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Comment: Personal CSS files can be the answer (Score 2) 34

by houghi (#47705429) Attached to: Introducing Slashdot's New Build Section

If the majority of your marketshare says NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and you still go ahead, I doubt that they are interested in your silly CSS sugestions.

If they REALLY were interested in customer input, they would make it possible to upload your own CSS file and use that. That way people would not need to use Stylish and then either make something yourself or use comunity made looks for slashdot.

If it looks ugly, it is YOUR problem.

It should not be too hard to load your personal /. css file when you are logged in. In the end it is just another field in the database, just like your name. As long as it isn't an extra feature for paying customers, because that would mean they will make it ugly on purpose.

They could even load three css files.
1) The standard
2) The (optional) users css file
3) The ads css

That way the ads will still be visible for those who have no right to turn them off. (Yes, I know that that won't be 100% proof and people will still be able to turn them off if they realy want.)

You will be able to just increase the font or only change the background, turn everything in OMGPonies or do a complete re-layout of almost everything.

For a site like /. I think that would be a solution to a lot of moaning. Finaly a good technical solution to a mainly social problem.

Comment: Re:Automation, remote controls already exist (Score 1) 239

Or they can just park the car somewhere and blow up whatever they want. Or just watch the news and see that you can blow up busses, trains, metros and a lot more with a backpack.

Why maker it complicated if easy is possible as well?

And terrorizing the public, which is the goal of terrorism, ther governement is doing a great job. No need to outsource that.

Comment: Companies don't respect anybody. (Score 3, Insightful) 371

by houghi (#47689251) Attached to: Companies That Don't Understand Engineers Don't Respect Engineers

Why would engineers be any different? Do you think they appriciate the rest of the staff?

You are there because they can not do without you. If they think they can do without you (or without your function) they will fire you. That goes for EVERY job in the company, including the CEO.

The difference is that for some jobs it is very hard to change on short notice. Sales can push a few deals so they will make the new requirements or hold them back so they will have it easier for next years budget.

So they can react to the question of 'increase profit by X percent for the next 3 months'. There is no such thing for e.g. IT without cutting in projects/jobs. (Sure there are some ways to do it)

The real issue is that the majority of companies are in it for the money, so if you want to be understood, you need to speak the language of money. In companies that means budgets. This means when you take a decision in your job like "how should I set up this database" they do not care as long as you can provide the information on cost and profit both short, middle and long term and then they will decide what you should do.

If your datafield for the year still has 2 digits, why should I make it 4? Show me the outcome in $ and then we will see if we do it or not. THAT is taking a business decision, not if it is technically the best solution. Sometimes the technically worst decision is best for business.

I have seen (easy) technicaly solutions overturned time and time again. One time I asked for a soltion and they told me it was 3.000EUR as quoted by Cisco. A while later I told them I had a solution for a problem and would they OK it if I did it for 100 EUR. I never detailed that it was the same problem that had been denied for several years. Without blinking they said yes and looked if I was stoopid because I could spend 250 EUR per month on anything I wanted.
Bought two hubs and solved the issue.

Lesson: They must not talk your language. They must not understand you. You must understand them.

Comment: Re:ERMAHGERD SNER! (Score 1) 417

by houghi (#47681249) Attached to: Swedish Dad Takes Gamer Kids To Warzone

As I read it, they were not concerned about the video game, as they were alowed to play it later, if they so wanted. He was worried about the glorification of war that the kids were showing.
And he took them to a city impacted by war, not to a warzone.

So he was not teaching about what war was, but about the impact of war.

I think that is better than showing all the "Surprise the family. I am back fro war" videos that are shown all over. He showed the other side of the medal.

Comment: Re:Gettin All Up In Yo Biznis (Score 2) 417

by houghi (#47681155) Attached to: Swedish Dad Takes Gamer Kids To Warzone

I hope you then also disagree with the MPAA rating system. Especialy the porn part of it. We all know it is fake, so kids should also be able to see this, right?

OTOH when I look at religion, I doubt very much that people call fantasy apart from reality (Well, everybodies religion, except for the pone that the person who reads this right now.)

And from what I read, He still let his kids choose what to play afterwards. He just taught them not to glorify war.

Comment: Re:The problem with the all robotic workforce idea (Score 1) 304

by houghi (#47679257) Attached to: Humans Need Not Apply: a Video About the Robot Revolution and Jobs

Sounds nice. Does not work. Otherwise there would not be some people working 80 hours and others having no job. It would be that they both would work 40.
No I do not think all people without a job are lazy. Yes, they do it in some sort of way in Europe by limiting the maximum amount of hours you can work.

Comment: How much do the backers get? (Score 1) 107

by houghi (#47679195) Attached to: Samsung Buys Kickstarter-Funded Internet of Things Startup For $200MM

Is it pure risk for the backers? e.g. if they make a product, they get something they bought, but if the product flops, they loose their money.
And now if the product makes a fortune, they only get their product they bought.
In other words, is kickstarter just a pre-order sales website?

Comment: IANAL (Score 0) 226

by houghi (#47678051) Attached to: Posting Soccer Goals On Vine Is Illegal, Say England's Premier League

What a strange question to ask. Seeking legal advice for a British (or perhaps English) situation on a US oriented website where nobody is giving legal advice anyway.

If the person asking the question realy wants to know, find legal advice in the UK.

That said, as long as the clip is no longer than 3 minutes, it is not illegal in itself. It is possible to use the content. Obviously they are fighting it with all their might, bceuase they see it as slipping control on their assets and that is the broadcasting rights.

Just like any other major sports event, they make their gazillions by selling the TV rights. What they do is control of content and just like the MAFIAA they think that if anything that shows anything that belongs to them, they should get a shitload of money for it.

I persnaly do not care for sports. Instead of some men running I rather do the unmanly thing and watch fashion shows with beautifull women instead.

Comment: Re:SEARCHABILITY (Score 1) 249

by houghi (#47676069) Attached to: Apple's App Store Needs a Radical Revamp; How Would You Go About It?

This. I somewhat can forgive Apple, but a company that owns the search business, Google should be able to do much, much better.
If anything, I want to be able to filter on the type of free and on what access it has.
Not even searching, but filtering.

And on how much you pay should not be the only option. Are there ads after I install it. And that includes enhancements. It also does not exclude asked if I want to join whatever social site.

I should be able to esily find a high rated solitaire game that does not have any ads, is free and does not need any speciall access.

And while I am moaning, please follow the language settings of my browser, nit where I am. (Dare I say it, Apple is much better in that regard)

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