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Comment Why not both? (Score 1) 323

Look what you want in a self build system and then look if you can buy anything like it. If not, you build it.

That said, I always build because I like doing it. But then I only upgrade and not buy a new machine. So to me that means:
New Mobo, CPU and memory if I need a new machine. And when I need a new videocard, I just add that.
I have 3 videocards, 4 monitors, so I do not have a standard setup that I can just buy and I only run Linux. can be a nice place to start.

Advantage of pre-build and running Windows is that the PCs are full of shareware who pay for your Licence. Companies get money to put their crap on your PC.

And to be honest, instead of dualboot, I would go with two systems, unless thye both need to be gaming systems.

Comment What quality needs to be achieved? (Score 1) 50

Making French Fries? Sure, that can be automated. Making a complete meal? On what is the recepy based?

Just look at any cooking show where people get the same ingredients with a recipy. They will al look and perhaps taste different. Do not forget that measurements are just a direction and not the law.

e.g. Tomatoes. What kind do you use? What taste do they have? How ripe are they?

Comment Re:reading (Score 1) 221

I prefer paper books. The advantage for me of ebooks is portability. Say you want to take a book with you on a trip. So you carry a book. What if you want to take two? Now you have either 2 books or an machine the size of one.

I personally have an ipad mini (gift from the company, so no monies from me). I commute by train (again paid for by the company) so I use that as a reader.

The obvious downside is that if you break the reader or do not have access to power, a book will be way better.

Comment Re:They shouldn't trust people's expressed opinion (Score 1) 109

|NO. They should not show any ads at all. On the one side you have people who do not want advertising. On the other side you have companies that want to have adversiting 100% of the time if not more.

Saying that you agree with part of it is discussing the amount. For me that amount is 0. I do not want it on tv, on the streets, on my underwear. I do not want it.

I understand that it excists. I understand that Ebola exists as well. That does not mean I can agree with 1% people dying from it instead of 10% (or whatever the numbers are). I want that number to be 0. I want the number of ads to be 0.

Comment Re:I have no debt and a hefty savings account (Score 1) 386

The way you build a credit score in Belgium is to live in Belgium.

The rest is comparing incoming and outgoing monies.

Having extra cards will lower your score. How does this work?

Say you have an income of 1500 netto a month. Obviously you need to give proof of that.You pay rent of 500 a month. Deduction of living of e.g. 250 a month. (not sure what the numbers are). That leaves 750 that you could spend on paying back credit.

You buy a car on credit and you pay back 500 a month for that, that means you have 250 left for payment of 1 or more other credits. As you need to pay say 5% at least of the open amount (this will differ, again just an example) you could get another credit of 250x20=5000 If you only need to pay back 2.5% per month, you can get a credit of 10.000.

If you do those with one or two or 20 credits does not matter.

Each time you ask for a new credit or a change in credit (or loan) it will be recalculated again as things might have changed.

Sometimes it will be refused because you are blacklisted. Sometimes you will be refused for whatever reason. If, however, they accept you and it was clear you should not have gotten that credit or loan, you DO NOT have to PAY BACK anyting. All is at the loss of the credit provider.

They will try, obviously, but you will not need to pay back. Fraud is obviously a different matter.

So: steady income. No credits or loans. Low expenditure. Great!
Yes; a house does count as something. So there are differences if you rent, have a morgage (how many years into it?) or morgage free.

When does it go wrong? With people who are bad with money and if the situation changes radically over a longer period of time.

There are many rules and regulations that are mainly in place to protect the credit taker and even discourage the people from taking credit (e.g. nulstelling).

Comment Re:The Internet is turning into War Games (Score 1) 386

In Belgium Credit Scores work differently.

Each credit and loan is noted at the National Bank. So each company giving credit sees how much credit uyou have (not with what company)
If you negected to pay a credit, you will be put on a black list. No new credit is possible.

If you take a new loan/credit, you have to provide proof of your income and e.g. tell how much rent you pay.

