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Comment: Re:ICREACH? (Score 1) 207

The problem with the free press is that it is not an independent press. The press that matters is owned by companies that are often the cause of the problem.
Furthermore the press is a marketing tool for their customers. That are the companies who buy advertisement places or times. And those

The people are the product that is being sold.

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by houghi (#47748763) Attached to: Aussie Airlines To Allow Uninterrupted Mobile Use During Flights

No more needing to rush to find outlets in layover airports!

I do not understand why not more companies use this as an advertising opportunity.
One place I saw this was in Madrid where they had a big screen TV with chargers under it. This ment that all those people who would be charging their hardware, would also be sitting in front of said TV.
That should be a advertisers wet dream: people who will watch your 5 minute clip over and over again.

In Brussels I saw some electrical company placing bicicles where you could charge your phone/portable while you were cycling. You can also go to the Telenet places that are intended for your PC and a (wired) connection and to be used as a selling place for the Internet service. Just plug your device in and do whatever you desire.

I understand that airports are not offfering it, because they are only interested in renting out whatever is possible. I don't understand that marketeers do not use it more often. Either provide it free or some sortr of 'marketing price'. e.g. Join us on facebook and get free energy or 'fill out this form'.

That said, I always carry a 3-way power connector, so when I see somebody who uses a power outlet, I can ask to unplug, plug in the connector and we BOTH can charge and I can charge both phone and PC. Cost is well below 5EUR and they also come in handy in many hotels where they do not have enough connectors at the desk.

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by houghi (#47743839) Attached to: Major Delays, Revamped Beta For Credit-Card Consolidating Gadget Coin

Technically, I see how it works but why would a merchant accept this thing?

Because it helps making a sale. Just like they already accept varous other forms of payment.
Yes, it is a bit chicken and egg. Obviously it won't be vailable everywhere wihen it starts.

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by houghi (#47743531) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: How Prepared Are You For an Earthquake?

In Japan we had earthquake drills of the housing community one time per year, and one time per year in the company.

Just curious, do companies in the US do this?
In Belgium we have a yearly firedrill, because that will be the most likely disaster. So do US companies in earthquake country have drills or do companies in "Tornado Alley train for that?

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by houghi (#47742197) Attached to: Sources Say Amazon Will Soon Be Targeting Ads, a la Google AdWords

I'm OK with targeted ads. I just wish they would figure out how to target them.

Targeting in Marketing is done in two ways.
The first is the one that we talk about here on /. the most. It analyzes what you are interested in. They will analyze what you have seen and bought, They will then assume what you might be interested in and show you these items.
e.g. a new TV when you have a high intrest in movies and tv shows and console games.

The other way is to assuming you do not know certain products, so they want you to learn about the product and will try to entice you to buy said product.
e.g. a new TV when you have never shown interest in movies, tv shows or console games.

Comment: Lies, damn lies and statistics (Score 3, Insightful) 276

by houghi (#47741279) Attached to: Among Gamers, Adult Women Vastly Outnumber Teenage Boys

Statistics like these challenge the definition of "gamer."

No they don't. The chalange the understanding of statistics.
The information given is useless. First statistics do not change definitions. If you have a definition of a gamer and the outcome is unexpected, you do not change the definition. You change your perspective.
Secondly 'outnumber' in absolute numbers in a group that in itself outnumbers the other group and then make a conclusion is stoopid.
Car example : The number of adult female Ford drivers vastly outnumbers the number of 18 year old Bugatti drivers.

So first you must turn the numbers into percentages. e.g. X% of teenage boys are gamers. Y% of adult females are gamers.
Next you must clearly state WHAT a gamer is.
Depending on that definition, you might also need to include frequency.

And again, even if the outcome is 99.9% of +65 old women are gamers, it does NOT change the definition of gamers. It might change your perspective of gamers, but not the definition.

Comment: Personal CSS files can be the answer (Score 3, Interesting) 34

by houghi (#47705429) Attached to: Introducing Slashdot's New Build Section

If the majority of your marketshare says NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and you still go ahead, I doubt that they are interested in your silly CSS sugestions.

If they REALLY were interested in customer input, they would make it possible to upload your own CSS file and use that. That way people would not need to use Stylish and then either make something yourself or use comunity made looks for slashdot.

If it looks ugly, it is YOUR problem.

It should not be too hard to load your personal /. css file when you are logged in. In the end it is just another field in the database, just like your name. As long as it isn't an extra feature for paying customers, because that would mean they will make it ugly on purpose.

They could even load three css files.
1) The standard
2) The (optional) users css file
3) The ads css

That way the ads will still be visible for those who have no right to turn them off. (Yes, I know that that won't be 100% proof and people will still be able to turn them off if they realy want.)

You will be able to just increase the font or only change the background, turn everything in OMGPonies or do a complete re-layout of almost everything.

For a site like /. I think that would be a solution to a lot of moaning. Finaly a good technical solution to a mainly social problem.

Comment: Re:Automation, remote controls already exist (Score 1) 239

Or they can just park the car somewhere and blow up whatever they want. Or just watch the news and see that you can blow up busses, trains, metros and a lot more with a backpack.

Why maker it complicated if easy is possible as well?

And terrorizing the public, which is the goal of terrorism, ther governement is doing a great job. No need to outsource that.

Comment: Companies don't respect anybody. (Score 3, Insightful) 371

by houghi (#47689251) Attached to: Companies That Don't Understand Engineers Don't Respect Engineers

Why would engineers be any different? Do you think they appriciate the rest of the staff?

You are there because they can not do without you. If they think they can do without you (or without your function) they will fire you. That goes for EVERY job in the company, including the CEO.

The difference is that for some jobs it is very hard to change on short notice. Sales can push a few deals so they will make the new requirements or hold them back so they will have it easier for next years budget.

So they can react to the question of 'increase profit by X percent for the next 3 months'. There is no such thing for e.g. IT without cutting in projects/jobs. (Sure there are some ways to do it)

The real issue is that the majority of companies are in it for the money, so if you want to be understood, you need to speak the language of money. In companies that means budgets. This means when you take a decision in your job like "how should I set up this database" they do not care as long as you can provide the information on cost and profit both short, middle and long term and then they will decide what you should do.

If your datafield for the year still has 2 digits, why should I make it 4? Show me the outcome in $ and then we will see if we do it or not. THAT is taking a business decision, not if it is technically the best solution. Sometimes the technically worst decision is best for business.

I have seen (easy) technicaly solutions overturned time and time again. One time I asked for a soltion and they told me it was 3.000EUR as quoted by Cisco. A while later I told them I had a solution for a problem and would they OK it if I did it for 100 EUR. I never detailed that it was the same problem that had been denied for several years. Without blinking they said yes and looked if I was stoopid because I could spend 250 EUR per month on anything I wanted.
Bought two hubs and solved the issue.

Lesson: They must not talk your language. They must not understand you. You must understand them.

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