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Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 1) 432

Yes, I read the articles. What I stated is that the article is biased and wrong. Your opinion is that the article is right and that one or two anecdotes explain the electric car market. I'd contend that actual empirical sales figures for different types of vehicles and actual costs for different types of vehicles are more illuminating than a couple of anecdote's written by someone with a well-known bias, but YMMV. :)

I'm willing to be proven wrong. Have you ever seen any data from a relatively neutral or reputable source indicating that electric cars on average have lower total cost of ownership than comparable gas vehicles?

I picked one at semi-random (literally, the first one I found in a Google search) and looked up the TCO on Edmunds:
Spark EV, 5 year TCO $34K
Exact same car, gas version, 5 year TCO $28K

So in exchange for your car only having an 82 mile range before needing to be charged vs a 300+ mile range before a much faster fill-up, you only need to pay 22% more for it. What a deal!

Unless you are in a rare and special situation, the EV version isn't going to be a good deal for you. You're paying more and getting less. That's why only 1.6% of new cars sold are EVs... it doesn't make sense for the vast majority of people to buy them. Occam's razor, the simple reason is the correct one here, no need for conspiracy theories about dealerships.

Comment Re:Not meant to be a good device but to undercut C (Score 4, Insightful) 195

It's not useless as is. If you have one specific task for the Pi then you wont need a lot of that stuff. Why pay for ethernet if you wont be using it? Sure this isn't for everyone but I can see things it would be usefull for and I know at 5 bucks a pop it'll wind up doing a lot of things.

Comment Re: I love how the report was originally... (Score 1) 181

I didn't really mean it to be insightful. It was spiteful and mean on purpose to show my disdain and disgust at the incestuous asshole's post. Not the one I replied to but the one he replied to. I am not really sorry if you were offended. Your sensitivities were simply collateral damage though. And I have some Karma to burn.

Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 0) 432

The problem isn't that dealers don't want to sell them to anyone if they can make a profit on them, it's that customers don't want to buy them. i.e. they're 1.6% of new car purchases (leaving out trucks,minivans, suvs, etc.. just comparing to cars).

So most sales guy's experience is that even if someone walks in wanting to ask about the latest electric car, they're really going to end up buying a gas car once they get the facts about range, battery life, etc..., so why not just sell them the gas car that makes more economical sense to them in the first place and not waste everyone's time.

Of course, the three left-wing elitist publications linked from the summary believe they need to run everyone else's life when it comes to purchasing "green", so they just can't understand that the vast majority of people don't want to throw away their money and time on an environmental status symbol, so they blame the dealer. Glad their buddies don't control things like light bulb regulations, or we wouldn't be allowed to buy less expensive bulbs, either.... oh wait...

Comment Re:Extrapolating from two anecdotes (Score 0) 432

The summary links three different left-wing (for the US) news sources complaining about dealers because electric car sales aren't as high in the US as their wishful thinking believes they should be.

In October 620K cars were sold in the U.S., of which 10K were plugin electric. That's right, 1.6% of cars. That's not counting the trucks, minivans, SUVs,etc.. Heck, they sell twice as many luxury (not regular) SUVs a month than plug in cars.

How about for a reason they don't sell, almost nobody wants to buy one because they don't make economic sense for the vast majority of people who want to use their cars more for driving places then making an expensive environmental fashion statement? Without taxpayer subsidies, virtually none would be sold. Even with subsidies, it's more economical to buy a gas car, even if you include the gas and total repair costs for both over their effective mileage life.

People aren't stupid, but environmental elitists at the NY Times, Mother Jones and Green Car Reports think they know better than all the car purchasers out there what they should be buying and if they aren't buying it, it must be some sales guy's fault. What a load of B.S...

Comment Re:Gorbachev's off the cuff comment I heard live (Score 2) 181

I think all the players knew that, by the early 80's, the Cold War would never be fought with guns (except by proxy), but rather by the manipulation of spheres of influence and politics. In chess, you never actually take the king; rather you maneuver the opponent into an untenable position. To some degree, you might call the Cold War one of the most civilized contests in human history, and certainly one of the most cerebral.

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