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Comment: Re:Conservatives crying "no fair"? (Score 4, Insightful) 283

For instance Democrats tend to like big companies with unionized workforces, and pushed through the GM bailout in the face of mostly Republican opposition. For more complicated reasons, the Democrats voted for the bank bailout, while most Republicans opposed it.

Don't kid yourself. The republicans opposed these bailouts because they knew that the democrats would be able to pass them anyway, and they can go to their constituents and say how bad the democrats are for supporting the bail-outs. Completely ignoring the fact that they would have done it as well, if there hadn't been enough democrats to pass it. Nobody, other than some of the tea party members, was going to let those bail-outs fail to pass.

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by holmstar (#47697157) Attached to: Ebola Quarantine Center In Liberia Looted

Ebola is not as infectious as the flu.


So, right now there's at least few thousand people carrying the virus. At least a few of them probably have other cold/flu viruses in their systems. If both Ebola and flu infect the same cell, they can exchange genetic information, potentially resulting in a much more easily transmitted strain of Ebola. The more people that are infected, the greater the chance such genetic exchange could occur. It wouldn't take much for Ebola to become a first world threat.

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Or there could be a nearby gamma ray burst.

There isn't much point in worrying about this. About the only people that would be spared on the side of the earth that was exposed would be people that were already underground/under water at the time. How far underground/under water would depend on the intensity of the gamma rays. Even if we detected a burst of neutrinos to alert us that something was coming, it wouldn't be enough warning for anyone to take shelter that wasn't already there. I guess if you really wanted to be safe you could live a few hundred feet down in an old mine, but that would rather suck.

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