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Comment: Again proof who they work for (Score 1, Insightful) 139 139

I am talking about the FBI : "When it affects multiple companies and cities, it does become disturbing,"

What I read is "When it happens to citizens, we don't care."

So apperently they cut of the wrong company or the wrong CEO and now they are disturbed. Before that? Meh.

Comment: Re:Holy fuck ... (Score 2) 398 398

Have you been in a coma for 15 years? Let me give ypu a short history lesson:
Some idiots flew into the twin towers on purpose. Afganistan was invaded to kill the terrorrists.
Irak was invaded to kill the same terrorists, but it was really about weapons of mass distruction, but actually about oil.
We have always been at war with Terrorism.
For our own safety; subpoenas do not excist anymore.
War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

Comment: Re:if that's true, (Score 1) 398 398

"typically", so they can be anything, including the person next to you on the metro or you for the person next to you in Starbucks where the router is down.

So suddenly they are surfing on your limited data bandwith and you don't even know it. Nice.

I would think that I say who has access to my network. This goes far beyond 'we own your hardware our software is running on" and even that is not debatable.

Comment: Re:College is to get a diploma. Education is a bon (Score 2) 131 131

If I were a company I would rather hire you with a 100.000USD debt than somebody with a 10.000USD debt. The power I have over you is 10 times that of what I have over the other person.

That means I can presss much more extra hours out of you without any need to pay for a longer period,while the other person might easily say "Fuck this, I quit."
This will not work in each an every situation, but in general? Hell yeah!

Comment: Re:Why force her to do something she doesn't want (Score 1) 238 238

To me it does not look as if he is pushing her anywhere. She wants to do IT, but not Java or coding in general. He is trying to help find a solution.

As somebody else suggested, Project Management or Business Analist.

OTOH the information is extremely limited. What she should do is write dwn what does DOES like and what shoe does NIOT like. Brainstorm. Perhaps she lies to be more social and then she could perhaps help elderly about the Internet. Or she perhaps she wants to do more networking or she likes more tinkering with the hardware itself.

Does she really want to go into IT, or is that 'just the best option' to get a job? For all I kn ow she likes to give guided tours for tourists in her city.

So she should first see what she REALLY wants to do and what she really does NOT want to do. This is a process that needs a lot of thinking and hard work as you need to re-thik everything and it is hardest on the partner to accept that change.

Comment: Re:Just run your own (Score 2) 146 146

I use an alternative DNS server, becausde the ISPs in my country are orderd to block certain (torrent) sites. As I already give enough info to Google, I use servers I found on
With you can find witch one are closest,

I used to run my own, but after a re-install I did not yet bother.

What I think is strange is that nobody has made an easy local DNS server (for Windows) e.g. just a program that listens on port 53and only fromlocalhost and is just a DNS server. So no additional (local) zones. No additional things. Just a stripped down caching DNS server.

Just point to as DNS server and done. No other changes should be needed. No kill of domains.No nothing should be needed.

Comment: Re:Reminds me of hands-free cell phones (Score 1) 190 190

People get accidents when there is a bee in the car, when changing radio channels, when talking with the kids in the back. When people get distracted, they do not notice other things. That is basically the definition of distracted.

When I drove in Argentina, I saw a sign called 'vado'. My Spanish was not good enough to know what it was, but I knew if they put a sign where I was (in the middle of nowhere), there is a reason for it, so I better slow down. It was a bridge out of order and I had to wade though the water. Not an issue, but it would have been if I had not reduced speed.

I could see a HUD doing something similar. When a red triangle pops up I know I need to pay attention. I need to slow down and have time to asses the situation.

Now if this happens each time I go a bit over the speed-limit, it will not have any effect. If it is because I get to close to the car in front of me, then it can be useful.

And the reason cellphones are singled out is because they are use way more then you have a bee in your car or you change the channel. Not per person, but in general. That means the duration of being distracted is much, much longer, resulting in a measurable increase.

Comment: Why a oneliner? (Score 1) 151 151

Why use a onelinerand what is in that oneliner?
I would use a script or a program to run it. Thta can be run as a 'oneliner'.
`sh /usr/local/bin/IKEA-Update` is also a onliner.

It is also not importand what is in that oneliner. Is it the standard update, or does it contain their own command with 360 different programs in it, subroutines and numerous other points of failure.

Comment: Re:Damn you Uber (Score 2) 226 226

The Uber job for IT has a name. It is called 'outsourcing'.

It is cheaper for the customer. It is easier on the regfulation and it creates jobs by making it cheaper. So more IT people will be enslaved, uh, hired.

I am sure you can find more similarities. The difference is the location and Uber just changes the local regulations by lobbying. Instead of exporting the jobs to a foreign country, because iof regulations. They change the regulations.

Comment: Re:banning it from the whole park? (Score 1) 177 177

I am sure that if you ask anybody, they will happily do it for you, not only the emplyees.

And this will work anywhere in the world. If you ask; the chances of getting a bad person who runs away with your camera are minimal if you pick them.

Also: stop taking pictures and look around. Most of the pictures you take are a: never looked at by anybody and/or b: of a subject that you can doanload. No need to take a picture of the Disney Castle as many already have and you can download one that is better than what you will take.

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