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Comment: Re:Idiotic (Score 2) 533

4%? Holy fuck! It should not be unreasonable that this number is higher with others (because it is even scarier to think that it would be higher with people who are in death row), but let us assume that this is the average:
2,266,800 in Incarceration in the US. That means 90.672 people innocently in prison.

That is a LOT of inncocent people. That means also a LOT of innocent bystanders, like wifes and children.

Comment: Re:Execute the fastest way possible (Score 1) 533

The Guillotine was an improvent in the way executions were done. It was the most humane one at that moment.

It was quick, reusable af few times in a row and relitive painless compared to what was used before.

However now what is needed is different and science is different. We do not need to have a method where many need to be execusted in a row.
What is humane is shiftes as is what has been done before.

My guess is that people point to the guillotine, because they do not want it to be humane as the deathrow is seen not so much a punishment but as a revenge. It is painfull enough to give in to the revenge feeling, yet humane enough to pretend that they care.

What the most humane way would be is obvious for almost all countries in the world.

Comment: Look at previous disasters (Score 2, Insightful) 331

Just look at previous desasters and see who was saved by having a cellphone with FM and who dies because they did not have FM on their cellphones.

You should also take into account who dies becase of FM and who lived because they did NOT have when no disaster was going on.

And how often do emergencies happen? In all my life I have NEVER been in a situation where my life depended om having an FM radio.
And those people who are worried about some major collaps (people who burried themselves in 2000, you can come out now.) will have HAM radio licences and what not.

Comment: Re:Unless (Score 0) 295

by houghi (#49503451) Attached to: Joseph Goebbels' Estate Sues Publisher Over Diary Excerpt Royalties

You can make a movie (or even a documentary) about a crime without knowing the side of the criminal. e.g. of only those things you read about in public records.
No copyright infringement.

If the criminal would write a book and you base your movie on that, then it would be copyright infringement.

To sum it up: there is a difference between an autobiography and a biography. The claim here is that they used the first.

Comment: Re:Decent (Score 1) 479

by houghi (#49491939) Attached to: Seattle CEO Cuts $1 Million Salary To $70K, Raises Employee Salaries

If people double my pay, I would not CARE if it was a publicity stunt. In fact I would HOPE it was a publicity stunt and that it works out for the company. That way I will stay longer in a functioning company.

And this is salary. Not "just" a bonus of 9.400USD for 14.600people from Porche.

So please sign me up for the publicity stunt. (That with the knowledge that in Europe they can't lower your pay, even if you get a lower job at the same company.)

Comment: Re:Technically right (Score 1) 240

by houghi (#49483729) Attached to: Google Responds To EU Antitrust Claims In Android Blog Post

Well, I bought this phone for my grandma. It is a Samsung. So how should she get rid of the Google Android and work Googless?

Please explain in 3 easy to understand steps.

Just because it is technically possible does not mean anything. The reality is that if you buy an android, you are linked to Google.

Comment: Re:This happens about... (Score 2) 131

by houghi (#49479051) Attached to: How Mission Creep Killed a Gaming Studio

Luckily IT people NEVER screw up anything. I have seen them promise on their kids that they would solve issue X by then. The sales people asked this several times. There was no "We think" or "We hope". It was "By 02:15 the lines will be up again."

They were not and now the sales people who gave the promises had to do a lot of things to keep customers.

Or when they said there was no change, so it could not be their problem, but they DID change something and it WAS due to that. Stoopid salespeople had to do a lot of extra work to keep the customers.

So it happens on all sides. In all departments.

Don't tell me how hard you work. Tell me how much you get done. -- James J. Ling