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Comment: Re:we are DOOOMED!!! (Score 1) 637

by houghi (#48030431) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Windows 10

As if those release names only are there for marketing ...
Oh wait, they are. They could call it "Windows New" for all I care. The names mean nothing. They just figured that they could sell more by naming it with a higher number than the previous one. If tbhey thought they would sell more by using something else, they would use that.

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by houghi (#48020151) Attached to: At CIA Starbucks, Even the Baristas Are Covert

I am not a coffee drinker, so I never went into Starbucks. Why is it even needed? When I go into a place and I order something to eat or drink, the person serving me makes the drink and gives it to me and takes my money.
Having worked in bars they either are too cheap to pay enough staff or too cheap to buy enough hardware to make the coffee. A third option might be that they save on training, so not everybody can do it.

Amazing what marketing can do. From what I hear it is lousy service for lousy quality at lousy prices and people stand in line for it. THIS is the reason sales and marketing people get away with so much, because they are actualy the people bringing in the money.

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by houghi (#48009921) Attached to: Expedition 42 ISS Crew Embraces Douglas Adams

Each mediam was made with the author who was well aware that they are different mediums, so the stories were adapted to each medium.

So the books did not portray the radio broadcast. The movie did not portray the books. If anything, it is a 'based on' movie and book.

I have the audiobook which is read by Adams himself, which is not a standard for audiobooks. Great for listening while in traffic instead of the mindless radio stations.

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by houghi (#47978869) Attached to: Netflix Rejects Canadian Regulator Jurisdiction Over Online Video

Most of us are completely confused as to how spending tax dollars to subsidize TV shows and movies that nobody watches actually helps Canadian culture.

If Lost Girl is something you subsidize, please increase your taxes. Or Continuum.

Almost as good as the New Zealand show This is not my life.

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by houghi (#47965469) Attached to: Small Restaurant Out-Maneuvers Yelp In Reviews War

, because the Web should be enabling us to help each other,

Why should it do that. Just because something saysd "On the Internet" does not mean there is anything new going on. This is true for pattents and this is true for anything else.

When I book a hotel via I first make a selection on what I want. Price, location, parking, ... and then when I have e.g. 5 or so places, I will start reading the comments and see what other people thought. I especialy read what they disliked. Often this is about no coffee maker on the room or no elevator. Small rooms ins Amterdam? Well DUH!

When I look for a restaurant, I use tripadvisor. Again I make my first selection and then read what others disliked and base my chocie on that.

I also look at the nationality in both cases. e.g. Americans have different expectations a lot of the times, (Nobody spoke English. Lousy restaurant/hotel). This is all not differnet when I ask my friends if they know a new restaurant. It is also not different when asking for a restaurant in a bar.

The advantage of the Web is that you are able to compare different opinions. However I NEVER look at the points because there is never a basis on the points./stars/whatever.

In the Guide Michelin, there is. 1 star is aworth stopping, 2 stars is a worth adeviation of your trip and 3 stars is wotrth a trip. (Hey, They make tires and maps, what did you think it was?) For hotels there also is a clear classification (which might differ per country). So if I give 3 stars, it might be somebody elses 5 stars or 1 star for the SAME experience and the same idea how good/bad it was.

Over the years I was heavily involved in "customer satisfaction" and know first and on how difficult it is to measure the customer experience. As a company you can set some parameters so you can compare one answer with another.

The problem with Yelp is that they take away the possibilaty of doing my own analysis. Does that man I never have a bad excperience? No. But not more or less that before I used these sites. All in all it is, for me, a positive experience. I now go to more differnt restaurants and not just the ones for tourists.

That said, I also like to walk around and just walk into a restaurant when I am hungry. Many a pleasant surprise. Also the most imporatnt thing is who you are with, as eating out is not just about the food. It is the whole exprience, including the company you are with. Probably left from when we were sitting around in a cave around a fire.

Because of that, even if I detest McD, Pizza Hut and the like, with the right people that can be great as well.

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by houghi (#47958149) Attached to: NY Magistrate: Legal Papers Can Be Served Via Facebook

Same goes for Belgium. Proof of sending is enough and legaly binding. This is done by sending it via registerd mai, so it will cost you. Extra price is about 5 EUR. The receiver even needs to sign for it and vecause everybody in Belgium has an ID card, only the recipient will be able to sign it off. For a bit more, you can even get the proof back that the person signed for it.

Two things: The recipient does not (want to) sign. No problem. You send it and that is all there is.
The person does not have a forwarding adress: No problem. Financial institutes and the law are able to check any new adress via several means, while still guarantee to the individuals privacy.
As long as a reasonable amount of search for a new adress can be proven, it is all well for the sender. In general this means checking at e.g. the NBB.
If it is a about a trial, you can not use the defence "I did not know it was going on.". Instead you will most likely agree with everything that has been said, as you (or your representation) is not there to deny it.

If you try the aproach of "But I wasn't home during that 14 day period when I could pick it up." then you MIGHT be able to get a re-trial if you are able to proof that it is true and even that can be denied if you have done the same before the trial.
OTOH you might also piss off the judge who thinks you are wasting the courts time and you do NOT want to piss them off.

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by houghi (#47952495) Attached to: Google's Doubleclick Ad Servers Exposed Millions of Computers To Malware

I use both. So I use Adblock+ AND I use mvps.
I use mvps as a basis for my own DNS server that I run. That way I do not only block the seperate site on mvps that I like blocked, I also can add sites that mvps doesn't block (I block facebook).

I also see sites that my provider blocks (TPB among others) without the need to give even more data to others like Google (DNS server

Next to that I also use Adblock+ that will filter out a lot more stuff.
If you rely on only one line of defence, you are very weak. use at least two.

On sites that I visit very often, I use userstyles so I do not see a lot of the rubbish some site. And for YouTube I use Youtube Center and Google Image gets usable again with Old Google Image Search

So do not look for solutions in one place. Use different tools for different reasons, even if they overlap a lot.

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