.g. Euromillions with a win of 15.000.000EUR Taxes would not be an issue.

So what if I have to pay taxes on the generated income of that 15.000.000. It becomes only a problem if you want to keep or increase the amount fo money you have.

You fill out the form and that's it. See? No problem. I would not even move to a tax haven. At least not because of paying less taxes. Income from 15.000.000 would be say 5% per year. (Low risk stuff. No need to go high risk). Of that 5% say I have to pay 50% (High number) so I get 2.5% net. That is 375000 per year and that is if you do not want to get your amount to get less.

If I would take an extra bit out of it to get to 500.000, I am living an extremely good life till the day I die and when I die all will be almost gone. Good.

See, no problems with the taxes, unless I want somehow to pay less. Only then do I need to go looking for loopholes, hire an accountant, follow my income and outgoing stuff to the T and in general do what other would be called 'working'.

No thanks. I would rent and lease as much as possible. No need to own a house that you need to buy and sell when you are bored with the location. Rent in an appart-hotel and move when you feel like it.

Want to live in NYC for a month or two? Move to Sydney for a few months? South Africa? Do a 6 months trip? All easy without owning a lot and you have a spendible amount of 500.000 per year. That is 40.000 per month or almost 10.000 per week. And all that without the issue of bothering about taxes.

Comment Re:For starters... (Score 1) 829

I agree, except for the "taking care of" part. I would not give qnybody qny money. Luckily I do not have family or friends in need of money and as I live in Europe, that would not happen, unless they are stupid and do stupid things.

If they spend more than they get in, then me giving monies will just enhance that and make the hole deeper and harder to get out of. If they signed for na house they can't afford, then that is not my problem.

And living in Europe, it is highly unpossible that it would be due to medical reasons. My mom gets cancer treatment for free. My sister received it fro free.

And for the rest: travel. Driving around the world by car. No need to take a plane to get you from London to Capetown in 1 day if you can drive it in 1 year or more.

Do something like Gunter Holtorf and that you can make as cheap or expensive as your budget allows. Interested in more? Look up 'overlanding'.

Now if you want to burn money fast, you can always buy a boat.

Comment Re:Because we are distracted by "global warming" (Score 1) 149

Please never drive a car, because you clearly can not focus on cars coming from two directions on a crossroad.

If a car example is not clear enough:
Like most issues, this is not OR/OR this is AND/AND.

So not 'Instead'. That is your major flaw. There is no 'instead'. Take a step back and you see that it is BOTH the same issue: polution.

Comment Re:So it's not unlimited, then... (Score 1) 331

The thing with capping data is that if you say 5GB, it will be very hard for them to increase that if the market changes. At least not for the same price.

Where I live one provide says it will start monitoring when you use more than 2.5 times the average. The clear disadvantage is that you have no idea how much that is. The advantage is that your maximum download will grow with the market average.

If they would lake it public what the limit is, it would be great. Unfortunately they look ate nodes (I think) so if you live near students; your li,it will be much higher tha when you live next to old people.

The thing however is if they call it unlimited and that is not what it is. Imagine that they sell you a 1TB up and down data li,ut, but they start blocking when you reach 250MB for whatever reason. You would not be happy either.

It is amazing how they keep getting away with lying. What should happen is:
1) Information to all the customers what their current new standard is
2) Free cancelation if the customer so wishes AND unlocking of the phone for free.
3) Right to new subscriptions (no: only for new customers) if the customer so wishes
4) Money back to all who did NOT get the letter, so to those who either quit by themselves or were trown out.

I understand that situations change and sometimes this means you want to drop current customers.The above would still mean you have the option to do so, but it will cost you, so the next time you will think twice.

I understand this is a very socialist point of view, looking after the customers interest and not after the companies interest, so the chance of this happening is very limited.

Comment If there is a doubt ... (Score 1) 68

If there is a doubt if it is legal, assume it isn't legal. And approach it that way.

The standard is NOT to collect information, unless so if any OTHER data is collected, it is illegal to do so.

Just follow the idea of what the law was intended for and it becomes clear. When in doubt, do NOT collect the data.

Comment Re:Aha! (Score 3, Insightful) 449

It is all supply and demand. If a women wants to get an affair, she goes to a pub and she can get laid. Not so much for a man. The ugly fat girl can still be not interested in sex (at that moment).

And the ugly fat girl can still get laid if she wants to. Not so much for the ugly fat boy.

Now if you want a relationship, it is almost the other way around.

Many years ago I knew a person who owned a dating agency. There were so many women and so few man he often pretended to be a potential candidate. This was not for a fling, but for a relationship.

Women at that time were much more willing to look for a relationship that way. This was all before the Internet.

It is a bit of a standard that men want to have sex and women want to have a relationship. Yes, there are plenty of exceptions.

Comment Re:It's the interface, stupid (Score 2) 417

We do not need Apple for this. What we need is an interface that is porgrammable that can do all of this and do it regardless of Apple or Samsung.

It already excists.It is a notepad. All the car company needs to do is add Bluetooth in the car and a way to place your notepad or phone or Ipad anywhere.

The Bluetiith can connect with the car data via the obdII port. The data is already available.

That way you just mount your device so it has power and do whatever you desire.

And then you let the software makers fight out what they think is great for that device. just an example There are many more and these are people doing it.

Do a bit of a search and you will find many more. And software IS available.

Comment Re:Black and White (Score 1) 137

Good - Looking up contentious fact being discussed.

I completely and utterly disagree. 99.9% of the discussions in a social environment are NOT about the facts. They are about the interaction between the people.

They are not debates. They are discussions. e.g. a discussion where one person says Linus says he is American and the other says he is Swedish.

Look it up and you find the truth. Discussion over. You have time to look at your phone.

Without the phone: you discuss, then get onto the subject of change of nationality. Next the subject of borders in general and that leads to the game and gaming and that leads to ordering another round and ...
In the end you had a great evening with friends. You still have no idea what Nationality Linus had or if you were even talking about the same Linus, but that is irrelevant. Talking to others is what was important.

"Bond reflected that good Americans were fine people and that most of them seemed to come from Texas." - Ian Fleming, "Casino Royale"