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Comment Re:Audiophoolery (Score 1) 220 220

I mean, what are the "audiophile" switches out there?

It depends on the salesperson and the budget.

At one place I worked some people wanted to have 4 PC's connected to 4 networked hardware machines. No Network, no Internet. Just the 4 machines on one side of the room and 4 machines on the other side.

Due to safety issues, running a cable from oe side to the other was not possible. So they asked their IT who asked their Network specialist from Cisco. I never heard exactlu what the solution was. When I came in all I heard they would not do it because of the price. I believe it was 3 or 4.000EUR.

So what I di was buty two switches for 100EUR together. Connected 4 machines to it. Connected 4 machines to it. The connection inbetween was a simple connection to the wallport that was already available on each side and then have IT patch them from one connection to the other.

I am sure other companies would have payed the premium price of several thousands of EUROs that were solved by not even 100EUR and I was not even looking for the cheapes ones. Just ones from the store that was open on my way home.

Comment Re:Push comes to shove sooner or later... (Score 0) 274 274

It is a worry that there is a fight between a company and the people of several countries and that it is even contemplated that the company and not the people, has some rights.

If it is between the people and anybody else, some countries even pretend to talk about "We, the people ..." and they should ALWAYS be priority number one.

If it is inconvinient for a company, fuck that.

Comment Re:Yes, unprovoked (Score 2) 194 194

Only a Tesla fangirl would get all twisted up in knots over the episode.

Only a Top Gear fangirl would think that Top Gear is a car show that reviews cars.

It si not about the cars. They could just as easily insult celebrities or trees all the time.

It is basically Grumpy Old Man.

Comment Re:The Microsoft key!!!! I've never used it...ever (Score 2) 679 679

It depends per user. Coming from Linux, I use keys a lot more than other people do.

That said, I just bought a Roccat Tyon and am using 12 buttons on a regular basis. Note: I am not a gamer.

Having programable buttons on a mouse is great. As a keyboard I have a Happy Hacker keyboard. So no easily accesible CapsLock there.

Comment Re:Why do you need this stuff on the internet at l (Score 1) 85 85

Because somebody asked if they could and nobody asked if they should.

So it starts with a machine that does your temperature settings and lights. As the computer can tell time, they add programming it to do it on time.
Now add security camera's. That is nice to access when you are not home, so connection via Internet.
Hey, we have Internet and you see you left the lights on, why not add turning of your lights?
Opening the front door from wherever you want inside the house when somebody is at the door? Sure, no problem.
You can now open the door when somebody is at the door when you are not at home for whatever reason.

Basicaly if it has a switch or a handle, you cn now connect it to the same computer that does everything.

So why do people want it? Because it is easy. Persons are smart, people are stupid. They give out all their private information, because it is easy. People do not think about security, because they are not bad people. They can not imagine that somebody would want access to what they have, so they do not think about protecting it.

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