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Comment Re:I'm confident 80% of posters didn't watch video (Score 5, Insightful) 222

I'm guessing it's more like 90%. "Duh, you can smash a lock, doy doy doy!" Not what this was about at all. Even one of the comments on yours was something about needed a lot of practice, which with this technique you don't. Put some tension on the lock tap it on the side. I suppose that the headline was not nuanced enough. "Skip the picks, just tap the lock on the side".

Comment Re:Bully for Yahoo (Score 1) 328

I just wanted to say "Yeah-bo" or "THIS" or whatever the prevalent form of agreement is. I can do without most any site. If they can do without me, fine.

I am going to a site to download files, that's it. If I want files 1, 2 and 3, and they say you must take 4, 5 and 6 as well, at that point I decide whether it's worth it to me to do so.

It's weird to me. This is like getting a newspaper and having someone watch me read it, noting that my eyes didn't linger over the ad on page 7 long enough, so they aren't going to deliver the paper the next day. Not the best analogy, but something like that.

Comment Especially stupid because ENCRYPTION (Score 5, Insightful) 259

"Hey there, we're all going to meet up in London in two weeks. Be sure to bring a sweater because it'll be cold. We're stopping at Bill's place first, then going out to eat. Maybe we'll catch a concert. How's that sound?"

Come to Paris in three days. Bring AK-47 and ammo. Akmed will provide suicide vests to attack the restaurants and concert hall. Allah Akbar!

Seriously, nobody with a brain is going to use actual encryption, that's a red flag. They'll come up with a code first, something that sounds normal. I can just see the CIA now: "Oh no, these two people say they're going to the movies! Code Red! Code Red!"

Comment Licenses aren't the answer, I have proof! (Score 4, Funny) 223

I agree with the folks that say licenses are not the answer. My dog is licensed, and he STILL can't drive well at all. I told him "The speed limit in school zones is 15 mph", but it's like he doesn't even listen. I'll tell you the truth, I really don't like riding with him much at all. I don't think he could control a drone any better than he can drive a car. What did getting him the license solve? Nothing!

Comment Re:Pretty sure it's true (Score 1) 282

Valium or a hot dog. Given, they both have about the same amount of weird chemicals in them. I was going to say hot dog, but now I don't know, it's a toss-up. I guess at least I could put more mustard on the hot dog than on a valium, so that's a plus for hot dogs.

I can't remember ever getting any "anti-psychiatry" vibe in his stories. I'm sure not "anti-psychiatry" now. Maybe I was reading a different story about they guy stepping off the path and killing a butterfly than you did?

Comment WD Live TV (Score 1) 158

I have a Western Digital WD Live, with a wireless adapter plugged into one of it's USB ports. It works fine for what I want, which is to watch most mkv files. It has YouTube and a few other "apps" on it. I've got an older model, but apparently they've kept it up to date, it seems to plays most things I try on it. I keep a shared directory that I put files in on my PC and the WD Live connects and lists them all for me to choose. Connected to the TV via HDMI. These go for around $60-90 or so, depending on model, plus the USB WiFi adapter, $10-15. I keep thinking I'll get a newer one but this one still works well and my needs are not that complex. I've had it for probably 10 years or more.

Comment Re:Too much money? (Score 1) 106

They are not improving shit. I wanted the original product. I was FINE with that, that's why I signed up. And I'd like it when promised. Since they are announcing it now, it's obvious that they could not manufacture it correctly on time, and they knew this months ago, given the lead time needed to make something like this. So they are trying to placate people with "we added more cores" and "now it'll run Netflix" and crap like that. And in August, they'll come back with "We think we can put 6 cores in by December", if they come back at all and don't just skip out to Cancun or something.

I expect nothing now except getting ripped off. Should have seen it was too good to be true.

Comment Re:RACTER (Score 1) 187

Drat, you beat me to it. I liked the book for the most part, although you're correct, could have used a bit more editing.

Wikipaedia article here: RACTER

There was also a program that Larry Fast (Synergy) used to create an album of spacey tunes. It was interesting but not all that listenable-to for very long.

Comment Re:It's the post office (Score 2) 182

I agree that it would be nice if a real person, and not just a postal employee, or worse, just the programmer(s) involved, actually tried to use the site and give suggestions ("This may mean something to YOU, but I speak English, not Postalese"). And over the holidays I did use and get frustrated with their site. Mostly because I would say "Hey give me a label" and go through all the stuff and it would drop back to the beginning a number of times before I could actually print out the labels. But I never had all the errors he's talking about, so I can't say how broken the site is; it was better than going and standing in line at the post office.

Getting slapped with a ruler was better than getting hit with a brick, I guess?

Comment Re:And? (Score 2) 448

There's another part to this as well. It could cut out some of the marginal channels that a few people like, but are supported by the one-size-fits-all bundles. If only a few people are paying for the Knitting Channel, then the price will go up for that channel. But ESPN's price won't go down, because it is generally popular (I think it's the most popular channel on cable), so they'll just charge a bunch for it because they can, and sports nuts will pay it. It seems like unbundling will probably raise the price on everything.

So screw the Knitting Channel, sure. And all the dinky little channels, only to be left with a few big ones that can survive on their own.

"There's no variety on TV anymore."

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