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Comment Re:hmm... (Score 2) 163

You have two options.
1) Agree with what they do and pay more
2) Say it is a breach of contract and drop out

With 1) the company gets what they want
However with 2) the company gets what they want.

I used to work for a company that was in a similar situation. We had contracts with customers. However our cost increased in such a way that there was no way we would be able to make a profit. However the contract was in such a way that a cancel from our side would take 3 months to do the cancel (legally) so that was not an option.

The same would be for the customers. Their cancel would be three months as well. However when they contacted us and told they wanted to cancel due to the price increase, we would 'allow' the customer not to follow the letter of the law and cancel the accounts ASAP.

The intend of the increase was so customers would cancel. This so we would not loose any more money. So instead of loosing money over a 3 month period (even with the price increase), we lost money only over a 2 week (on average) period.Those who did want to follow us received a cancel letter a bit later and we had to respect the 3 months cancel.

Obviously I have no idea if they are actually loosing money or if the profit just is not high enough.

Comment Re:Why no diesel hybrids? (Score 1) 363

Prices of the cqrs in e.g. Europe. The Diesel will be more expensive to buy compqred to the gasoline one.
In the long run the Diesel will be cheaper. How much depends on how much you drive.

The sweet point varies from type to type, but is around 15.000KM per year. They are cheaper because Diesel is cheaper due to the way things are taxed.

But the start is: Diesel engines are more epxensive than gasoline engines.

I can understand with the cheap gasoline prices in the US, the miles before it becomes provitable might be much later, if at all.

Comment Re:I guess these aren't the same people (Score 1) 361

Or perhaps those that believe that movies "based on a true story" are documentaries or hold anything that has to do with the original story,

They could make a movie about chickens crossing the road, and tell it was based on a true story, even if there are no chickens roads or anything crossing anything in it.

Comment Re:Bad design? (Score 2) 64

OK, let us look a bit at history and how I assume we got here.

1) We got boarding passes before we had barc code scanners.
2) Name and what not was added to the boarding pass, like seatnumber, name and the like
3) Top automate it, barcodes where added
4) Extra infor,ation was added before and after the introduction of the barcode.

Sometimes people fly to places where barcodes are not readily available and must be readable by people to know if you are getting on the correct flight.

So the barcode can handle all the information, but not all the time. I have seen barcode readers fail. I can imagine aitports that do not have barcode readers at all (remember that it needs to work 100% worldwide all the time)
Not all airports are in the developed world or the USofA.

It was not that they had a barcode and added text. They had text and added barcodes.

I have seen non-working barcode readers on airports where they just read the paper part. No other option besides not flying at all or serious delays till the IT department could fix the situation as an alternative.

Comment Re:Why do they need ANY info? (Score 1) 416

1. It is a company, so I assume they are lying
2. No need to send it back to Google. It can stay inside the car
3. No need to send it back to Google. It can stay inside the car

If they are even a littlebit inteligent, you will have the maps offline. Because how do you connect to Google inside of a tunnel, when you need that data?

All of the data is available via OBD-II. The question is if you must send it to Google or not. I would say no. I would say it would not even need to go to Porche. It needs to stay in the car.

For Google it is standard: It is data, we want it. Regardless of what they are going to do with it. I am sure they have no idea yet about that for now, but when somebody suddenly has a great idea on how to use it, they have it already and if not, it is just a bit of extra data costing them almost nothing.

Comment Re:From a geek's perspective (Score 1) 403

Me as well. I don't think it is a show about geeks. It is a sitcom about people who happen to be geeks. Just like Brooklyn Nine-Nine is not a show about the Brooklyn Police.

It is not a documentary.

Hating the show is a bit of 'in' thing. If I do not like a shos (like e.g. Game of Thrones) I just do not watch it. Not because it might be bad, but because I do not like watching it.

I would nog go about and tell others how bad I think it is and even less watch it week after week telling others how bad it is.

And as long as they are making money, they will keep producing it. You are the product, you are not the market. And if you think you are, just one word: Firely.

Comment Re:Evidence of the Great Filter? (Score 1) 365

It does not matter that 99.99999% of the living things are unable to do math. It is only important that enough are able to do it.

And it is always needed to first answer what intelligence is. Some might say that 'self aware' is enough. Other say that they should be able to send signals to other planets.

For all we know, the first time we meet an other life form, they are building a bypass. Does not mean they are intelligent.

Comment Re:"When everyone can code . . . " (Score 1) 255

And even if everybody could code, some will be better at it and that will be the coders. Just like some will be better at making bread and yet others better at banking, being a manager or being a nurse.

Just like now.

Everybody can run (using the generalisation of everybody) That does not mean everybody is joining the Olympic Team of their country.

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