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Comment Re:Dead on. (Score 1) 470 470

If my kid is deathly sick I would definitly not post this to a semic public place. I would not want that my parents would have shared such information in an insecure semi public place using a commercial data mining company. I never understood why parents post pictures of their childs on the net (semi) publically. If my baby pictures were googeable or FB searchable I would not be happy nowadays. This is private and should remain private. FB posting is not private, its business model is exploiting private data.

Comment Re:Why do we attack google? (Score 1) 378 378

There is such a law in Germany. Your are not allowed to store personel data in Germany without requiring permission from the person to do so. It is also forbidden to take systemactically pictures of car license plates without a suspicion of an infrigment. Unenctryped WLAN is not a public broadcast and therefore there is no approval to store the ownser's personal data. Even if a door is not locked you are not allowed to rob the house.

Comment Re:Uninstall what you don't want from Windows too (Score 1) 746 746

I've just installed the
latest Debian on an very old HP Vectra 100 Mhz CPU, 64 MB RAM with 2GB HDD. It is controlling my house heating and runs nice with a modern programming language / editor (IDE) etc. Please advice me how i can do this with Windows XP or VISTA.

Comment Re:Make the Egg so we can get the chicken. (Score 2, Informative) 232 232

Using processes or threads is an implementation detail and there is no difference in the fundamental logical problem of shared state and data.
Sure processes are better isolated, but the problem of time and concurrency stays.
This will always be a problem because it is a fundamental logical one, comming from mother nature.

SICP has an good examples of that problem:

Functional programming may be an answer, but this answer is limited by mother nature.

Comment Re:Make the Egg so we can get the chicken. (Score 5, Informative) 232 232

Two fundamental points are missing:

4. There are computing-jobs that are inherently not parallel.

5. Parallel programming is hard not because of bad programming languages but because of the logical problems that come with shared state and parallelism.

Therefore multicores do not bring a substantial performance benefit. Futhermore because the problems are fundamental logical ones, there is no big hope.

Comment Re:Rail, no thanks (Score 2, Insightful) 897 897

You forget that you have a power outlet and a table at each seat in the train. Therefore I can connect my notebook and work 6-8 hours instead of stupid driving. If I bring in those working hours in the equitation, car and plane has financially lost. While working, those 8 hours are going by that fast, I even don't realize them. Furthermore there is a nice dining car in the train with excellent food. (in Europe) Space and comfort is much more generous in the train than car or plane.

Getting Inked for Tux at OSCON 108 108

OSCON isn't just a gathering for talks on topics like Creating Location-aware Web 2.0 Applications on an Open Source Geospatial Platform and fightin' words from the stage; it's also an excuse for some interesting social gatherings, like this year's Community Choice awards (organized and sponsored by the corporate overlords at SourceForge, as you might recall, and with Slashdot's own special category), at which, among other festive activities, attendees were offered the chance to get open-source-related tattoos. There are shots of some of these up on the SourceForge Community pages, and — with some overlap — even more in this set at Flickr. (My pasty bicep^h^h^h^h^h shoulder is the one now adorned with a circled head of a happy Tux ala IBM; I was expecting it to hurt more than it actually did.) Anyone with techie tattoos, please disclose below.

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