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Comment: Re:Administration (Score 1) 753

I'm sure the lads at the Congressional budget office
also wrote their data to favor clinton (*rolls eyes*). Theres a difference between debt and deficit. Clinton, in his final years, is the only president not to have a deficit in recent history. That means money could actually be put to paying interest without having to borrow more money. Whether he covered principal or not doesnt matter.

Yes, if you are already in debt and you make just as much as you spend, you can still end up further in debt. Thats how interest works.

When inflation skyrockets, the real debt goes down anyway.

Comment: Re:Windows 2003 (Score 1) 379

by homerito (#14802625) Attached to: Linux On Older Hardware
>neither of which are anywhere near expensive.

Right... have you tried to buy PC100 memory? freaking expensive...
US$70 for 256MB pc100
US$70 for 1GB pc3200

I am stuck with a Piii 450 because I want to upgrade the memory but its pc100 :(. Its probably faster to upgrade to a socket A... oh but wait... I really liked the Duron 1.8 for a cheap system. however all socket A is gone..gone...gone and we are left with expensive low end procesors. A year ago I was able to build systems with the Duron 1.8+mobo+512MB for about 110 US$. now the cheapest processors available start at around 80US$ + mobo 50US$ + memory 40US$ = US$170! for the lowest end possible. I tought computers should get cheaper with time!.

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