So the credit company sees your income and sees what goes out. Risk calculation is then very easy.

Now if you give a loan and the person can prove that he should NEVER have gotten that loan, he is not required to pay.

Obviously this excludes fraude on the side of the credit taker.

No bullshit looking what you do on FacePalm. No looking if you are nice to kids. Just boring numbers that are provided by either the state or the customer.

Again: if a credit company gives out a credit and the customer should not have gotten it, they do not need to pay back the loan and it is a loss for the company. If they take too many of these risky customers, fist warnings then serious fines and finaly the closing of the company can and will be enforced.

I have see credit companies up close behaving badlly. Adapt or close shop is what the message is.

Obviously fraude and fraude prevention are part of it, just like money maudry detection and what not, but basics are:
Look at the National bank what the credits and loans are as well if he is on a black list
Look at the income of the customer
Look at their expenses to live and what not
And then calculate if there is room for a credit or not. It is complex to to, but not very hard.

Comment Re:Simple way to 'repair' 'damage' (Score 1) 245

While drugs are bad

Hold it right there. This is not the case. Basicaly they are bad because they are illegal. If they were not ilegal, the consequences of using them would not be as bad.

Yes; there are cases of drug abuse. That is bad. It is also clear that that is bad because of the word 'abuse'.

And those drug dealers can become legal sales people. OK, not all of them, but still.

Comment Re:Securing your laptop? Only one way (Score 1) 324

We have that information. Nobody cares.

And most of the information is not handed over or even handled by journalists.

Probably you are thinking about freedom of the press. That means that the press is free from intrusion. For me freedom goes both ways. A free press is not only one that is not influenced directly. It is also one that does not influence directly. So they should not be paying political parties 5nor their sister companies) or they should be taken away all the rights that come with freedom of the press.

So, no the reason is not to control the media. That is done on a much higher level. It is about some frustrated mall cop who finaly got a real uniform and is pissed off because he was not alled to have sex with his wife.

The public knows. They are aware. They are not interested. Persons are smart. People are stupid.

Comment Re:Don't have anything for them to find (Score 1) 324

You are aware that they do not care if the data is on the HD of your device? They want to access the data or use it to incriminate you. If they are at that stage, they already know you have it somewhere.

Depending on the country you are in, they can make your life a living hell if you don't hand it over.

What is discussed here are technical solutions to social problems. They do not work. They never work.

Comment Re:Trade and F&I (Score 1) 439

In Belgium if you want a credit ANY credit, they will look at the National Bank on how much you already have in credits and loans.
They will ask for an official paper of your income of the last two months. They also have info about other costs, like rent.

So now they can see what your income is and what your expenses are and they will see if you are allowed that credit or not. If you disrespect that, the customer does not need to pay anything back. Yes, ALL of the money does not need to be paid back.

If you have a bad payment with a credit company, it will be mentioned and you will not be able to get any credit or loan and it could even mean all current credits will be blocked. So no payment on your car loan? You credit cards will be blocked.

Most of this is automated. Each company will have minor differences on how to calculate it, depending also on the type of credit. There will however be no prepping.

The only way to get a credit when you are not allowed to get a credit is fraud. And obviously then the company is not responsible if they can proof that they did everything to detect fraud.
If an employee would do fraud so he can get his commission, he will most likely not only loose his job, but might be held responsible for the money as well.

The major reasons for not getting a credit are:
1) Blacklisted on the National Bank
2) No regular income (e.g. working as a temp or just 1 or 2 months at a company)
3) Not enough income for the credit you ask
4) No valid ID (Obligatory in Belgium)

It is free to check if an ID has been notified as stolen (online). If you do not do that check, you are responsible.

Sometimes people try to shop around, but most likely if one says no, they all will say no (for the same amount).

Solutions can be to close unused credit cards and other credits.

Although not perfect, it is pretty good. When doing a check at the BNB, the credit company will be able to identify his own credits and only the money from the others and the type of credit, but not the company.

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