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Comment: Re:Tie this in with the battery tech from Tesla... (Score 1) 262

by holmstar (#47263459) Attached to: Elon Musk's Solar City Is Ramping Up Solar Panel Production
They never said that they made solar panels (though this purchase changes that). They are an installer and financier of solar panel installations. Part of the reason they are moving into solar cell and panel manufacturing is so that they can assure access to high efficiency panels at a reasonable price. They have stated that this is necessary for the business to be viable after solar incentive programs wind down. Regarding obsolete panels, I wouldn't be surprised if solar city has plans for upgrading existing clients and re-purposing old panels as technology improves. (We can now provide 75% or your electrical usage instead of the original capacity of 50%!). It would be a win-win, assuming that they have a use for the older panels.

Comment: Re:Steel is stronger than carbon in many instances (Score 1) 262

by holmstar (#47058915) Attached to: The Brakes That Stop a 1,000 MPH Bloodhound SSC

In order for friction to destroy steel, it needs to actually wear it away one particle at a time. Being so much heavier/denser, there are that many more particles to wear away.

Or, you know, heat it up so much that it starts to melt. That's a real possibility for this application. A previous poster suggested rheostatic brakes (basically regenerative braking, where the electricity is dumped into a big resistor instead of being stored for later use). It would add weight and complexity, but if regular brake disks can't dissipate the energy fast enough, then something like that might be necessary.

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Just don't spend a single fucking dime of my tax dollars

From your other post:

But if you want to keep on being a typical arrogant American cocksucker, who thinks your shit doesn't stink and everything with a fucking American flag on it must be the GREATEST GODDAMNED THING IN THE FUCKING WORLD, then be my guest. Just don't be surprised when everyone who isn't American spits on you when they find out where you're from.

I guess that makes you a "typical arrogant American cocksucker"?

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