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+ - Britain, not Sweden, wants to jail Assange->

Submitted by horza
horza (87255) writes "The Swedish government has denied it appealed against Assange being released on bail, and the British government confirmed they are the ones that are asking the court to have Assange jailed indefinitely pending extradition hearings. Assange's lawyers are shocked, claiming this directly contradicts what they were told by the British prosecution."
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+ - CCTV used in France for parking fines->

Submitted by horza
horza (87255) writes "The city of Nice, France, is rolling out 626 CCTV cameras over town giving one of the highest levels of surveillance in the world (1.8 cameras per 1000 inhabitants). The usual rhetoric was given, that they will be used solely for reducing violent crime, but the city has now started sending out parking tickets solely based on the CCTV camera evidence."
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