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Comment: Security before boarding plane,not enteringairport (Score 1) 1547

by hornrimsylvia (#20707787) Attached to: MIT Student Arrested For Wearing 'Tech Art' Shirt At Airport
Let me get this straight, they arrest her for thinking a light-up hoodie is a bomb at the _information_desk_ in the airport, but had she gone to a train station, a bus station, a Red Sox game, a Patriots game, movie theaters, museums, aquariums, or any other event with thousands more people around, no one would point several guns at her head? If some lady at the information desk asked about my bracelet out of ethernet wire in a condescending tone, I'm not going to tell her how to make one. I doubt she would even understand it. I only think about airport security when I'm actually taking a flight. That's when I leave my knitting scissors and swiss army knife and personal water bottle with water in it at home. Otherwise, I'm bringing them to the airport to wait for Northwest Airlines late planes. If airports are so worried about the security of people who aren't flying, maybe they need to have security screenings OUTSIDE of the airport. This girl was entirely justified. Her rights have been trampled.

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