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Comment: Re:Democrats voted (Score 4, Informative) 932

by hondo77 (#47215331) Attached to: House Majority Leader Defeated In Primary

this is so important because california's legislature is so horribly disfunctional, and because you need 2/3 vote to pass any bill that levies taxes, it means a minority can basically shut down regular operation.

btdubs this was just one of the reforms passed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who I think will be remembered as one of the best governors in CA history.

First, the legislature was so screwed up because it used to take a 2/3 majority to pass a budget, which meant the minority party could shut down the government if they threw a hissy fit. Since Prop 25 passed in 2010, we've had a Democratic majority in both houses and a Democratic governor and gridlock is gone. Balanced budget! Surplus! Arnold didn't support Prop 25.

Second, Arnold didn't "pass" anything regarding open primaries. Prop 14 was a constitutional amendment that passed both houses of the legislature and then was approved by the voters. Arnold supported it but didn't pass it.

Comment: Re: Dangerous (Score 1) 490

While I've never been ticketed, I always ride on the side of the left lane (against traffic).

So you're one of those jerks I have to move my bike into traffic to go around as you head towards me in my lane because you don't have the survival instincts of all other mammals? Or is it that you're a sociopath?

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