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Comment: Re:If you want to earn big bucks... (Score 2) 315

by holostarr (#47561467) Attached to: Programming Languages You'll Need Next Year (and Beyond)

And why is doing C/C++ work more important or valuable than doing web development work? Just because your UI is built using HTML/CSS/Javascript it does not automatically become less challenging. Here is a short list of what is involved with the web development project I'm involved in:

  • Interfacing with the billing system using SOAP
  • Interfacing with Oracle EBS for inventory and logistics
  • Development in accordance to PCI guidelines for credit card handling
  • User tracking and analytics
  • Error handling and logging
  • Reporting
  • CMS integration
  • Front end development using: AngularJS, Bootstrap, less, Grunt, nodejs
  • Unit testing

And this is just some of what is involved with this one project, so how is this less challenging than creating some application using C/C++? Just because C++ requires manual memory allocation or bounds checks it is somehow more challenging? I have worked as a C++ developer for several years on a very large commercial software and it had its own challenges, but it was no more challenging than building large enterprise applications geared towards the web.

Comment: Re:If you want to earn big bucks... (Score 1) 315

by holostarr (#47560407) Attached to: Programming Languages You'll Need Next Year (and Beyond)
I don't know what you think big corporations build, because aside from one job early in my career which involved C++, I have been using C# and Java to mainly build web sites for corporations. In fact I'm a software developer for a very large telecom and work on their corporate web site.

Comment: Re:New Microsoft CEO (Score 1) 137

by holostarr (#47523465) Attached to: Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities Increase 100%
I actually believe it would be beneficial if all browser switched to webkit/blink. Having everyone switch to the same engine is not the same as having only one dominant browser. The issue in the past was that IE was the dominant browser and was only developed and maintained by Microsoft, however, with webkit/blink its not a single entity contributing to the development, everyone who is using it actively improving it. I think Microsoft joining the effort will improve browser compatibility.

Comment: Re:The U.N. Finds... (Score 1) 261

by holostarr (#47476379) Attached to: UN Report Finds NSA Mass Surveillance Likely Violated Human Rights
First of all I'm not American, so much for assuming. Secondly, I just stated my feeling since how else is one suppose to feel about U.N. when they are essentially useless, I mean look at everything going on in places such as Gaza, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Ukraine. I would love to believe that U.N. is some benevolent entity that punishes evil and fights for justice and equality, but that's just not the case.

Comment: Re:haven't we learned from the last 25 exploits? (Score 1) 68

by holostarr (#47416153) Attached to: 'Rosetta Flash' Attack Leverages JSONP Callbacks To Steal Credentials
How does one embed "JavaScript URLs" in CSS? Also you seem to have no idea about where the web is headed or have heard about responsive design and SPA. Long gone are the days where JavaScript is a small piece of a site's functionality, we are now moving towards a more dynamic and responsive web where you don't have fetch the entire contents of a page just so you can see which of your form inputs the server rejected.

Comment: Re: A harmful chaining of shitty browser hacks. (Score 1) 68

by holostarr (#47415971) Attached to: 'Rosetta Flash' Attack Leverages JSONP Callbacks To Steal Credentials
Who are "we"? If people like you represented majority, companies like Google would have already been out of business. In the real world, however, developers pick the right tool for the right job and browser technologies have their place. So go ahead and continue with your deluded reality and ignore the web, you will not be missed.

Comment: Re:JS (Score 1) 68

by holostarr (#47413249) Attached to: 'Rosetta Flash' Attack Leverages JSONP Callbacks To Steal Credentials
You are telling me when you build a client side native applications (lets say in c or c++) you look through every line of source code for each library you use? And not all of us web developers just "grab source code from ANYWHERE and tack it on", that is what sets apart good web developers from the bad ones; good developers do research on the libraries and frameworks they use and pick ones that are trusted, well maintained, and are industry standards. Furthermore, there really is not much of a difference between a web developer and a client side application developer, in fact many of us got our start developing client side applications, people need to come out of the mentality that client side developers are somehow more superior in skill to web developers -- today's web developers are not yesterday's web developers who just built simple web sites with static content, most web developers are building incredible applications which are as challenging as their client side counterparts, if not more.

Comment: Re:A harmful chaining of shitty browser hacks. (Score 1, Troll) 68

Either come up with something better or shut up. The browser is far from perfect, but its continuously evolving and is the best platform currently in existence because of its widespread adoption, standards and ease of development compared to all other platforms. Even many desktop and mobile apps these days are wrapping the browser (or built on top of it) in one way or another (for example PhoneGap and nodejs) and use responsive design to assist with the development. Outside of few specialized areas where native client side applications are still necessary, technology is moving towards a new direction and the browser and platforms such as Chrome OS are a the centre of it so you better accept it.

Comment: Re:So... (Score 1) 90

You cant blame Microsoft for trying though. Google has had years to collect and analyse search data to tweak their algorithm, for Microsoft that's hard to do if nobody is using their search. I believe part of their strategy is to get people to switch over even if for a short period of time so they can accumulate data and ultimately improve their ranking.

Comment: Re:Release the server side code (Score 1) 329

by holostarr (#46980391) Attached to: EA Ending Online Support For Dozens of Games
Why would they want to do that? I know from the perspective of an end user since the game is obsolete so is the code and therefore should be open sourced, however, I'm certain they are still making use of the same code base in their newer games and they are not going to just hand it over. I'm a great supporter of open source software, however, in a company such as EA this will never happen.

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