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by horza (#46804613) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Professional Journaling/Notes Software?

The best app I have come across for storing ideas is KeepNote. Free and cross-platform, though it could do with a few more features. OneNote seems not bad for storing recipes etc, but is obviously unacceptable for storing personal data.

In terms of PIM, this is not really the same as OP was asking as most of them are calendar/to-do based. I've tried every single ones of these, and have found MyLifeOrganized to be the best. One of the few apps I've been happy to pay for. Microsoft Windows only but works under WINE.


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by horza (#46786441) Attached to: Mercedes Pooh-Poohs Tesla, Says It Has "Limited Potential"

Have you actually driven a Tesla Sedan S? It's a full grown adult, don't worry. The big car companies are unable to decimate Tesla due to inertia and poor infrastructure. All their EV attempts have been failures. They will continue to launch vanity projects or weird prototypes as Tesla expands both its market and its patent portfolio. Tesla is here to stay.


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by horza (#46746531) Attached to: Jenny McCarthy: "I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'"

No, you just need to be gullible.

Doctors have been taking kick-backs for prescribing drugs for years. They have a long historical record of gettings things wrong. Previously using the wrong drugs and killing a bunch of people was not too serious, a number were probably going to die anyway. However something you are giving to an entire generation of healthy children you had better be pretty damn sure there aren't going to be side-effects down the line.


Comment: Re:Appeal to authority is not good enough (Score 0, Flamebait) 588

by horza (#46746349) Attached to: Jenny McCarthy: "I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'"

Indeed. Today we are given vaccine shots against typhoid. Before the general medical consensus was to ingest mercury as a cure. Interesting article here. Of course there was the medical backlash and studies to show no links between mercury and poisoning. All wrong. I had mercury fillings in my teeth when I was younger, which I was then told was poisonous and had to be drilled out and replaced. Very pleasant.

McCarthy has a good point. We can't keep pumping our kids full of these old vaccines without doing regular studies, and using some of the profits to ensure safer versions. Personally I will selectively vaccinate my kids up to a certain age, depending on risk factor, then they can choose themselves. I had both mumps and measles, it was hardly a big deal. If the kids are old enough it's probably even better they get it naturally and get over it than take the vaccine.


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by horza (#46732515) Attached to: Wi-Fi Problems Dog Apple-Samsung Trial

Sure, I love the iPhone with a movie projector built in. Oh that doesn't exist, only Samsung does one. Apple ripped of the LG Prada and ran with it. They got lucky in their timing. Since everybody else has overtaken them. Who cares if they throw in a fingerprint sensor, they've been around forever on keyboards and never taken off. If Samsung throw it in as a 'ticklist' item not to be outdone then fine but nobody is going to buy a phone for such a gimmick.

Hope the sign on the door doesn't have rounded corners, otherwise the Samsung defence team wouldn't be able to go back into court for fear of infringement.


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by horza (#46693651) Attached to: Apple: Dumb As a Patent Trolling Fox On iPhone Prior Art?

The one Apple stole from real life? People have been using slide-to-unlock on doors for centuries. Sometimes people experiment to see if there is a better way, but often they end up going with convention if that is what people are used to. This is why nobody but Apple are allowed patents on blatently obvious things that have been done before, otherwise we would have to use every phone in a completely different way and the damn things would become unusable. Slide-to-unlock is not innovating, it's trying to set a standard on something obvious and then claiming a monopoly on that standard.


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by horza (#46659283) Attached to: Brendan Eich Steps Down As Mozilla CEO

Again you are insisting everything is 0% or 100%. You create a construct to try and cover a majority and hope it works most of the time. Marriage isn't a single magical thing. It's a symbolic act between two people. It's a financial tool that can be used by church/government to manipulate the birth rate. It's a legal status and can determine property ownership. It's a social status within a community. The fact is if you change the whole concept of marriage on the basis of one sole element, you have to recognise that it has an impact on all the others. I'm not saying its wrong, but that you are wrong in marriage is solely about two people that love each other. In fact people get married every year that don't care about each other just to get citizenship to a country. That doesn't mean we should abandon marriage any more than allowing gay marriage means we should allow a man to marry his horse. However all the implications should be thought out.

In France they create a special civil marriage for gay people called the PACS. They listened to what people wanted and it was hugely successful. Of course they were not allowed to discriminate against heterosexuals. The result of creating a new version of marriage that reflects our more modern society has led to now over 98% of all PACS being between heterosexuals.

Anyway all this marriage stuff is completely irrelevant. Nothing to do with the harassment and persecution of the Mozilla CEO. The hate campaign trying to lose a person their job for a personal belief they have kept firmly outside their workplace is distasteful. EVERYBODY has a belief SOMEBODY disagrees with, including yourself. If I got together an Internet lynch mob and got you fired from a job you enjoyed, I am guessing you would be a bit upset and possibly bewildered why it was you the victim when so many other people have the same belief and keep their jobs.


