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Comment: Re:Expecting honesty from politicians?!???!?!! (Score 1) 630 630

by homesnatch (#38459614) Attached to: Democratic Super PAC Buys
The main difference here is military spending. Military spending during WWII was around 42% of GDP.. Recent military spending has risen from 3.6% in 1999 to 6% in 2010 (% of GDP). Spending has gotten out of control, and only part of it can be blamed on military spending.

Comment: Re:VMWare needs no luck (Score 1) 417 417

by homesnatch (#37955020) Attached to: VMware, a Falling Giant?
I agree with you on VMWare, but don't knock NFS, especially on NetApp.. Our VMs running on NetApp NFS regularly outperform VMs on our monster Fiber-based arrays. My group manages over 200 ESX/ESXi servers and over 2500 VMs. Welcome to 2011 where fiber is on the decline in favor of enterprise ethernet-based solutions.

Comment: If someone gets your hashed password, you're done (Score 4, Insightful) 615 615

by homesnatch (#36344760) Attached to: Cheap GPUs Rendering Strong Passwords Useless
It is well known that if someone gets your hashed password, it is as good as cracked. 17 minutes vs 4 minutes is irrelevant.

On a live system, it is quite another story. You can't just remotely try 3.3 Billion passwords per second.. You'll be locked out after 10 attempts or so.

Comment: Re:Don't do it... (Score 5, Interesting) 427 427

by homesnatch (#36053976) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Moving From *nix To Windows Automation?
I'm a *nix guy, and I do have to say Powershell is pretty sweet.

Here's an example of something extending Powershell. VMWare released a module for PowerShell that allows for control of VMWare env using Powershell.

#Load VMWare snap-in for powershell
LoadSnapin -PSSnapinName "VMware.VimAutomation.Core"

#Create VM from template and then start it
$myNewVMName = "NewVM_01"
$myTemplate = Get-Template "TemplateName"
$strDestinationHost = "ESX01"
$myNewVM = New-VM -Name $myNewVMName -Template $myTemplate -VMHost (Get-VMHost $strDestinationHost)
Start-VM $myNewVM

VMWare created a really awesome extension to Powershell, that allows for all sorts of inheritance and piping. Microsoft created a rather poorly implemented Active Directory extension for Powershell (can't pipe or inherit on things I would expect to be able to)... MS could have used the VMWare example to make a better AD extension.

Comment: Just songwriters? (Score 1) 407 407

by homesnatch (#35394250) Attached to: Canadian Songwriters Propose $10/mo Internet Fee
Obviously we need to add $10/mo to satisfy the songwriters...

We'll also need:
$10/mo for the music artists
$10/mo for the record label
$10/mo for movie script writers
$10/mo for actors
$10/mo for movie publishers
$10/mo for software developers
$10/mo for software companies

Did I miss anything?

Comment: Re:Today's word..."Cloud" (Score 3, Informative) 187 187

by homesnatch (#34266740) Attached to: Want an IT Job? Add 'Cloud' To Your Buzzword List
Everyone is confused about the "cloud" because everyone over-uses the term.

Essentially, the "Cloud" has three main points:
It is a set of infrastructure resources.
It is dynamically provisioned.
It is self-service.

Note that it has nothing to do with whether the resources are internal or external. I run an "internal" cloud at my company.

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