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Comment: That is why there are procedures (Score 2) 32

by houghi (#49384859) Attached to: Angry Boss Phishing Emails Prompt Fraudulent Wire Transfers

If you have procedures, you need to stick to it. But perhaps I an the exception who is not afraid to say no to my boss.

And yes, I have been in situations where I did not do as my CxO requested.He mailed me a request and I told him I would not do it, because that was not accoring to procedure. He treatend me and I still did not do it.

Obviously I placed all that I needed to cover my ass in the reply and added the reason as to why I would not do as requested.

In the end it probably save them several million in legal fees and fines. It was fun to see how things escalated after my denial.

Comment: Re:So What (Score 2) 322

by houghi (#49378853) Attached to: Poverty May Affect the Growth of Children's Brains

That is you personal opinion. I know I would not want to live forever. That does not mean I want to die soon, nor that I am suicidal.

And yes, the world is as cold and hard as we want it to be. e.g. what is important is in the first place not living forever. It is living a healthy and productive live.

Unfortunatly that is not what hmankind wants. We want money, not health. We could easily give food and medicial attention to everybody in the world. We decided that money and power is of higher importance.

We do want death. We kill. We let others starve. We let them be unable to get medical attention, although we have the knowledge to help. We decide that even if this is available, we put our kids in harms way by not giving them vacinations.

Some people do wish well upon others, but they are a minority. I am guilty of this as well. Why do I have so many clothes when others have nothing? Why do I need a new computer every X years? Why do I not live in a smaller house? Why do I need a car, when alternatives are possible?

Look at those things before you say you want eternal life and see if you REALLY want to change things. I bet you don't.

Comment: Re:Hmm, Canada got this one right. (Score 1) 322

by houghi (#49377761) Attached to: Sign Up At Before Crooks Do It For You

I Belgium we have an ID card with chip and readers can be bought everywhere. You can use that to sign in with a pin-code and a chip.
The software (both client and server) is open source and available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

I still do not understand why not more companies in Belgium use this for their websites as it fills out the customers address and everything and is veryfiable.

Besides the development cost, it is free and as I said, the source is open.

Comment: Re:Unsealed after Ulbrich conviction (Score 1) 143

by houghi (#49377749) Attached to: Silk Road Investigators Charged With Stealing Bitcoin

For me it is not about finding an excuse for him, it is about due process. If the process is not done correctly, then it should be null and void.

Does this mean that some criminals will walk free? Yes, but to me that is much more important that the law is just and correct and no innocent people go to jail than somebody gets away free.

And him being a scumbag that should be chased down? That is why there is a proces to follow. So we can determine if he indeed should be put in jail or not.

It is as the one time I cought an applicant lying about speaking a languages we did not ever require and I spoke it and he didn't. Not even a bit.
If he lied about that, how can I be sure if the rest was true?
The same goes for the juridical process. It is now tainted and there should at least be a re-trial. This could well mean he goes free and he is now innocent.

Comment: Re:Autocomplete (Score 1) 139

It works shite on Outlook, because the order keeps changing depending on how often you use an address.

So what has happend here is that some email adress that was always the second in line has been moved to the first and the first in line has moved to the second. THis due to the fact that suddenly he needs to mail to that one department a lot.

They are always number two, so he type 'd' for 'department' and selects the second one that pops up. Now this has changed, so the second you see with 'd' is not department' but 'dave' and 'department\ is the first one.

It becomes even more confusing as it looks at both the first and the last name when you type 'd'.

So yeah, this one is awefull.

Comment: Re:Autofill is Evil (Score 1) 139

Autofill is not evil. What is evil is that it changes the order. What is even worse is that you can not turn that off. When you do not mail somebody a lot, that person is number two in line after somebody who you mail a lot.

Then there is a project and the number two becomes number one and the number one becomes number two.

Out of habit you select the second one, because that is where it always was. I bet that is what happend here. I know it happend a lot to me where three adresses change all the time in the order they are shown.

Comment: Re:Passport numbers (Score 1) 139

I do not see why they should not use a passport. Sure, everybody will know who Obama is, but who is the head of state of Belgium? Of South-Africa? Of Lichtestein? Of Uzbekistan? Of any of the other countries in the world? And not just their name, but how they look as well?

Oh and I have no idea who this Ashdown is. I also do not keep track of all the changes around the world when new ones are elected or initiated or whatever.

So instead of having some where you do ask and some where you don't, all just must folow the same procedure and have a passport.

I am sure that some protcol will be available for VIPs so that it can be handled behind the scenes.

Time-sharing is the junk-mail part of the computer business. -- H.R.J. Grosch (attributed)