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by horza (#46637379) Attached to: OKCupid Warns Off Mozilla Firefox Users Over Gay Rights

When is something a business and when is it a personal platform to launch attacks on people you don't like? Apparently Eich keeps his personal and professional separate, so I respect that. I never saw anti-gay marriage pop-ups when I installed Mozilla. Though this donation was made 5 years ago, he may well have changed his mind by now... we don't know because he keeps his private thoughts private.

However the person running OKCupid is a dick. He has given me zero proof as to Mozilla's bias against the gay agenda, in fact their web site states the opposite, therefore he is making a provably false implied accusation to try and get somebody he doesn't like fired. I have zero respect for OKCupid.

If he'd said "Don't use Firefox as our free site depends on ad-revenue and too many people are blocking ads" then I would understand. This idiotic attack-ad at somebody on a personal level is very distasteful


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by horza (#46637325) Attached to: OKCupid Warns Off Mozilla Firefox Users Over Gay Rights

Wow no. You haven't even begun to think this argument out, have you, let alone the simple circumstance if he voted the other way and the witch-hunt was in the other direction. Let's say you have a personal belief I disagree with. Do you think it would be ok for me to do everything I can in my power for you to lose your job? Even skirting within the law, I could make your life very unpleasant.

He doesn't use his work to promote his beliefs, therefore his beliefs should not affect his work. If he keeps them separate then so do we.


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by horza (#46619461) Attached to: OpenSUSE To Offer Rolling Release KDE Experience

The SuSe screenshot is pretty, much better than the Kubuntu I installed a couple of months ago which is the stock one that looks pretty poor. Still the clutter in Dolphin but at least they cleaned up the task bar. However I don't want to have to change my apps to suit my DE! The apps are far more important to me than eye candy. I should be able to double-click on a movie and have it play directly in any media player I choose to install.

I agree with cleaning up the codebase, I liked the move to 4.0 at the expense of 3.5. I like the perpetual innovation. I have KDE installed on my current machine, however I am not tempted to even log into that session until I see a major new release than concentrates on looks and usability rather than more behinds the scenes changes.


Comment: Re:KDE, the one we want to love (Score 1) 51

by horza (#46619423) Attached to: OpenSUSE To Offer Rolling Release KDE Experience

I don't want to spend ages configuring. Glitches included a list of problems I included in a previous thread. Sorry but it does NOT look slick at all, the graphics look dated. I used 3.5, then switched to xfce4, then to Gnome, then to KDE 4.0, then at 4.3 switched to Unity. If it wasn't for the spyware I would definitely be sticking to Unity, it looks very polished and is easy to use. I played with KDE at Christmas and tried shifting a guinea pig family member to it even, but ended up switching all the machines to Linux Mint. So far Mint looks like my target when I reformat, though it's not my ideal desktop.

I love the idea of KDE, it pleases me technically, but take at look at the screenshot (I would like to say screenshots but there is only one): the mess of Dolphin, the Windows95 task bar. Now compare it to Unity (amazing interactive demo, as well as slick looking desktop), or these themes for the still immature Cinnamon and compare it to

I've written apps using QT, it's very nice. But as a desktop it's got a hell of a long way to go.


Comment: Damn clickbait (Score 1) 151

by horza (#46618835) Attached to: How Facebook and Oculus Could Be a Great Combination

Why does Slashdot post such nonsense? To get suckers like me to reply I guess. Google buying Android was not in the least bit strange. The way Google makes money is adverts on web searching. People start to search web on mobile phones. Microsoft Windows phones would put their rival Bing as the default search engine. Google is looking to protect its core market.

Oculus and Facebook makes no sense at all. Microsoft and the Kinect makes sense as it's a controller they can use with their XBox. Oculus and EA, Valve, Microsoft, Sony, or even Samsung makes sense. How can Facebook help Oculus scale? What experience do they have in custom hardware manufacturing? In running a MMORPG or even a FPS?

Oculus is dead, the Sony headset will be locked to the PS, and we can forget about cheap VR headsets and playing our favourite games with it for the forseeable future.


Comment: KDE, the one we want to love (Score 0, Troll) 51

by horza (#46618781) Attached to: OpenSUSE To Offer Rolling Release KDE Experience

Ah KDE, oh I so would love to love it. Instead it looks terrible, is glitchy, and suffers so many usability issues I give up after a day. I stuck with it at 4.0, through the dark days, all the way to 4.3. I tried to give it another go not long ago, as I look to move from Unity, but double-clicking on a movie file on a network drive insists on copying the 1Gb file to /tmp before playing it. No thank you.

Go to to look at the latest screenshots. Can't find it? You didn't think to look at menu item "Workspaces" and click on "Plasma desktop"?

I'll take another look after they've refactored the codebase for the umpteen millionth time. The moment I try installing I am sure they will tell me it's already deprecated as they are releasing Frameworks 6 Plasma Ultra 3.14 which won't be backwardly compatible but is waaay cooler underneath.

Make the thing usable godammit!!!


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