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Comment: Re:Much simpler method (Score 1) 121

by hotcut (#47221443) Attached to: The Computer Security Threat From Ultrasonic Networks
I do not believe there is anything preventing malicius software from using the speaker and mic in the computer, disregarding the headset. So leaving your headset in, just gives you a false sense of security. Not relevant in your setup (unless they want to covertly send your dog on a murder spree), but still :)

Comment: Re:"The Chinese" are Uncle Sam (Score 2) 157

by hotcut (#42725101) Attached to: 58,000 Security Camera Systems Critically Vulnerable To Attackers

they are when that one country represents nearly their entire customer base.

Sure, the US is important to China, but "nearly their entire customer base"? Ahh... EU is larger than the US to China (see But agreed - letting US go bankrupt would definately be a hit to the Chinese economy.

Comment: Leadership material (Score 1) 457

by hotcut (#42601703) Attached to: Employee Outsourced Programming Job To China, Spent Days Websurfing
Granted, the guy did a bad thing in letting his VPN access go to a third party - but a smart company would see his potential. He already handles multiple sub-contractors if we choose to call them that, and apparently manages to get them to perform well. Some of the posts here suggests that the company should fire him, and use the Chinese dude themselves - but it is worth remembering that HE was the one finding this Chinese person, and he is the one doing quality control, to an above-average level. Get him an official position as manager for a small overseas team of Chinese developers, and he could be worth a lot more to the company.

+ - The Pirate Bay is immune to SOPA->

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MrSeb writes: "In one of the greatest twists of irony, it turns out that The Pirate Bay, one of the largest outlets of copyright infringement, would be immune to the takedown tendrils of the imminently incoming Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Apparently the bill, as it stands, cannot target "domestic" sites — and in this case, domestic means any site that uses a US domain. The Pirate Bay uses an .org domain, which is owned by the Public Interest Registry, a nonprofit from Virginia, and thus it's immune. Presumably this would also count for copyright infringing sites on .com and .net domains too, which are owned by VeriSign."
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The Almighty Buck

+ - 10 Million Dollar Prize for Real Star Trek Tricord->

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tekgoblin writes: "A $10 million prize is being offered to whomever can create a Star Trek like tricorder that actually works. The deal is to create a tricorder that can actually diagnose a specified set of 15 diseases.
  The prize is being offered by the Qualcomm Tricroder X Prize. Who stated that the tricorder needs to specifically meet the following criteria “”key health metrics and diagnosing a set of 15 diseases.” The device will also need to meet the weight criteria of 5lbs or less this way it can be easily carried."

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