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Comment: Trains (Score 1) 318

by hotrodent (#45080017) Attached to: The Ridiculous Tech Fees You're Still Paying
OK so maybe not a tech cost but a ridiculous train ticket fee in some countries that I just don't get. Say there is a train journey from station A to C, and you must change to a different line at B. Example tickets:
A to C (not leaving the station at B) = $6
A to B, exit, enter again then B to C = $8 ($4 each leg)
How and why should exiting and rentering the station at B cost $2?
Japan has the best costing since you pay for the distance you travel. Simple, effective!

Comment: Re:However, something important to keep in mind (Score 1) 129

by hotrodent (#36746120) Attached to: Six-Drive SATA III SSD Round-Up Shows Big Gains
What a brilliantly written post. I've always had a problem with the [distance] / [fuel used] metric but couldn't explain why. Now I understand why, and you saved me a fairly useless upgrade cost to my SSD! Now if only /. would increase the [modpoints] / [user] ratio.....

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