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+ - Samba 4 Technology Preview 4 now available

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horacerumpole writes "From http://news.samba.org/releases/4.0.0tp4/:

Samba 4.0.0 TP4 Available for Download

Samba 4 is the ambitious next version of the Samba suite that is being developed in parallel to the stable 3.0 series. The main emphasis in this branch is support for the Active Directory logon protocols used by Windows 2000 and above.

While we welcome your interest in Samba 4, we don't want you to run your network with it quite yet. Please note the WARNINGS in the README and the STATUS file, which aims to document what should and should not work.

With 4 years of development under our belt since Tridge first proposed a new Virtual File System (VFS) layer for Samba3 (a project which eventually lead to our Active Directory efforts), we felt that we should create something we could 'show off' to our users. This is a Technology Preview (TP), aimed at allowing you, our users, managers and developers to see how we have progressed, and to invite your feedback and support.

The uncompressed tarball and patch files have been signed with Jelmer Vernooij's key (ID 1EEF5276). The source code can be downloaded now"

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