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Comment Re:However, (Score 2) 70

What I tghink is a shame is that we do not go after the REAL resposible people.
These systems have all a systemn admin that maintains them. These all used to read /. and now they don't anymore. So the real reason is Digg. Why do they want to blow up nuclear plants? I don't know, but that is the question we should REALLY ask Digg: have they stopping wanting to blow up nuclear plants?

Comment Re:Proposed solution is more sexist (Score 1) 356

In winter I wear a T-shirt, shirt and pullover. Adding a jacket for when I need to go outside. This works great in all places, including the workingplace.

In summer I wear an armless t-shirt and a polo. Also works great everywhere I go.

The change over is between 20C and 25C. Below that winter clothings. Above that summer clothing. Between them, it depends on the previous and folloing days.

And I can always get a jacket if it is a bit chilly for the summer clothing.

So I would say: in winter 21C in summer 25C for the office would be ideal. Heating when it is too cold, airco when it is too hot. Open windows between 21C and 25C.

Note: I live in Belgium whith a very moderate climate. Spain would be different; just like Finland would be different. So it all depends also on the local situation.

Comment Re: Sure you can. (Score 1) 478

The average user does not give a shit if it is Xubuntu, KDE openSUSE, Some basterd Debian version with GNOME or RedHat with Enlightenment.
They do not care. All they care about is pre-install.

They bought a Windows phone; next they bought an Iphone and then they bought an Android. And next week they will buy the next new thing.

Pre-install is what it is all about. For the majority of people going from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 is just as difficult as finding the Internet Icon in any other desktop management system.

Apple and Windows do not care for the few million people who have an OS preference. They are not their market.

Comment Re:Unions (Score 3, Informative) 568

Because that is not what they do. They represent workers. That is their function. In Germany Unions are pretty strong and yet they are reasonably well off.

So the union should ot be seen as the enimy, it should be seen as a counterweight to the power of the companies.

What I understand from the US situation is that they are not so much unions as they are a Guild. And that is very restrictive in many ways.

I live in Belgium and I can sign up for at least 3 different Unions if I so desire. Nobody even cares if I am a member of a Union or not (I am). Nobody asks and nobody cares.

When I change professions, I can change Unions or stay with the same one. Nobody cares.

So they are not there to run the company, they are there to represent the people. And they are apparently needed, because the people are not really reprisented by the politicians anymore.

Comment Re:And it all comes down to greed (Score 1) 568 Wealth Inequality in America
So yes, there is a tier to blame. That is the so called 1% and the fact that politicians obide to them.

This is not the first time this sort of things has happend. History will repeat itself.

If the CEO of a company earns 500 times that of another person, there is one person to blame: the CEO. I would also not say no, but that does not mean that I would then not become part of the problem.

Comment Re:It ought to be legal to scam ISIS (Score 3, Insightful) 233

Stealing is illegal. Simple as that. I think it is GOOD that it is illegal. That way there is no line that you can cross.

What you are promoting is that people take justice into their own hands. That will end badly.

And placing people outside the lwa and their protection is a good idea for you? To me that means you are no better than those who you are trying to fight.

If you want them ded so badly, join the people who fight them. Does not even have to be the US Army.

Comment Re:Audiophoolery (Score 1) 377

I mean, what are the "audiophile" switches out there?

It depends on the salesperson and the budget.

At one place I worked some people wanted to have 4 PC's connected to 4 networked hardware machines. No Network, no Internet. Just the 4 machines on one side of the room and 4 machines on the other side.

Due to safety issues, running a cable from oe side to the other was not possible. So they asked their IT who asked their Network specialist from Cisco. I never heard exactlu what the solution was. When I came in all I heard they would not do it because of the price. I believe it was 3 or 4.000EUR.

So what I di was buty two switches for 100EUR together. Connected 4 machines to it. Connected 4 machines to it. The connection inbetween was a simple connection to the wallport that was already available on each side and then have IT patch them from one connection to the other.

I am sure other companies would have payed the premium price of several thousands of EUROs that were solved by not even 100EUR and I was not even looking for the cheapes ones. Just ones from the store that was open on my way home.

Comment Re:Push comes to shove sooner or later... (Score 0) 330

It is a worry that there is a fight between a company and the people of several countries and that it is even contemplated that the company and not the people, has some rights.

If it is between the people and anybody else, some countries even pretend to talk about "We, the people ..." and they should ALWAYS be priority number one.

If it is inconvinient for a company, fuck that.

"The number of Unix installations has grown to 10, with more expected." -- The Unix Programmer's Manual, 2nd Edition, June, 1972